Reincarnated with the Mind Control Powers in Another World.

What the hell ? I got reincarnated in another world. [Choose class] [Monster Or Human Class ?] Monster Class. [Mind Flare] Yeah i choose Mind Flare. I shall Hypnotize my MILF step-mother with huge butt and her three daughters for my use. wtf!!?? Ogre girls with sexy bodies and huge breasts, i won't miss that one. "get naked and bend down, girl." "yes, master." Wait ? this beast girl have 6 breasts and everyone hates it bro why ? this is heaven. Those who come in my way will kill themselves as they look in my eyes and all the females who deny me shall receive my holy seed even without their consent. [Grammar Until Chapter 115 is not that good... but it's worth the read. After that it's all good.] [Cover isn't mine, contact me to take it down.] [Note: EVERY CHARACTER IN THIS NOVEL IS ABOVE 18+ AND THEY ARE LEGALLY ADULTS ACCORDINGLY TO THE WORLD'S RULES THAT THIS STORY IS BASED ON.] [Discord: https://discord.gg/wEMdgmkt9Q]

Night_phantom · Fantasy
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855 Chs


"Anhhh~ i am cumming...master is gonna see me cum yes yes...lick it more master." Gia cried out in all hornyness.


Anon licked her clitoris like a wild wolf drinking water from a lake.

"Master i am cumming too... please creampie this useless slave of yours and paint my womb's wall with your baby making pain." Freya said in a frenzy.

"H-Hey i am here too...just so you know." Kia said with a shy face as she rubbed herself rapidly like a bitch in heat.

As Anon got close to climax he squeezed freya's boobs tightly and bite gia's clitoris that was flavoured with wine on top of it.


"Yeessssss... Cumming. I am getting creampied." Freya cried out as she passed out making an ahegao face on the floor.

"Master something is Cumming...oh no no no...i am peeeing...master please forgive this slave. I will cum and pee at the same time."

Suddenly liquids gushed out of her vagina like a broken tank.

Gia's tounge sticked out of her mouth and her eyes closed to half as she made peace sign with both of her hands and squirted a shit ton.

Gia also passed out due to immense pleasure.

Anon was still full of vigor and seeing that his little brother is standing up again without any sign of settling down kia turned towards the bed and bent down as she opened her pussy lips up with her own two fingers for anon's penis to enter.

It's as if her female instincts took over her and controlled her body to do this in order to please the male in front of it that was looking at her with the eyes similar to a predator.

Anon saw this and without thinking anymore he just rammed his penis into kia's pussy without any second thoughts.

"Anhhhhh~ it's so big."


"Shhh~ mhnnnmm~ yes yes do me harder, more harder."

Listening to this anon grabbed kia's ultra huge udders which swinged crazy with every thrust and grabbed her nipples as he rubbed them together.

"Annnhhhhh...not my boobs and pussy at the same time."

As soon as he heard these words Anon rubbed her nipples more Swiftly and riggedly as he started thrusting his dick into kia's pussy faster than a motorcar's engine piston.

"Annnhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ don't...you will break my puss-" before she could've said anything anon suddenly kissed her so hard that she even forgot that her pussy was about to break a moment ago.


Speed kept increasing and kia's consciousness fled from her body due to intense pleasure.

At last Anon's penis entered into kia's womb and poured his seed inside her baby making room filling it to the brim.

Kia aslo fainted on the bed and as semen started gushing out of her unconscious pussy Anon spoke.

"What a waste...i should plug it up."

Taking out a dildoctopus from his inventory Anon rammed it inside her pussy without any mercy and stopped the unnecessary semen flow from her pussy.

"Now let's move to the main course." Anon said as he looked at Amanda's body.

"Hiiiieeee...s-stay away from me you pervert." Amanda said with a scared look but the truth was that her pussy was also dripping wet from the scene that just happened.

Anon closed his distance and grabbed Amanda's boobs as he started rubbing her nipples.

"Anhh...mnhm~ no don't do this. This feels too good."

Anon grabbed her medium sized butt and started groping it.

Long before her body was hot and wet due to his touch.

This time before inserting his cock into Amanda's pussy anon reached for freya's unconscious body and grabbed her head as he used his mouth to lube his penis.

After lubing it he moved back to Amanda.

As Amanda was sitting on the table anon just picked her in his hands like a doll.

"H-H-Hey what are you doing? You pervert...stupid don't anhhhh~" and inserted his penis inside her without any warning.

As Anon's penis entered her pussy, Amanda lost all of her other senses and just one thought came to her mind and that was to get fucked by this man and achieve the ultimate pleasure as others.

"Anhhh~ why is it so big ?"

"God gifted."

Amanda turned her neck around and kissed anon on his lips as she gave his tongue a good massage with hers.

Both of them kissed as anon kept pounding her vagina.

*Mnhhhmmm* sounds tried to escape Amanda's mouth but stopped as anon grabbed her tongue with his lips.



As anon was close to cumming he gave a final big thrust and left Amanda's body in air to free fall.

"Eh ?" Amanda said in confusion but suddenly she felt that Anon's penis has penetrated her to her deepest part by touching the back wall of her womb with his cock's tip.

...and before long her face expressions changed to a mind breaked slut's face expression as Anon released his jeez into her womb while she was hanging on his penis.

"Annhhhhhhhhhhh~ cummmmmmmmminnnn~ harrrrd."

Anon noticed that her new toy has broken and broke her neck resulting in her death.


"Hick...?" This was the last sound that escaped Amanda's mouth.

"You thought you can be one of my girls...? You were just a loose end from the start. Even if i would've made you forgot everything about me you were still doomed to die by someone else just thank me that i gave you pleasure before giving you a painless death." Anon looked at the dead body of Amanda without any expression of sadness or guilt as he dressed up.

"Oi...are the intruders still not captured?" Anon said in a serious tone.

Suddenly four long figures wearing fully black clothes just like a ninja appeared from the dark corners of the rooms and bowed.

"Master all three of them are captured successfully and waiting for you in the training room." One of them spoke.

They are my private assassin army of ogres personally trained by the elf Kingdom's previous queen and the best assassin in the world, Diana Olives.

I promised her that the she will be the queen of the elven Kingdom again within 1 year from the day i bought her in exchange for teaching my ogres activities like fighting and assassinating.

Using the underground tunnel all of the Ogres from the forest of nightmares arrived in the training hall and now I've about 10 to 15 thousand of Ogres in my basement ready to kill or die at my command.

"Clean the deadbody and get the girls back to their rooms." Anon said as he looked at dead Amanda.

"As you command master." Within 10 seconds the room was emptied out as if there was no one there except anon, all four figures again disappeared into the dark of the room.

"Now let's talk with our sweet guests." Anon entered the basement.

[Lesson Of the day: Don't leave any loose ends even if it's a one time use pussy. Be a man of culture don't be a cunt.]