35 Aura’s observations

Today in the white fang galaxy, more accurately in Lykos a scene that would turn the whole stellar chart upside down was developing in the mansion of the Revy clan's ancestor, Aura Argent the matriarch of the Argent family who is known for her courage and bravery is… covering her face so others can't see her blushed expression?

A few minutes ago.

After Aura calmed down, Daimon decided to deactivate the active part of core synchrony, thinking that since he didn't use it for more than a couple minutes maybe the penalty will not be as harsh as it was supposed to be.


[The effect of core synchrony will finish in 5…4…3…2…1…0]

Once the countdown reached zero, Daimon felt his legs trembling a bit, his vision blurred for a moment but he shook his head and managed to stay awake, his body hurt a bit but it was not to the point where couldn't stand it still he only used for a really short period of time and he didn't use any spells nor skills while in that state so it was easy to know that he would have probably fainted once the effect finished if that was the case.

He opened the status window and on the top left corner of it there was a little red exclamation mark with a clock.

[Penalization on going, time left: 1:00 hour (the penalization time has been adjusted due to the null usage of the synchrony state)]

Daimon took a deep breath; Aisha gave him a bottle with a green slightly transparent liquid".

"Drink this "spring blessing" potion darling, it will nullify any physical pain you might feel while also repairing internal injuries".

"A mother's intuition", thought Daimon before gulping down the contents of the bottle in one go, the taste was refreshing and it had a fruity scent, the potion worked quite good even if the penalty was still on going the pain disappeared immediately.

"Thanks mom", he said.

Aisha hugged him.

"It's fine, I will buy more of this potion for you, just be careful and promise me you will only use that skill if it is necessary, okay?".

Daimon nodded; the boost was incredible but the after effect will leave him defenseless so he was not too inclined it to use unless it was the only option left.

Erin smiled and leaned her elbow on Aura's shoulder.

"Now, now, isn't it time for you to do the deed with little Daimon?".

Aura reacted like cat whose tail is stepped on.

"What do you mean with "doing the deed", I indeed accepted to recognize him as my future partner but… we just met today and he is too young for that you shameless fox woman!!!".

Erin quickly added.

"You need to kiss him to form the contract".

Without processing Erin's last sentence Aura answered.

"Erin I might have been single my whole life, but I'm not going to take advantage of a little child and… wait did you say kiss him?".

Erin laughed, "she is so easy to tease, who would have thought that this battle maniac's weakness would be love", she thought before saying.

"Of course, you only need to kiss him, I wonder what were you thinking on doing to little Daimon ♥".

And that's what led to the current situation where one of the strongest existences in this stellar chart wanted to dig a hole to hide.

Daimon had to admit that he found the current ashamed Aura quite cute, but he wanted to sit and rest for a moment because although he was not feeling any pain it was a bit hard to be standing while the penalty was active.

"On any case my stupid magic core is sleeping again and I wanted to train my body to wield Disaster, so I guess improving my physical condition will definitely be my main focus for the next years… and I need to get coins as soon as possible", he thought.

According to Evangeline there was no difference whether he light up his life spark thus becoming a knight or focused on cultivating his magic core since the manual he will get will allow him to walk in both paths anyway.

His magic core was currently not absorbing mana again, but when he used blink a moment ago his MP didn't go down at all so unlike other people who needed to take some time to recover their mana, he will probably have a virtually endless quantity of it.

The only problem was that he will only improve his magic cultivation whenever his magic core started working again, so since he couldn't do anything about it then the best solution to not waste time will be training to become a knight.

"Auntie don't tease… Aura too much please", he said.

Erin shook her head.

"That's not good, showing favoritism to the new girl is not fair little Daimon ♥".

Daimon cleared his throat.

"Ahem, it's not that, although I don't look like it, I really need to rest for a moment to recover from using core synchrony".

He took a few steps until he was right in front of Aura, although she was not really tall only reaching about 1.68 meters, she was still quite taller than him so she had to bend down a bit for Daimon to kiss her.

Since Daimon nor any of the other girls with the exception of Erin were paying attention to her precious wild suppositions, Aura calmed down.

"Control yourself Aura, with all the death situations you have faced before how could you be afraid of something like a k-kiss… but it will be my first one".

Before she started feeling shy again, she shook her head, closed her eyes and softly pressed her lips against Daimon's.

"Mm? this is not bad at all, in fact I… kind of like it", she thought.

Without noticing Aura's tail was waggling a bit, luckily, she was too engrossed in the moment to notice it or she would have regretted showing such a girly reaction in front of Erin.

Aura only stopped the kiss when she heard a curious sound.


[The conditions were fulfilled; do you wish to become Daimon Licht soulmate? Y/N]

"Oh, what an interesting thing, it looks like the image projected by some magic devices like the orb of truth but it is also different", she thought.

The notification was quite intuitive so she just accepted and a moment later she had access to her own status and skill tree tabs just like the rest of the girls.

While Aura was curiously exploring the information shown in the interface of the system, Daimon sat down on the floor give his legs some rest, of course Evangeline didn't resist the urge to mess with him.

"For someone who didn't even touch a woman's hand on a romantic way in his previous life, that wolf girl… no all of them actually seemed to enjoy kissing you, that's some potential you got there".

Daimon was too tired to pay attention to her jokes so he only shrugged, "yeh, yeah, I'm a pervert I know, let me rest a bit…", he actually fell asleep, even if he had the potential of a monster, he was still a little child so of course after making his body go through a lot of tension he needed to rest, and Aisha's potion also had a relaxing effect, in fact it was incredible that he could still remain awake for a certain period of time even after all that.

"Today you actually surprised me so I guess you deserve a break… Daimon", she thought.

Noticing that Daimon was sleep, Aura closed the status tab and sat in front of him before ruffling his hair, "he looks so peaceful right now that you wouldn't believe he managed to do something as crazy as taming Disaster and even convincing me who resigned a long time ago, to act… as a woman", she thought.

The rest of the girls also sat next to Aura, no one said anything until she stopped caressing Daimon's hair and Aisha took the initiative to break the silence.

"Seems like the Argent's matriarch now understands, how special is my darling ♥".

Aura smiled.

"Yes, he is certainly different to other men I have seen on my life, when he was in front of that Jolbaris idiot I carefully judged his expressions and he didn't even flinch a bit, although he knew Erin and me were there, even Archmages feel intimidated by just being in the presence of a half emperor, it's only natural... but this child instead looked as if he was ready to fight until the end if needed while constantly lookig at us, like he was more worried about us than him, and yet…".

Aisha sighed, she was well aware that the reason of that was that her son was still suffering since she died protecting him before, although he didn't show it on the outside, when they were sleeping in the cave, he unconsciously clung to her as if he was afraid, that she might suddenly disappear.

After a moment of silence Aura continued.

"How should I say it, unlike when there were "enemies" in front of him, once we entered the mansion, he gave off a completely different aura, it's a weird feeling as if there is no need to hide anything in front of him… because there is not even the slightest ounce of malice towards us in his heart".

"It's quite a joyful feeling, right?", Erin added.

Aura nodded.

"Yes, also Aisha, you can call me Aura, I don't care about formalities when it's with people I can trust and… we are on a similar standing now anyway".

They all laughed, at Aura's words but she was right, they all were in the ship now, one that will take them to places that none of them could have even imagined before.

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