Reincarnated with an Analysis system.

[Revamp of Analysis System, check out, check out, Reincarnated with my analysis system 11] What would you do when you wake up in another world with an Analysis system backing you up? Sato Inugami fell victim to an explosion in his apartment which led to him reincarnating after his death. With the help of his Analysis Helix system which helps him store skills and knowledge about the world of fantasies. From ruling over elves to build an entire nations with the help of his system, beautiful maidens and subordinates, Sato soon found himself being formidable. With his success soon known around kingdoms that posed to be a threat to him as he climbs up the rank. Sato must now protect his people from Demons, Kings, and even gods as he rose amongst the ranks to become the strongest Ruler. Note: This is a kingdom building, so if you like battles between villages, respect and strong subodinates, be sure to try this book. ¶Additional tags|| Magic||Master servent relationship|| Revolution|| Mystery|| War|| Mythology|| Ecchi. # A Big Rimuru Tempest fan Disclaimer: I do not own the book cover, sadly.

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Grim and i

'Ugh, I feel like I've been sleeping forever.' Sato snorted.

"How long was I out?" He inquired of with his eyes opening slowly, 'I'm still so tired,'.

<< Notice, you've been asleep for four days>>

'Four days!' Sato shouted.

He instantly aroused from his sleep and found himself lying on a small bed in a a diminutive building.

He sat upright before glancing around him to get a view of the room.

There were three lanterns filled with green glowing bugs that lit the room, the middle of the room had animal skin on the floor and on the walls labeled with different face masks.

Sato could hear the murmuring of people outside the hut he was in, he sighed before standing up from the bed.

Once he was up he took a deep breath to come to calm his nerves before bursting out in anger.

"What the hell! Where am I? Hold on Sato chill, I remember very well, I defeated the firebird girl and then…"

Sato laid over his mouth with his hand in stunner before falling to his knees, 'Don't tell me I've been kidnapped again!' He yelled inward.

<<Negative >>


<<During the four days you have spent here, I carefully observed keeper's behavior toward you, sense no hostility should be wary of>>

"That's reassuring, I guess." Sato muttered before walking back to sit on the bed.

The flashbacks of when he battled the Phoenix bird began to resurface causing him to sigh and fall flat on the bed.

"I can't believe I fought something like that and survived." He spoke while looking at the ceiling.

"Helix… about the Phoenix, did I… murder it?" Sato asked with a hint of hesitation in his voice.

<<Question confirmed… negative The Divine beast survived>>

"Okay… I thought I had it, didn't I use my Devour skill to suck out its mana or something? Even that didn't kill. it? Damn." Sato muttered with a calm voice.

He was feeling weirdly cozy on the bed and was slowly starting to fall asleep again.

<<Notice… Defeating the Phoenix, host acquired its skills after devour was used to absorb mana from flames>>

Sato sat upright again, "Wait, you mean I have skills from a Phoenix?" He asked.

<<Affirmative >>

"Then what are you waiting for, tell me!" Sato exclaimed.

<<Request confirmed… skills gained from Phoenix>>


<<¶Fire mimicry – this comes with additional sub-skills< p>

•Incineration Touch - Grants host the ability to incinerate anyone/anything with a single touch.>>

•Hellfire/holy fire: Allows host to use hell/holy fire as an attack or defensive weapon.

•Photokinesis: Allows host to manipulate light magic at will.>>

<<Evolve- Grants host the ability to evolve, this also applies host's properties.>>

<<¶Super Human< p>

•Super speed: Grants host the ability to move at the speed of light.

•Super strength: Grants host the ability of Superhuman strength.

• Thinker accelerates Host's ability to process thoughts 1000 times faster than normal.

•Immorality: Host can't die from any natural means.>>

<<¶Healing< p>

•Healing factor : Allows host to heal target, via, injury, poison, paralysis, etc.

•Self reincarnation: All host to reincarnate soul if killed, but times of reincarnation varies.

•Self-heal: Grants host the ability to self-heal all attacks inflicted.>>

<< Shapeshifting: Host has the ability to transform into creatures in custody or learned.>>


Sato just sat on the bed with a a a dumbfounded expression that just kept growing as Helix called out his skills.

"Isn't this a little too much?" Sato cut in.

<<>Would you like me to discard some skills?>

"No, I'm fine with it." Sato replied, 'Why wouldn't I want to be op,' He gave out a lustrous face.

<<The skill Evolve can now be activated…< p>

Skills in the arsenal that can currently go through evolve




Analysis >>

<<Would you like me to evolve these skills?>>

"Yeah…sure." He responded.

<<Request confirmed,...< p>

The unique skill Analysis evolved °°° Greater Unique skill, Great Sage.

Skill Perception °°° Unique skill perceive


<<Notice the unique skill Perceive... acquired as Lesser Ultimate Skill.>>

<<Evolving the unique skill Devour to Ultimate Predator>>

"The hell, you didn't tell me my sub-skills for the other one!" Sato yelled.

<<Evolving the skill Knowledge... Ultimate Skill Recorded acquired.>>

<< Sub task completed..>>

'Did she just ignore me?" Sato alarmed.

<<Notice, the Ultimate Skill Predator can now be used to materialize substances they had been devoured.< p>

Caution: the chances of Predator being successful when devouring a being with a conscience is lessened>>

Sato sighed, "look I don't understand what you are saying, just do you I guess." He uttered.

<<I haven't completed my task, the being still residing in your void could be materialized with Ultimate skill Predator>>

"I just said do you." Sato voiced, before standing at his feet.

<<Do I have permission to run on Auto mode?>>

"Yeah sure… wait what?"

<<Commercing Auto mode>>

Sato's eyes began to turn green and he could no longer control his body, in a matter of seconds, he found himself floating in his consciousness.

'No way…she took over my body!' Sato yelled while floating in an endless dark void, "Helix!".

Sato could see everything through his eyes like he watching a really big HD screen of his own life.

Sato, who had now been overworked by his skill Helix, stood in the middle of his room with his right hand stretched out.

"Activating the Ultimate Skill Predator,".

A wild force of dark mist rushed out of his hand, causing a strong breeze to storm into the room.

"Releasing Grim Reaper from the void," Helix uttered.

The Grim reaper that Sato fought with when he first arrived in the Fantasy world gushed right out of the mist and straight to the ground.

The grim reaper was just hovering above the ground with its head covered by the cloak it wore.

'Is that the monster I faced back then? What the hell is Helix doing… if It attacks now..'

"Activating the use of Evolve on hosts properties… now Evolve!"

The Grim reaper gave out a loud shriek as its body began to brighten, it fell to the floor and its body began to change.

When the light dimmed down, the grim reaper had already Evolved into a new form and Sato was shocked by the outcome.

It took the form of a naked middle-aged girl with a broken crown at the side of her head.

She had long white hair and golden eyes that are hard to ignore. She stood up from the ground with an emotionless face as she stared at Sato.

"Task completed, transferring consciences back to body" Voiced Helix.

Sato abruptly found himself maintaining a his limbs before a smile hit his lips, "I didn't know I'd miss my body so much~" Sato hugged himself.

"Oh right."

He suddenly remembered something, "Helix, did you perhaps-"

"Master?" The Grim Reaper uttered.

Sato slowly looked at her, head to toe before squeaking like a girl after seeing her naked.

His face turned beet red as he covered his face with both his hands, "A ne-neked girl!" He stammered.

The Grim reaper tilted her head to the side in confusion, she looked down at her body before looking back at Sato with the same confusion.

"Master... like?" The Grim reaper asked as she pointed at her body.

"For the love of God, Why are you naked!" Sato yelled.

The door to his room suddenly opened and an elf holding a bowl of water walked in with two small kids following behind her.

The first thing she saw when she entered was Sato standing in front of a beautiful naked lady.

She dropped the bowl of water and ran out of the room screaming, "He's awake!".

The two kid elf's remained in the room and had their jaws dropped at the sight of the girl.

One of them pointed, "Pretty lady~", why the other one fell to the ground from the shock.


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