43 Show of talents

What do children like the most besides getting new toys… playing with them, now that the girls got their grimoires of course it was time to try on their skills, Aura and Erin especially wanted to see how their domains will be affected by the area skill they got.

If anyone in the wonder myriad stellar chart were to know that two half emperors were planning to use their domains just to play around, their image of dignity and elegance as the strongest mages and knights would break.

Erin used space shift to take them to the training room, as the owner of the mansion the magic formations didn't limit her usage of the space law to move, after a second, they appeared in the training room where Daimon used core synchrony before.

Aura smiled, the walls of the room were reinforced with antinite so they could use their domains on a non-combat way of course, without having to worry about destroying the whole place.

Of course, as the host the first one to try was Erin, Daimon saw the whole room covering in darkness, for a moment he felt as if he was being pressed by an invisible weight, although Erin didn't have the slightest intention to harm him, the sudden change in the mana surrounding him was too abrupt so it took him a couple of seconds to adapt.

Erin saw Daimon inhaling and exhaling a couple of timed before calming down and she nodded, "as expected of the kid that will become my lover in the future ♥", she thought.

Daimon turned to see the roof of the room, unlike the rest of the darkness that was surrounding them that one looked different, first there were little wisps of light floating like stars, "I guess that's why it includes the word "firmament" on its name", he thought.

Erin was marveled at the new aspect of her domain.

"It's incredible, my domain perfectly fused with the "dark firmament", before there weren't any stars on it, I think I will use dark firmament as its new name!!!".

Curiously the grimoire of Narasha was complemented by Erin, the effects of the darkness created by Erin didn't affect Daimon or the other soulmates, but Gram was boosted due to it.

Luckily Erin was in complete control of the darkness created by dark firmament or many of the equipment would have been corroded by it, she extended her hands and a golden bow appeared in her left hand while a golden arrow was in the right one.

She threw a coin at the air before turning around and shooting the arrow, the arrow left the bow and it turned into a line of fire which moved through the air clashing against the coin destroying it in the process.

Aura clapped.

"Okay that's enough, stop bragging and let me show mine to Daimon".

Erin snorted.

"Humph, I hope you don't get cold feet later when we go to sleep later".

Aura sighed, "how is that related to this", she thought.

The darkness faded and immediately dazzling silver light covered the room, Daimon supposed something like that would happen so he closed his eyes beforehand, once his eyes adapted to the change in illumination, he opened them and saw the room covered in silver light.

Aura smiled, she waved her right hand and out of thin air tons of swords made of silver light appeared all over the room.

Daimon was actually curious, previously he saw Erin using dark element but until now he wasn't sure what was the element that Aura used.

"Master, what is your element… I thought it was some kind of lightning but it feels different?".

"Just like you, I'm a variant, well more accurately my element is a variant since both of my parents were werewolves, originally my affinity was lightning thanks to my father and wind due to my mother but… the result made my lightning erratic, it took me almost 30 years to learn how to control it.

"I'm not a scientist but… that sounds like plasma", he thought.

That would explain why it was erratic at the beginning, plasma has a really high energy capacity but it is also quite unstable, somehow Aura managed to learn how to use it without hurting herself or anything she didn't want to.

"Were you able to use this silver light to make swords like this before?", he asked.

Aura shook her head.

"No, I was only able to control it around my body and to cover things I touched, that's why my domain used to be the only one among the half emperors which didn't have an area effect, until now, I guess that I will also rename mine, before it was Silver Armor but now… it will be "Silver Sky".

Daimon felt sorry for anyone who tried to cross swords with Aura, the only "weakness" she had was that her domain didn't affect one area but now... she could create hundreds of weapons with that dangerous energy of hers.

Aura was about to dispel her domain, unlike Erin she hasn't "bonded" that much with Daimon so her reserve of AP wasn't too big, she nearly used everything to activate sharp sky, but before giving the stage light to the other girls she tried using invincible aura.

One of the many swords suddenly doubled its original size, it also changed its color to a mix between silver and gold.

"Quite dramatic if you ask me", said Erin.

Aura dispelled her domain and everything returned to normal.

"Don't tell me you are jealous of me now?".

Elizabeth interrupted them.

"I do, those area spells are on a whole new level to be honest… little Daimon can't you help big sister to get something like that?".

Daimon had a weird smile on his face.

"Liz… it's almost midday so if my calculations are correct, without using any spell or anything right now you are more than twice times stronger than before".

Elaine sighed.

"Control yourself sis, we have to train a lot to use the gifts that little Daimon just gave us, besides if you look carefully the spells seem to be on the "level 1", which means they will become stronger, who knows maybe there will be fundamental changes on them later".

Daimon agreed with her, so far, the system followed a very game like logic and according to that, the skills will evolve with each level, he didn't know whether there will be a limit to how much could they level up, on any case, there will be new tomes available for the girls once they reach the peak of the current one's potential.

Elizabeth swallowed her complains.

"Fine… still I want little Daimon to teach me that "blink" thing he showed us before, pleaseeee ♥?".

To be honest Daimon didn't even know if he could teach them his skills, he got them due to some specific actions but they didn't have that ability.

"Evangeline is there a way for me to transfer my skills to them?".

Evangeline smiled.

"Everything is possible, you are already closer to them thanks to core synchrony, maybe when you "unite" with them something cool will happen".

"I kind of expected an answer like that from you, let's leave that aside for now", he said.

Since Daimon couldn't wield Disaster right now, Narasha didn't change to Gram again so it was Elaine's turn to shine.

There weren't any water bodies here and the sun was in the sky so, the only skill she wanted to try was moon summoning, a little ball of light left her body before it exploded and expanded to form the silhouette of a moon behind Elaine.

All the presents felt their bodies lighter and stronger, there were faint traces of white light surrounding their bodies, this skill was an area boost, of course Elaine could control to who she wanted to help, the white light disappeared from Liz's body to show that she wasn't being boosted anymore.

"Hey sis, that's not fair", she said.

Elaine laughed a bit.

"It's only a test so bear with it", she answered.

A couple of seconds later the moon disappeared as she dispelled it.

"Your turn Liz".

Elizabeth took over, although it was not visible to other's eyes, since she got her grimoire, her body has been absorbing heat and light from the sun, next to her magic core besides the small secondary core there was also an orange stone with a sun engraved on it.

"Mm, I don't think testing dusk renewal is a must right now so… let's try crown fire", she thought.

Daimon felt the room temperature suddenly going up a lot.

Above them a miniature sun appeared but it was quickly suffocated by Erin's darkness.

"Liz, are you trying to burn little Daimon and Aisha or something like that?", asked Erin.

Elizabeth shook her head with an ashamed expression.

"Sorry, I didn't take into account the "maiden of the sun" thing so… the result got out of my hands".

Aisha sighed.

"We are fine so there are no problems but be careful in the future Liz".

She saw Daimon sweating a bit due to the sudden augment in the temperature and she smiled.

"Leaving that aside, I think we will need to take a nice bath right now ♥".

Erin serious expression turned amused, she turned to see Aura before saying.

"Sounds like a good plan for me, there are new "additions" to the team since the last time".

Daimon couldn't help but steal a couple of glances at Aura which she immediately noticed; her tail unconsciously waggled a bit.

"It's been some time since I visited the famous springs from the Revy clan anyway", she thought.

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