34 A peacock showing its feathers

Aura was in a predicament.

"He managed to tame Disaster, also all of you look really comfortable with his company so I won't deny that if he was a bit older, I would have probably accepted the offer immediately but…".

To be honest Daimon actually had a really good impression of Aura, you can always call yourself a friend of someone but the truth always come to light when there are hardships or troubles, just look at Arthur, if he wanted, he could have tried to give Edgar a way out of his precarious situation but instead he simply washed his hands off the situation and abandoned him to his luck.

On the other hand, Aura didn't hesitate to fight against a half emperor for her friend, and it was not a lone one but one who had its own force behind him so the consequences of offending it were being enemy to a whole organization instead of one person and on top of that in Daimon's eyes… she was quite cute, such a good woman was worth trying to convince.

Evangeline could more or less guess what he was thinking and she decided to give him a little push.

"I know beauties keep falling in your arms without you doing anything but why don't you do it different this time, if you are interested in that wolf woman then… promote yourself or something, perhaps this is a good chance to test blink or even core synchrony, I know you have a thing for beast race girls so go get her ♥".

Although Daimon didn't accept her declarations, he didn't deny them also, instead he stood from Aisha's lap before saying.

"Auntie do you have a private training room? … I want to show you all something really cool".

Erin smiled; she had an idea of why Daimon suddenly asked for a training room.

"Of course, let's show that stubborn werewolf woman how awesome is our little Daimon ♥".

They moved to one of the most important rooms in Erin's mansion, as a half emperor building a space where she could train her magic without destroying the whole place was quite expensive so that was one way to measure the wealth of a family or force, luckily the Revy family was among the richest forces since they were the most renowned magic blacksmiths of the whole beast faction most of the magic weapons, equipment and other magic devices were created exclusively by them.

When Aisha told Daimon about the flying carriage and how only the Revy family and the dwarves could build them actually, he asked her where do the dwarves lived and it turned out that dwarves reside in the blue-sky galaxy and work with the humans, the reason as to why Elizabeth could get their hands in the blueprint of the gun was that the humans are allied with the beast faction to fight against vampires, demons and undead.

While the black marsh galaxy is close to the white fang galaxy, the blue-sky galaxy is the closest to the immortal galaxy so, basically the beast faction keeps in check demons and undead while the humans and other minor human like races such as dwarves fight with the vampires.

The reason to that is that undead and vampires both feed on humans and other living rational beings in general, demons on the other hand have a big variety of species and some of them also feed on human flesh so they form part of the same team while beast races and the rest form the other side of the coin.

Once they were in the training room Erin closed the door while Daimon appreciated the whole place, there were a lot of magic devices with different purposes such like physical strength measuring, mana capacity measure, spell damage measuring and the list keeps going, a paradise for battle maniacs such as Aura, in fact since Erin was Aura's best friend, she has always personally ordered all the training devices that she has in her castle.

Daimon took a few steps ahead to distance himself from the girls, his image suddenly flashed and a second later he was standing on the other side of the room.

Erin had high expectations but this… this was beyond her imagination; she immediately used a movement spell called "instant step" to appear a couple of meters away from him and walked until she was next to him.

"L-little Daimon what was that, unlike a movement spell you… ignored the obstacles in the way and just appeared here?".

The difference between moving at high speed or in other words a movement spell, and the space shift unique to half emperors was the fact that with a movement spell you could not bypass any objects that were in the way of your final destination, for example if there was a wall in front of you and you used instant step you would not go through the wall, instead you will clash against the wall or just appear in front of it.

Meanwhile, space shift didn't have that disadvantage as you moved using space as the medium.

Daimon smiled.

"That is one of my skills, "blink", it allows me to move however I want using space as the medium on a 100 meters range".

Let alone Aura who was the main reason of this "show off", all the girls were in awe, moving living beings through space without having to create a magic device called spatial gate with a lot of magic transportation formations and other expensive materials was supposed to only be possible for half emperors… until a moment ago.

Aisha had a proud expression on her face.

"That is my darling for you ♥", she said.

Elizabeth's eyes were in fire.

"That is such a useful thing for a magic blacksmith!!! being able to freely move when working on a big scaled project sounds incredible… little Daimon you are my future husband, so you must teach big sister how to do it ♥".

Daimon was surprised for their reaction; he didn't have too much knowledge about half emperors since he just learned about them not too long ago so he supposed there were other spells that worked similarly to space shift on a small range like blink but it seems that was not the case.

Evangeline laughed.

"You are just like a peacock showing its feathers to attract possible partners, that wolf girl already had a good impression of you due to the thing with the sword so I can hear her heart beating faster than before hahaha".

Daimon felt a bit happy about impressing them, he indeed liked Aura's both personality and appearance so causing a wave in her heart even if it was a little one was a good thing.

"And now for the finishing touch", he thought.

Before walking towards a magic device that looked like a crystal ball mounted on a stone pillar, it was called "orb of the truth" and its function was to show others the magic cultivation realm of anyone who touched it.

He placed his hand on the orb and after a moment it illuminated before it showed a text above it which said "Early-stage novice mage realm", suddenly Daimon's body radiated silver-purple lightnings, his hair color returned to its original silver tone but that was not what caught the attention of the girls, but the fact that the text showed by the orb of the truth changed.

Aisha, Erin, Elizabeth, Elaine and even Narasha felt a comfortable warm feeling in their bodies, as if they were being embraced by the softest silk, but right now they didn't pay too much attention to that, there was a more important thing to discuss right now, the orb of truth showed that Daimon's current magic cultivation was… "Eight star ranked mage realm".

For a moment silence remained on the room, until Aura came out of her daze remembering that there existed techniques that augmented cultivation for a short period of time but the bigger the boost the worst the side effects would be, like burning away vitality or damaging one's magic core.

Aura immediately placed her hand on Daimon's lower abdomen at the area right below the navel.

"Daimon!!! hurry up stop this spell… there is no need to go to such extremes, I will accept to be your soulmate or whatever, so don't you dare to waste your potential just to cause a big impression", she said.

A couple of seconds passed and Aura saw that Daimon was not returning back to normal but when she was about to scold him, she heard Aisha, Erin, Elizabeth and Elaine laughing at her.

"You… how can you laugh? he is going to suffer damages on his magic core if he keeps this up".

Erin shook her head, before answering.

"If you were one of us you would have immediately know that he is not using a self-harming forbidden spell to obtain such an incredible boost… it took me by surprise though, but you remember that I told you about the secondary core we got thanks to little Daimon?".

Aura nodded.

"Yes, but what does that have anything to be with the current situation?".

Erin smiled.

"It's completely related… he is somehow lending a part of our strength thanks to that and there are no side effects, we didn't have our cultivation diminished due to that nor we are being harmed on any way, it's more like we are all connected now ♥".

Aura almost forgot how to breath, her gaze changed from being serious and worried to a softer and gentle one when she looked at Daimon.

"Now I understand how was he able to tame Disaster… he is even more of a monster than that sword".

Evangeline clapped.

"She is in the bag, ladies and gentlemen", she shouted in Daimon's mind.

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