Reincarnated with the Mind Control Powers in Another World.

What the hell ? I got reincarnated in another world. [Choose class] [Monster Or Human Class ?] Monster Class. [Mind Flare] Yeah i choose Mind Flare. I shall Hypnotize my MILF step-mother with huge butt and her three daughters for my use. wtf!!?? Ogre girls with sexy bodies and huge breasts, i won't miss that one. "get naked and bend down, girl." "yes, master." Wait ? this beast girl have 6 breasts and everyone hates it bro why ? this is heaven. Those who come in my way will kill themselves as they look in my eyes and all the females who deny me shall receive my holy seed even without their consent. [Grammar Until Chapter 115 is not that good... but it's worth the read. After that it's all good.] [Cover isn't mine, contact me to take it down.] [Note: EVERY CHARACTER IN THIS NOVEL IS ABOVE 18+ AND THEY ARE LEGALLY ADULTS ACCORDINGLY TO THE WORLD'S RULES THAT THIS STORY IS BASED ON.] [Discord: https://discord.gg/wEMdgmkt9Q]

Night_phantom · Fantasy
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"Don't touch me you sick motherfucker <Fire Ball>"


A big fire ball hitted anon's face and he died.

"Don't fuck with me motherfucker, you are filthy." Kia spoke in an arrogant tone as she looked at gia.

"gia you are now out of this bastard's evil spell right ?"

"Don't call master that and what are you doing destroying your room's wall with your spells ?"

Gia said with a straight face.

"Gia what the hell are you saying have you gone mad ?"

"No, but i think you have gone mad because firing the fire ball spell inside the house with no aim is just mad destruction."

"W-What but i just killed hi-" as soon as kia turned back and expected to see a dead body behind her but there was nothing except a big hole in the wall.

"You are dangerous i think i have to make you a mindless puppet after all." A sound echoes in the room.

"Y-You where are you? Do you know an invisibility spell." Kia said as a grim expression now covered her face.

"Hello sis~" Anon said as he appeared behind kia and blowed a cold air in her left ear.

"Youuuu, <Wind Blade>."

This time Anon's body separated into two parts but this wasn't the real one either.

"Don't do that. It's futile you are weak." Anon again appeared but this time behind gia who was sitting at the other end of the table.

"Get away from her, <Fire Bullet>"

This time Anon's whole body got holes all over it but again an illusion.

"Master what are you doing to Sister Kia ?" Gia asked as she saw kia shooting random attacks in different directions.

"Just showing her sweet dreams."

My mana is running out... neither do i have mana to hold her off anymore nor do i have time to waste on corrupting her so i will do just this.

I thought that it won't come down to this but...it is what it is.

Suddenly the illusion ended and a hand approached for kia's face.

As soon as Anon touched kia's face he used his spells.

'Memory eater.'

[10 skills have been found in target's memories]

[10 skills have been learned successfully.]

'Memory Alter'

"You will become my Free to use Cum-dump pocket pussy. Wherever I go you will follow me, whenever i say I want to fuck, you will immediately remove your cloths and let me use you."

"Yes...master." Kia said as her eyes turned greyish.


[Level 30 Reached]

[Choose Your evolution Class]

As soon as I saw that i walked out of the room and hurried towards the lab training room.

"M-Master is something the matter ?" Sephie who was busy in making the potions asked me in a startling sound.

"Yeah don't let anyone come through to my room." I said in a serious tone.

"Yes master."

After arriving at the training room i closed the gates and spoke.

"Show me..."

[Choose your evolution Class]

[Puppet Master Or Counsellor]

[Puppet Master]

[Puppet Master tourtures one's soul to do it's bidding and if target fails to accomplish the task the puppet Master can claim it's soul and use it as he pleases. If Puppet master wishes he can absorb the soul to grow stronger and use it's life force to live for an eternity.]

[+2 class Skill]

Does that mean i can bring the dead back too ?

What does torturing soul here means like, will i make his soul burn in agony or something ?

Even though it sounds cool when it talks about living for eternity.


[Lord Of the Dark, Counsellor is the One who Experts in Mind Controlling Spells Counsellor can make his enemies kill themselves in the blink of an eye and he can create mindless slaves without touching the target. Wherever he goes his loyal pet Follows him and helps him in any condition.]

[+2 class Skill]

Whoa...this is cooler.

I am confused i want both of them.

[You have 10 seconds remaining to choose]

Fuckkk....what should I choose...i think i should choose counsellor no puppet master sounds cool.


I should hurry up but i can't decide can i not see the skills they are offering.


Fuck Fuck.

"I choose Pupp-" as i was about to say puppet Master i noticed the system suddenly interrupted me.

[Time Over. Auto Selection Has initiated]

Fuck...but i kind of wanted to do that since i can't decide on my own what to choose so i leave it to the system i am ok with both the classes.

[Class Has been Selected]

[Starting evolution in....3...2...1]

Suddenly everything in front of me faded and i went through an evolution.

3 hours later...

"I wonder what is happening inside the room, is master really training?" Sephie wondered when she didn't hear any sound from the room for over 3 hours.

"Ouch....Ouch...Ouch." Anon said as he started to gain his consciousness back.


[Name: Anon Agreil]

[Level: 31]

[Exp: 00970/100000]

[SP: 70]

[Age: 16]

[Race: Human]

[Class: Counsellor]

[Mana: 5,000/5,000]

[HP: 10,000/10,000]

[Skills: {Mind Control (Lv.20)} {Monster Creator (Lv.10)} {Sensory Destroyer(Lv.5)} {Memory Eater (Lv.17)} {Memory Altering (Lv.11)} {Psychic Connection (Lv.14)} {Alluring Pore (Lv.3)} {Mind Eater(Lv.1) }{Body Modification (lv.8)}{Lab Creator (Lv.7)} {Illusion (Lv.15)} (+12 more)]

[SBP: 300]

[Book of wisdom]


At last it's counsellor haha...i thought it will be puppet Master but no worries i still like the class.

[Skill {Hypnosis} Learned As Bonus Class Skill]

[Skill {Merger} Learned As Bonus Class Skill]

[Hypnosis] [B-Rank]

[Grants you The ability to mesmerize Opponent's brain without any contact, It leaves zero trace of the spell over the opponent. Works on opponents 2 levelsor more below you. Mesmerizing Time may vary for different opponents opponent.]

[Mana: 102 Mana/Use]

[Merger] [B-Rank] [*Class Official]

[This skill is a Class official class that only a Counsellor can learn, Can Merge two or more skills with More than 50% Compatibility and Create an all new skill to fight off his opponents.]

[Mana: 600 Mana/Merge]

Woahhhhhhh....these skills are sky breaking. It seems my life is about to get busy.

As anon was thinking about that aanother message popped up.

[A Hidden Reward From Choosing Counsellor Class Has been Discovered]

[Would you like to claim it ?]

Huh...a hidden reward ?


[You have unlocked Counsellor's Pet: Copy Caster]


[Author: I'll fix it. The mindless puppet thing in next chapter.]