365 Fishing (part 1)

The rest of the people in the other rooms weren't even on the Arch ranks, this branch of Blaktr was special since Pablo was the one running it, no one above the Lord realm was allowed to enter, with the exception of Pablo and his bodyguard who was a Half Stellar ranked.

The pirates were also Arch ranks, unfortunately for them, since Thea was the one who barged in, with Daimon giving her the "coordinates", she just used her spear to tear through space and appeared inside the club.

It was as if they left a wolf loose in a herd of sheep, a slaughter took place, they didn't even had the chance to scram before Thea killed the lowest ranked ones and knocked the others unconscious, as for the Half Stellar she directly ripped his head of with her spear, because he has some annoying treasures that could cause them troubles if he had the chance to activate them.


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