Reincarnated with the Mind Control Powers in Another World.

What the hell ? I got reincarnated in another world. [Choose class] [Monster Or Human Class ?] Monster Class. [Mind Flare] Yeah i choose Mind Flare. I shall Hypnotize my MILF step-mother with huge butt and her three daughters for my use. wtf!!?? Ogre girls with sexy bodies and huge breasts, i won't miss that one. "get naked and bend down, girl." "yes, master." Wait ? this beast girl have 6 breasts and everyone hates it bro why ? this is heaven. Those who come in my way will kill themselves as they look in my eyes and all the females who deny me shall receive my holy seed even without their consent. [Grammar Until Chapter 115 is not that good... but it's worth the read. After that it's all good.] [Cover isn't mine, contact me to take it down.] [Note: EVERY CHARACTER IN THIS NOVEL IS ABOVE 18+ AND THEY ARE LEGALLY ADULTS ACCORDINGLY TO THE WORLD'S RULES THAT THIS STORY IS BASED ON.] [Discord: https://discord.gg/wEMdgmkt9Q]

Night_phantom · Fantasy
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"I-I did it...i killed someone." Anon said as he looked at his shaking hand and the half evaporated body in front of him.

I-I had no choice but to kill him or he would've killed me instead...yes, i had to do it for self-defense.

This time anon didn't half-killed a guy instead he killed a guy in half.

Anon was trying to convince himself that he did that for sole purpose of self-defense but inside his heart was something else going...

'It-It felt so good when i killed him i don't know why but that fear in his eyes and everyone's eyes sitting in this stadium is like fresh air to me. I-I want more of this fear.' he thought as a creepy smile appeared on his face.

As soon as this thought came to his mind he was reminded of something from the first day when he choosed his class.

[Warning: Your mind and personality can be affected by choosing this monster class.]

Is this the side-effect of choosing a monster class.

Who cares....let the next one come.

Everyone in the stadium was silent until finally Anon looked towards the referee to announce the result.

"W-Winner is Anon Agreil."

Hearing this the announcer also came out of the shocked state and announced.

"My friends as you can see the mysterious boy has dominated the arena after killing the no.1 Fighter Terry. I doubt anyone will now mess with him."

"Let's call our next contestent and-" suddenly a staff member whispered something to the announcer.

"Ladies and Gentlemen as i thought other two contestants who were going to fight Anon already declared a white flag and backed-Off from the fight."

"What ?"

"Well that was to be expected since you can participate next year as long as you have a life."

"This was the first death of the event right ?"

"Yeah, last time i saw a guy in near death situation but here shit got real."

everyone started talking about them.

'Heh, it's sad that i don't get to fight but hey they have brain to back-off at the right time, good judgement.'

"It will be a 5 win situation for Anon Agreil and with this he scored a scholarship for the Academy and a reward from the event organizer."

Anon silently looked at everyone present in the stadium like a king watching his country people.

His crown suddenly stopped glowing and the crystals that were flying a moment ago returned into the crown. Anon removed crown from his head and putted back into the inventory.

Anon returned to his room and other contestants congratulated him on his way back to build a connection with him even if it's just a neutral one.

"Master you are back....yay." gia said as she hugged Anon.

"What in the 7 hell was that spell ? Where did you learn something so dangerous?"

"Let's go since we are done here."

"But your rewards..."

"I will collect them tomorrow, they said the tournament will end tomorrow so you can collect them only tomorrow." Anon said with a straight face.

"What about the coins from uncle Peter."

"Yeah i will collect that tomorrow as well."

"Okay if you say so."

Three of them exits the stadium and starts walking towards home.

"Hey don't they have something like a wrap portal or something here?"

"We can't use that..." Kia answered.

"If money is the issue then..."

"No, they are only for the nobles to use you can't use them as a Commoner." She continued.

My god, bro that's too much racism.

After reaching the third ring Anon suddenly spoke.

"You go with gia, i will come late." Anon said.

"What are thinking?" Kia asked with a sus expression.

"Nothing just a loan I've to pay back to an old friend."


Both of them left after saying that.

Now...Now let's get this party started.

There was this song back on earth i remember some of it.

"There lived a certain man in Russia long ago🎵."

"He was big and strong in his eyes a flaming glow🎵."

Anon started singing as he went towards south east of the third ring.

After reaching in front of a big mansion anon stopped, a bee came and sat on his shoulder.

Anon looked at the name plate in front.

[Villa Of The Dragons]

"This man just got to go declare his enemies but the ladies begged don't you try to do it please🎵." Anon started singing again.

Anon opened the main gate by force and two knights in shining Armor came running.

"Who are you ?"

"State your identity and buisness here or die."

Both of them looked furious.

"Ra-Ra Rasputin🎵-" Anon stopped singing and tilted his head towards left as he looked at both of them and...

"Hello sir knight, i am just a regular peasant who is looking for a way out...can you tell me by killing each other."


Suddenly a purple light flashed in both of their eyes and both of them unsheathed their swords.

Both knights placed their sword on each other's neck and...



Both of them died.

"Where was i, ah yes....Ra Ra Rasputin Lover of the Russian queen 🎵."

Anon again started singing as he moved towards the main entrance.

"My god, what a rich prick you are."

Anon pushed the gate and was greeted by 10 knights and a Swordswoman who was certainly a beautiful girl.

All of the knights pointed their spears towards the intruder.

The Swordswoman just stood their.

She has big boobs, green hairs, perfect curves and two cat like ears on her head, she is a milf. I guarantee it she is married and have kids too.

"You've killed two knights of the noble family and intruded into a nobles house without permission even after being a noble. Anything you want to say before death ?" She charged and asked.

"I-I am so sorry i didn't wanted to do that i just." Anon suddenly looked scared and mistaken.

"....i just want you to kill all of them." Suddenly changing his expression from scared to a broad psychotic smile he said.


Suddenly her eyes flashed purple.


"Hahaha...an idiot has appeared."

"I think he is mentally ill or something."

All the knights looked at Anon and laughed a little.

"Oi you are going to die is that why you are speaking non-sen-"



All of them stopped laughing as they saw one of their comrade's head now is spinning on the ground and his body also fell down.