Reincarnated with the Mind Control Powers in Another World.

What the hell ? I got reincarnated in another world. [Choose class] [Monster Or Human Class ?] Monster Class. [Mind Flare] Yeah i choose Mind Flare. I shall Hypnotize my MILF step-mother with huge butt and her three daughters for my use. wtf!!?? Ogre girls with sexy bodies and huge breasts, i won't miss that one. "get naked and bend down, girl." "yes, master." Wait ? this beast girl have 6 breasts and everyone hates it bro why ? this is heaven. Those who come in my way will kill themselves as they look in my eyes and all the females who deny me shall receive my holy seed even without their consent. [Grammar Until Chapter 115 is not that good... but it's worth the read. After that it's all good.] [Cover isn't mine, contact me to take it down.] [Note: EVERY CHARACTER IN THIS NOVEL IS ABOVE 18+ AND THEY ARE LEGALLY ADULTS ACCORDINGLY TO THE WORLD'S RULES THAT THIS STORY IS BASED ON.] [Discord: https://discord.gg/wEMdgmkt9Q]

Night_phantom · Fantasy
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Sun is shining Anon is sleeping on his bed like a log.

Suddenly his blanket starts moving near his crotch.


"Hmmm...?" Anon slightly opened his eyes and noticed a huge bump standing right up in his blanket.

Anon removed the blanket immediately.

What greeted him was a pair of vertical lips twitching.

"Hello, Kia ?"

Kia was giving a boob job to Anon with her massive jugs and from time to time rubbing her nipples on his dick's head.

As i thought Kia's ass and boobs are bigger than that of Freya.

They are the best udders I've ever seen.

Anon started groping her ass both both hands as he thought of naughty things.

Kia who was doing this against her will due to the slave collar was cursing him in her mind.

"Master breakfast is here...oh my." Freya entered the room naked with a cup of coffee and dry buns in the plate.

As soon as I looked at the break fast i noticed that the coffee doesn't have milk in it.

"Freya, you forgot milk?"

"Oh my, How can I be so careless?"

"Now how will I get milk?" Anon said as he looked at kia who was sucking her dick.

"What? Why are you looking at me ?" Kia said as she stopped.

"I need milk in my coffee." Anon said with an evil smile.

"You want me to grab milk for you ?"

"No, you stupid i could've ordered freya if i wanted that, but what i want is this milk." Anon said as he poked kia's pink stiff nipples.

"Anhh." She let out a cute moan.

"Mine doesn't Do that, you have to be pregnant for that."

"Yeah, i know."

<Body Modification>

Kia suddenly felt something different about her boobs.

"Now get on all fours." Anon ordered.

Kia followed and went on all fours.

Placing the Cup of black coffee below her hanging boobs anon started massaging them just like a milk man who massages the cow udders before milking them.

"I told you mine doesn't do- What anhhh~?"

Suddenly milk started coming out of her breasts and started falling in the cup.

Freya on the side has started masturbating and sucking her own boobs while vigorously rubbing her clitoris up and down as she watched her own daughter being milked like a cow in front of her.

She also wanted to be treated like her.

"Hmmm...Milk quantity has decreased...Freya Lick her pussy."

"N-No Mom you can't Anhhh~ Mhhhhmmm~" before Kia could've stopped her mother Freya started pinching her daughter's clitoris and penetrating her pussy with her tounge. While using the thumb of her other hand to penetrate her anus cavity.

"Anhhh~ Not that place, Mom stoooppp."

After milking her i ordered kia "Start Giving your blowjob again."

She didn't resisted because of the slave collar and got right on it, but on her face was a displeased look of disgustion.

But her mouth is sealed up again so that she can't speak anymore.

Now where should I put this plate. I need a table.


"Yes, Master."

"I need a table."

"As you wish." Gia said as she stripped off her clothes and went down on all fours on the bed.

"Good." I used her bare white soft back as the table to put my breakfast on.

I took a bite from the dry bread, a sip from the coffee and slightly rubbed gia's Bare buttocks for a second and suddenly slapped them slightly.



"What are you doing tables don't moan ?"


I gave Freya a sign and she stopped licking kia's pussy instead she started penetrating both of their pussies with both of her hands.

I felt that kia's mouth tightness increased.

"Mhhhhm...Wow This shitty bread tastes so good when serves with three naked woman."

But...this world really lacks behind in cooking. When i visited the capital i noticed that the best snack they had there was an apple dipped in sugar water.

They don't even know what a choclate is.

If i can grow some cocoa trees here and make chocolate out of it. Hehe...that will be sweet.

In breakfast i will have "Tripple waffle Chocolate Pussy Tower", in lunch "Sweet Choclate boob Bites" and in dinner "Choclate Pussy Lips and Boob made Chocolate Milkshake."

Hahahhhahaha....wait why do i dream like a Hentai manga villain?

But...this dream tastes sweet.

"Oh shit, i am cumming."

Kia suddenly tried to move her head away from my cock but before she could've i grabbed her from the back of her neck and locked her head with my legs as i pushed my dick deeper in her throat.

"Don't run...ahh Just accept it."

I released every single drop of my semen in kia's throat as i grabbed gia's waist tightly with both of my hands as i came.



Kia stood up and looked at me with a very disgusting expression.

"Get up bend over and show me your pussy lips by spreading them over."

Kia knew that it was coming so she did what i told her.

She stood up on the bed and bended over like a whore and with two fingers of each hand she seprated her pussy lips and revealed a pink hole leading straight to her womb entrance.

My little brother couldn't bare with it and started rising again. This time it touched gia's breast nipple as it grew bigger.

"Now say the words kia."

"M-Master Please Fuck my worthless pussy just like my mom and my little sister and bless me with your omnipotent semen. M-My womb is thirsty for your divine milk. Please fill my b-baby room with your b-baby making seed." As Kia said this her face expressions looked horrific.

"Okay, you said that don't blame me when i take my sweet time with your worth less pussy."

"I need lubrication." Saying this i looked at Freya and grabbed her head as i rammed my cock into her throat two times.



As i was about to insert my cock into kia's pussy the gate to my room suddenly opened and a little girl came in.


It was cherry.

"Very good...i almost forgot that you also live here."

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