Reincarnated with the Mind Control Powers in Another World.

What the hell ? I got reincarnated in another world. [Choose class] [Monster Or Human Class ?] Monster Class. [Mind Flare] Yeah i choose Mind Flare. I shall Hypnotize my MILF step-mother with huge butt and her three daughters for my use. wtf!!?? Ogre girls with sexy bodies and huge breasts, i won't miss that one. "get naked and bend down, girl." "yes, master." Wait ? this beast girl have 6 breasts and everyone hates it bro why ? this is heaven. Those who come in my way will kill themselves as they look in my eyes and all the females who deny me shall receive my holy seed even without their consent. [Grammar Until Chapter 115 is not that good... but it's worth the read. After that it's all good.] [Cover isn't mine, contact me to take it down.] [Note: EVERY CHARACTER IN THIS NOVEL IS ABOVE 18+ AND THEY ARE LEGALLY ADULTS ACCORDINGLY TO THE WORLD'S RULES THAT THIS STORY IS BASED ON.] [Discord: https://discord.gg/wEMdgmkt9Q]

Night_phantom · Fantasy
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"Anon... Anon, wake up."

"Haaa... haaa. What... what happened?"

I woke up with a severe pain in my head and saw a stunning blonde MILF with incredibly large... assets sitting in front of me.

"What the fuck is wrong with this piece of shit?" A girl with blue hair spoke from behind.

What the hell? The last thing I remember was dying in an accident on Earth. Wait! Is this heaven?

"Cherry, he's your brother. Don't speak ill of him. Have you done your homework?" The MILF scolded the blue-haired girl.

Are they angels or something?

As I pondered, the severe pain in my head intensified by the second.

Suddenly, memories started flashing in my mind.

"This body is not mine. I have been reincarnated. The original owner of this body was Anon Agreil. He was poisoned by his blue-haired stepsister, Cherry."

She confessed it while he was dying.

This world is not Earth. Magic exists here. Humans and many other races live together, utilizing magic in their daily lives.

Anon, a 16-year-old boy with black hair and red eyes, was about to embark on his adventurer's journey today. But due to his sister's less-than-loving intentions, he was about to meet his demise here.

Anon's birth mother died when he was eight. His father remarried a widow named Freya, who has three daughters. Now, they are my three stepsisters.

Anon always suspected Cherry, the youngest daughter, to be responsible for his father's death, and his suspicions were confirmed last night. But now, her face turns pale yellow when she sees me alive and kicking. That bitch is the epitome of betrayal.

"Anon, you should rest. You can leave tomorrow for your adventurer's journey," Freya said as she approached me, her bosom jiggling fiercely.

"Y-Yes," I replied, my face reddening, concealing the raging boner I was hiding in my old leather pants.

As she left the room, I started thinking...

This era doesn't seem to be very futuristic. In fact, it feels like a reverse of it—old, mid-eastern types. Wooden houses, leather shoes, and clothes.

As I contemplated, memories of isekai manga I used to read back on Earth flooded my mind. Suddenly, a thought flashed in my mind.

Removing the blanket, I stood up from the bed and uttered, "S-Status..." Nothing happened.

[Starting System...]

Suddenly, a semi-transparent yellowish screen appeared in front of me.

"N-No way."

Enthusiasm and an energetic rush coursed through my body, making me feel like a god.

I stared at the screen for a solid 10 minutes, and only one thing remained constant.

[Starting System...]

"Bro, is this shit stuck or something..."

An hour passed like that, and suddenly something else appeared on the screen.

[Choose Class...]

[Human Race Classes]

[Monster Race Classes]

[Note: Choosing a class will not change the shape or size of your body. Each class has its unique skill set. Once chosen, a class cannot be changed under any circumstances and can greatly impact your life. Choose your class carefully. If not selected within 4 hours, a class will be randomly assigned.]

"Fuuu... It finally moved. Now I have to select a class. Let's check human classes first."

[Human Classes]

[Mage] [Swordsman] [Healer] [Archer]

[Note: At level 10, 30, 60, and 100, sub-classes will unlock for further evolution. Choose carefully.]

What do you mean by further evolution exactly?

Is it like a mage to an Archmage or a Great Magi or something?

The system didn't reply as expected.

Well, let's see what we have in Monster classes. I don't even need to read their descriptions because I know all of them...

[Monster Classes]

[Wolfkin] [Slime] [Demonic Imp] [Golem] [Mind Flayer] [Dungeon Master] [Joker] [Goblin]

[Note: At level 10, 30, 60, and 100, sub-classes will unlock for further evolution. Choose carefully.]

Hmmm... A wide variety, as expected of monster classes. And since it's not going to affect my body, I can choose one of the monster classes too.

Let's see. I know Wolfkin, Slime too. Hmm, let's check the others that I don't know.

[Demonic Imp]

"A small creature made with dark demonic energy that can perform some magic tricks..."

Bruh, that's weak. But if I choose this class, there is a chance I can evolve into a powerful demon one day. But naah.


"Known for their non-emotional mind and strong physical strength, and for their loyal will to their master..."

This class is as useless as a hedgehog in a condom factory.

After carefully reading each class, I arrived at one conclusion.

[Mind Flayer]

"A creature known to be one of the worst kinds among all monsters. This creature can control the mind of any other creature by inserting some of its body cells into the target's body. The more it possesses its target, the more the target becomes its mindless puppet. The more memories this creature eats, the stronger and more evolved it becomes."

[Warning: Your mind and personality can be affected by choosing this monster class.]

I want to choose this class, but this warning is stuck in my eyes like a diamond.

But it's already been three and a half hours, and I don't want a random useless class.

Bruh... Who cares? Let's do this.

[Are you sure you want to change your class to ?]

"Y-Yes..." Why am I afraid?

[Class selected as Mind Flayer.]

[Skill set has been granted]

[Status updated]

[Name: Anon Agreil]

[Level: 1]

[Exp: 0/100]

[SP: 5]

[Age: 16]

[Race: Human]

[Class: Mind Flayer]

[Mana: 16/16]

[HP: 32/32]

[Skills: {Mind Control (Lv.1)} {Memory Eater (Lv.1)} {Memory Altering (Lv.1)} {Psychic Connection (Lv.1)}]

O-Okay... This is not very confusing, and it's very, very interesting.

Let's check my skills.

[Mind Control]

"If you successfully insert even a single cell of your body into your target's body, then you can control your target's mind by using the Psychic Connection skill. But to activate your cells inside the target's body, you have to use this skill each time you try to control a new target."

[Mana: 3]

[Note: Mana consumption will increase with each increment in levels.]

[Memory Eater]

"After killing your target or making it submissive under your control, you can eat its memory to gain experience points."

[Mana: 2]

[Memory Altering]

"Can alter the memories of the target by making physical contact. The skill's level will determine its effect. It can be used again and again on the same target to make the memory more realistic."

[Mana: 1]

[Psychic Connection]

"Can control your body cells from a distance and use them to simulate the target's mind, making it follow your orders from anywhere. You can also see and feel what

the target is experiencing. The connection can be increased by inserting more of your cells into the target's body."

[Mana: 1/minute]