1473 After Story 11 - If Fate Wills It, Let Us Meet Again

"B-Be gentle, okay?" Rebecca said with a flushed face as William gently laid her down on the bed.

"I will," William replied before kissing her lips. 

Among the ladies who had become William's wife in his current lifetime, Rebecca was the very first one he had met after he reincarnated.

He wasn't even a year old when James decided to play matchmaker and arranged a wife for him when he grew up. 

Their first meeting was similar to the novels that William had read back on Earth, with his fiance visiting him to break their engagement because his and her standings were worlds apart.

The Half-Elf could still remember that scene as if it had just happened yesterday.

Rebecca was quite an adorable girl back then, and William even thought that being engaged to her wasn't a loss on his part.


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