6 I’m Going To Fcking Dismantle You!

"So, this is what it feels like when you sign a contract with a God," William muttered.

"I'm really jealous, Big Brother, you should have made me your Patron God instead." Lily pouted. The little loli grabbed William's hand and looked up at him with little puppy eyes.

William ignored Lily and looked at Gavin in a new light. "Is it over? Is it time for me to reincarnate?"

"Not just yet. I'm going to give this to you as well," Gavin said with a smile.

Issei and Lily showed a surprised expression, but it quickly disappeared from their faces. Both of them had recognized what Gavin's gift was and it made them nod their heads in appreciation.

"What is this?" William asked. He eyed the object that Gavin had given him. Its width and length were only two centimeters at most. Somehow, it looked very familiar. The boy was sure that he had seen this object back on Earth.

"I believe it is called a CPU Core back on Earth," Gavin explained. "This is my final gift to you. I pray that it serves you well in your next life."

"Thank you," William replied.

He was very grateful because he could tell that Gavin gave him something very precious. Although he didn't know what the CPU Core was capable of, he had a feeling that it would play an important role in his rebirth.

"My turn!" Lily raised her hand and handed William a lollipop. "Big Brother, this is a gift from Lily. Please, don't refuse!"

"Hey, Lily, what do you think you're doing?" Gavin glared at the little loli. "William is now my follower. Stop making your moves on him."

"I know that he is your follower, but so what?" Lily snorted. "I'm not breaking any rules!"

"Lily is right." Issei who was watching from the side grinned. "She is not breaking any rules. Little Brother, you should gratefully accept Lily's gift. It's not everyday that she takes a liking to someone who is not her follower."

"A-Alright." William gratefully accepted Lily's lollipop which made the smile on the loli's face widen. Fortunately, he was not wearing the Glasses of Truth. If he was, he might have already backed away in fright.

Gavin sighed, but didn't pursue the matter. "Thank you, Lily."

"Why thank me? I gave it to Big Brother because I like him." Lily snorted. "I didn't do it for you. Don't get the wrong idea, Baka."

The CPU Core and the Lollipop floated in the air and shot towards William's chest. A surge of divine energy permeated his soul and it made him feel light-headed.

After ten minutes, William finally regained his composure. He once again thanked Gavin, Issei, and Lily for the gifts they had given him. After finishing their meal, they took William to the Cycle of Reincarnation.

The Cycle of Reincarnation was a place where countless portals—linked to different worlds—hovered in the starry sky.

The colorful portals themselves looked like stars and William felt fear and excitement at the same time.

"I think William should go to that golden portal over there," Issei proposed.

"Golden portals are good, but I don't want Big Brother to live his life like a pig," Lily interjected. "The Silver portal will be perfect for him because it will give him room for growth."

"Um, can you tell me more about the portals?" William asked. Since it was related to his rebirth, he wanted to know more about the differences between the different portals.

"No," The three Gods replied firmly. "We are not allowed to divulge any information relating to the portals."

William may not be very smart, but he understood that Issei and Lily had already given him some hints on what portals were the best. Gavin stood by his side and waited for him to choose a world where he would be born.

While he was pondering his decision, the golden portal in front of him glowed. An old man, wearing white robes and carrying a wooden staff appeared before him.

"Gavin? Issei? Lily?" The old man was surprised to see his acquaintances in the Cycle of Reincarnation. "Are all of you here to wait for my return? Sorry, but I didn't bring any souvenirs with me."

"As if, old man!" Lily raised her small fist. "We're here to send off William and not to welcome your return!"

"Che~" the old man looked slightly disappointed. However, his expression changed when he looked at William. "Oh, this is pretty interesting!"

"Hah! Marvelous!" The old man moved closer and eyed William up and down. "For a soul to receive so many Divin-ooomf!"

Gavin and Issei covered the old man's mouth and dragged him away. Lily, on the other hand, engaged William in idle chatter. The Three Gods had unanimously agreed that William should remain clueless for the time being.

"Old man, you better not say anything!" Issei glared. "This is a secret! If the other Gods found out about this, there is going to be a riot!"

"Shut your trap old man," Gavin pleaded. "This is my last chance to get a follower, don't make me beat you up!"

"F-Fine, you little brats!" The old man agreed, but a mischievous smile appeared on his face. "However, let me join as well! This looks fun! Besides, that boy seemed tailormade to become my disciple."


"W-Wait old man, are you for real? You plan to make William your disciple?"

"Why not? It's not against the rules, right? Besides. This is also beneficial for you, Gavin."

Gavin frowned. "Old man, the boy's soul couldn't accept any more divinities. Having three is already pushing it to the limit."

"Don't worry, I won't give him any divinities," the old man said. "I'll give him something different."

After the three came to an understanding, they returned to where William and Lily were waiting for them.

"Hello, William," the old man greeted the boy with a brilliant smile. "My name is David and I am a friend of these three Gods."

"Hello, Sir David." William bowed his head.

"Have you already chosen the portal you plan to enter?" David asked.

"Yes!" William replied with determination. "I will go to that Silver Portal over there."

William pointed at a Silver Portal that was dispersing rainbow lights from its center.

"That world? Not bad. It's a very good choice." David nodded his head in agreement. "Well, since the two of us met then it must be Fate. Let me give you a souvenir before you leave this place.

David handed William the wooden staff that he was holding. "Take this with you."

"Eh? B-But Gramps, this is your walking stick, right?" William stared at David with confusion.

"Relax, I have more where that came from." David waved his hand casually.

A wooden stick, similar to the one William was holding, appeared in David's hand.

"Take that as a memento of our meeting." David patted the boy's shoulder. "Now, off you go."

William's body floated in the air and flew towards the portal. However, he stopped midway and looked back to the four Gods who had made his stay in the Temple of the Gods memorable.

"Thank you, everyone!" William bowed respectfully. "I'll do my best in my next life."

"William, before you go, please listen carefully," Gavin said. "As you set off on your new journey, remember that the journey itself has meaning. The sunrise, the sunset, and the beauty of the world around you, embrace them all and live your life to the fullest."

"Thank you! I will!" William waved his hand one last time and faced the portal in front of him.

Suddenly, a truck emerged from the portal right next to the Silver Portal that William was planning to enter.

With a loud crash, the truck hit William and sent him spiraling towards a red portal in the distance. In a span of a few seconds, William's soul entered the portal leaving the four Gods frozen in place.

Gavin, Issei, Lily, David: "...Fck!"

The truck finally stopped and transformed into a ten-meter tall robot. "Um? Did I just hit someone?"

"Truck-kun! I'm going to fcking dismantle you!" Gavin roared in anger.

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