37 Sentence

Erin nodded and all the elders sat down again, normally the three thrones are reserved for the ancestor in the middle, the clan head at the right and the champion of the clan at the left but today while they were all occupying their respective seats according to the hierarchy, there were extra people along them.

Aisha was standing next to Elizabeth, Aura simply sat on the floor right next to Erin and Daimon… he was sitting in Erin's lap out of her petition of course, some of the elders found the current scene a bit weird but no one said anything, being in presence of a half emperor is normally a big honor and right now they seeing two of them up close.

Even the punishment elder who was known for always following the rules, was adamantly ignoring the fact that someone dared to sit on the floor next to the Revy family's matriarch, "who in this world would want to provoke Aura Argent for such a trivial matter", he thought.

Erin looked at the punishment elder before saying.

"Let's start now, have you gotten any information from him while I wasn't here?".

The punishment elder stood up to reply.

"Yes, apparently, he was offered some kind of compensation by Arthur Jolbaris if he persuaded the matriarch to marry either miss Elizabeth or the clan head to her youngest son, but since his opinions were being ignored, Arthur Jolbaris convinced him to take him to the clan, to personally discuss said about his proposition".

Erin nodded.

"So far, it's what I thought it happened, did he say who collaborated with him to bring a hostile half emperor inside the barrier?".

The punishment elder doubted for a second.

"No, he didn't mention any names… and threatened with biting his tongue if I tried to get that information out of him, so I waited the matriarch to keep with the interrogatory".

Erin shook her head.

"To be honest I don't care about little fishes, the main culprit was Edgar and for the crime of putting the ancestral territory of our family in danger he will be executed".

The elders suddenly started discussing with each other until the detection hall was full of noise, Erin clapped and everyone stopped speaking for a moment until an old man stood up.

"Matriarch… Edgar's crimes are quite serious but he is still an Arch rank in our family, so I beg the matriarch to please reconsider her decision".

Erin knew this old man would speak in Edgar's behalf, because he was from the same family branch as Edgar, after that some other elders also said some similar things, about 10 of them in total.

Erin smiled.

"The detection hall was created to seek justice for those who cause harm to the clan, all of you who are asking me to spare his life must be ready to pay for a fraction of his crime, the ten of you will drink one dosage of "nether poison" and will have your positions revoked, then Edgar will be imprisoned forever, what do you say?".

The same old man that first spoke had an ugly expression when he replied.

"That is not fair matriarch, please think on the family instead of just the wellbeing of your daught…".

He couldn't finish speaking before Erin pointed at him and the pressure of her mana made the old man kneel in the ground while his bones made some cracking noises.

Erin's expression turned fierce.

"Think on the clan before my own daughters you say? I'm already doing that, if not for my duty to maintain the rules of the family, I would have personally killed Edgar in the spot when I saw him next to Arthur Jolbaris".

She pointed at Edgar before continuing.

"I think you are forgetting that; he brought a half emperor to threat my daughters while I wasn't here, have any of you stopped to think what would have happened if I didn't return at the correct time?".

All the ones who spoke in behalf Edgar before sat down again to express their wish to not interfere on whatever turned out to be his sentence, but a woman still said.

"According to the clan rules, you must give him the chance to explain his own version of the story… matriarch".

Erin stopped suppressing the old man, she leaned against her throne before speaking to the punishment elder.

"Fine, punishment elder please remove the limitations on his head only, let's listen to what he has to say".

The punishment elder did as he was told and after a moment Edgar could speak, he gave Erin a gaze full of hatred.

"You who were supposed to be my wife are sentencing me to death", he then looked as Daimon who was comfortably sitting on her lap.

"And you never allowed me to touch you… but suddenly you let some random kid be so close with you, to the point where you even gave him your precious daughters!!!".

Some of the elders sighed, in their opinion Edgar did all this just because Erin never recognized him as her husband, they never have any kind on intimacy nor she allowed him to live on the same mansion as her, the twilight alluring fox clan members had the capacity to procreate without sex as long as they performed a certain ritual on a solar eclipse.

Lykos has three moons and Erin was asked by her now deceased mother to have offspring, to keep on with the main branch of the Revy family, and that is how both Elaine and Elizabeth were born with just some years of difference because two of the moons covered the sun on different dates.

Only those with a high status and resources can perform this ritual, because in the Revy family folklore, those who are born thanks to this method are blessed by the sun and the moon, curiously Elaine was a moon alluring fox while Elizabeth was a sun alluring fox.

Erin's expression turned cold.

"And that is the reason as to why you decided to betray the family that has given you all you have, then I will reform my sentence, your cultivation will be abolished and you will spend the rest of your days in prison, just to see how the Revy family flourish, punishment elder execute my order right now".

The same old man was trying so hard to find something to argue but no matter how much he tried, Edgar was a traitor and letting him live was already merciful.

The punishment elder walked from his seat until he was in front of Erin, who handed him a bottle with a black and red liquid, that was nether poison, an extremely hard to refine toxin that ate away the mana in the magic core and infected it so that the person who swallowed the correct quantity would lose all his cultivation and would never be able to absorb mana anymore.

Edgar was trying to scream but the collar's magic formation didn't allow him to do so, the punishment elder made him drink the poison and instantly Edgar's hair turned white and lifeless, his skin also sagged a bit, his mana started leaking from his body and returning to the havens and earth.

He got old in a couple of seconds, which meant he no longer had the huge lifespan of an Archmage.

Everyone felt chills running through their spines, what made this poison so expensive was that the effects were permanent, once you drink it there is no going back.

Edgar's gaze became lifeless, he had lost everything he had just because he was tricked by Arthur Jolbaris, subordinates from the punishment elder took Edgar and dragged him to his new "mansion", a cell in the prison of the Revy family.

Erin nodded.

"If there are no other cases to discuss then, everyone is dismissed".

The elders started leaving one by one, until the only Daimon's group remained in the room.

Erin felt a bit worried that her sentence would not be of Daimon's liking but she instead saw him smiling.

"Little Daimon, are you happy since auntie punished the bad guy?".

Daimon seemed to suddenly came out of a trance, he only answered.

"Yes… he was going to try again if he managed to not be punished so he got what he deserved.

"More like you couldn't contain your happiness knowing your beloved fox woman has only been "groped" by you", Evangeline added.

But Daimon immediately replied.

"That's not true, I don't care about Erin's past, only the future and as long as she is only mine on it, I'm completely okay.

Aura suddenly yawned.

"Meh, I would have sentenced him to be hanged from his balls on the outer walls of the family, instead of just imprisoning him.

Everyone laughed at Aura's proposition but now it was not time for that, they left the detection hall, Erin used dark curtain and both Aura and Erin created a barrier around Daimon and the girls before they all disappeared thanks to space shift.

Now that Daimon had space affinity, he no longer suffered headache due to the travel, so he decided to use this time to speak with Elizabeth about their destination.

"What kind of place is that "tri-horn valley", he asked.

Elizabeth smiled.

"It was named like that due to the magic beast that inhabits the place, "Keratos", you will understand once you see them.

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