44 A villain must be patient

The paradise is a concept often used to describe a place where there is no suffering nor hunger or war, although its characteristics tend to change from one culture to the other, there is always supposed to be a reward for those who earned it.

But if you were to ask Daimon, he would agree that the scenery in front of his eyes right know was the paradise, pale smooth skin wherever he looked at with some pinkish tones on the mix here and there, different figures some slender full with a young innocent charm and others who were voluptuously tempting enough, to make even the most chaste man burn in the fire of lust.

A few moments ago.

Now that everyone in the Revy clan knew about Daimon's existence, there was no need for him to stay all the time in Erin's mansion anymore, since it was a bit past midday Liz wanted to take Daimon to eat in one of the many restaurants that where in the city but before that, they all agreed to take a bath together.

Erin guided them to the hot spring under her mansion, just like Elizabeth she had one, in fact hers was even bigger but the design was more or less the same, it looked like a huge natural pool with a garden which helped those bathing to relax.

Once they closed the door of the bathroom, the fun started, Erin, Aisha and Liz quickly undressed without thinking about it for even one second, Elaine also did it but she was shy enough to at least cover her pussy with her hands, leaving only her nipples in plain view, to be honest Daimon found her shyness cute.

Aisha helped her son to undress and now the only one using clothes was Aura, Erin turned to see her friend and she proudly exhibited her naked body.

"We are only waiting for you, old witch", she said.

Aura sighed, she decided to not make things bigger than they actually were, "he might be a man but he is still too young so, there is no harm… this will make us closer as master and disciple", she convinced herself and started taking off her clothes until she was completely naked.

Aisha and Aura had one thing in common, their hair color was similar, although Aisha had a pure silver and Aura had a mix of white and silver, Daimon didn't ever pay attention to his mother's pubic hair when they bathed together while living in the castle of the Naktis, and the first time he actually stole some glances at her mother's private place she was young again so there wasn't any hair down there.

The same applied for Elaine and Liz, they both were completely hairless, the only exception before was Erin who had a little amount of black hair which augmented her charm as a mature lady, but now there was another one.

"So… it is true that the hair down there is of the same color as the one on the head, mm it doesn't look like hair though it's more similar to the furr of her tail", thought Daimon while stealing a swift glance at Aura's pussy.

Of course, how could Aura who had the sharpest senses out of all the presents not notice the curious gaze directed at her most important place.

"To think that the first "man" to look at my body naked, would be a young boy two thousand years younger than me… Erin told me they already bathed together before so it's probably just curiosity towards someone new", she said to herself.

Leaving aside that little episode, they all entered the spring to enjoy the comfortable temperature of the natural pool, unlike what Daimon expected Erin insisted that this time he should sit with Aura since she was the only one that wasn't present before.

Seeing that she didn't refuse he sat on her lap and closed his eyes to enjoy the bath.

Evangeline was smiling from ear to ear.

"That's some weird fetish you have there, you know?".

Daimon didn't open his eyes.

"It's sane curiosity, you have seen my memories from when I lived on earth… I didn't even have a girlfriend so this is all new for me", he answered.

Evangeline did her job as the devil that whispers in the ears of a man to tempt him.

"Well, I don't think they mind you seeing or touching a bit anyway".

There are somethings that once you become aware of, there is no way to ignore them anymore, now that she mentioned it Daimon couldn't stop his imagination from going wild, he was sitting just a few centimeters away from Aura's pussy and it would be a lie to say it didn't cross his mind "accidentally" touching it.

"Stupid Evangeline… now I can't take that image out of my head", he thought.

He opened his eyes and saw Aura smiling at him, she patted his head and accommodated her body in such a way that she was leaning against the wall of the pool while Daimon was leaning against her.

The comfortable and relaxed expression on her face made Daimon regain his cool, "to be honest I'm so going to enjoy my puberty with all of them around, on the other hand there is no need to rush things… for now at least", he thought.

Now that he avoided falling into Evangeline's provocation the rest of the bath went on without any problems, the girls stood up to leave the bathroom, without anyone noticing Aura stopped Daimon from getting up.

"If you were to try and play a trick on me, I would have been a bit disappointed but since you didn't, I think you deserve a little reward", she said before giving Daimon a short kiss.

While he was still processing what just happened, Aura smiled before saying.

"Once you have grown up a bit more, I don't mind if you want to… express your love to me, but for now you will have to settle with kissing one of the only five female half emperors that exist in the whole wonder myriad stellar chart ♥"

"Well, maybe two out of five since you also have Erin, I guess…"


She couldn't finish her sentence because contrary to what Aura expected instead of freezing due to her actions, Daimon kissed her out of his own will, but to not let the other girls see them he stopped after a couple of seconds.

"I hope you don't forget what you said today, my beautiful master", he answered before standing and following the rest of the girls to dry off, leaving behind a dazed Aura.

After a couple of minutes contemplating things Aura heard Erin shouting.

"Get off the bath already Aura, we need to get going to the restaurant".

Aura's face was blushed but she was also… smiling.

"I guess that's why you shouldn't play with fire, turns out he doesn't like to be the passive one huh… I like it", she thought, before shaking her head a couple of times.

When Aura reached them, Daimon and Aisha were already dressed while the Revy ladies were still drying off, it took a bit more time to dry the water off their tails, especially for Erin since her fur fluffier than her daughters.

Once they were ready, Erin used space shift and after a couple of seconds they were in front of a restaurant called "Moon Gazing".

Elizabeth smiled.

"Good choice mom, little Daimon this is the most popular restaurant in the city, just wait big sister is going to order something delicious for you", she said.

Appearing out of nowhere was flashy by itself and if you added the fact that all the people eating in the first floor of the restaurant saw the matriarch, the clan head and the best magic blacksmith altogether along with another half emperor of course a ruckus was bound to happen.

"I wonder if this is how it feels to date a celebrity", thought Daimon.

Still there were some differences, although all the ones eating were amazed seeing such a group formed by important people, they didn't approach them nor they tried to get close to them out of respect.

Not even a couple of seconds since they appeared, a middle-aged woman from the moon alluring branch of the family came out of the restaurant to greet them.

(In case you have forgotten, the moon alluring side of the Revy family have grayish-white hair color, the same applies for their tails and ears)

"It's a pleasure to have the matriarch attending our restaurant, we always reserve a private room in the third floor just in case, please follow me", said the woman with a humble voice.

Erin smiled, she held Daimon's hand before all of them went upstairs, of course that little action didn't go unnoticed, so everyone in the lower floor started discussing about how close looked their matriarch with her future "son in law".

The woman who turned out to be the owner of the restaurant guided to them to a door which had an emblem with the form of a sun and a moon.

"This is the best private room in our restaurant, it was created to be exclusively used when the matriarch, the clan head or miss Elizabeth decided to honor us with their presence".

When they were about to enter the room Erin frowned her eyebrows seeing a non-welcomed person approaching them, it was the old man that first spoke in behalf of Edgar in the detection hall and at the same time, the one that started chasing after political power when her mother ended bedridden… Ernest Revy.

The old man stopped a couple of meters away from them, he slightly bowed his head before saying.

"Greetings matriarch, I hope you can spare a couple of minutes of your time for me".

Erin shook her head.

"Tell me your objective and I will decide whether I listen to you or not", she answered.

Ernest felt his blood pressure rising but he calmed down and continued putting on a smile.

"I would like the matriarch to let Edgar fulfil his imprisonment in a house instead of a cell, he is no longer an Archmage… no he is no longer a mage so his days are numbered and I would like him to at least enjoy them before he leaves us".

Erin smiled.

"He has "enjoyed" his past days quite a bit, the punishment won't change, if you excuse me, we are about to eat so I don't want to keep speaking about unsightly things".

Without letting Ernest say anything else Erin entered the private room followed by the other girls and lastly Daimon, when he was closing the door Daimon noticed the furious expression on the face of the old man and he smiled.

"If you want to be a villain you must learn to be patient, unfortunately I don't think you will have the chance", he thought before closing the door in Ernest's face.

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