439 Arriving at the bone sea (part 3)

After contacting her father and telling Aurora the coordinates to Porter city, Shirel voluntarily returned the mirror plate to Daimon and then was escorted back to her room by Horals.

"I'll go to the captain's cabin, little Jas why don't you help your aunt Bell and little Sarah settle down in the main residence in the meantime", said Aurora.

"Mm~", Jasmine smiled at her grandmother and then Aurora turned to see Bell.

"Use the mana on the main residence to recover in the meantime, it might not cure the curse but your powers should become more stable with it".

Bell nodded, one of the reasons as to why she had hold out so much even with the cure, is that she has been using her battle aura to suppress it, unfortunately when she fights the curse spread too, that's why has to destinate more and more of her power to keep the curse in check, resulting in her regressing from almost having reached the high stage of the Stellar rank, to the early stage.


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