15 Grand Auction

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The next week was the same. I was not able to practise any alchemy because the ingredients were expensive, and I did not have any money to buy them. I just did the daily missions. I practised the heaven devouring art, the blue dragon spear art, and the Iron Body art, all of which gave me quite a few skill points. This one week got me more yields than ever before, and that was saying something.

"System homepage." I said quietly.

Username - Gray Holton

Cultivation name - Liu Feng

Title - Young Master of the Liu Family

Level - 6

Strength - 30

Stamina - 20

Agility - 25

Cultivation - 1 year

Luck - 20

Skills - Heaven Devouring (Medium Proficiency)

Blue Dragon Spear (Basic Proficiency)

Iron Body (Basic Proficiency)

Alchemy(Basic Proficiency)

Skill points - 5

Stat Points - 20

"Now I need to allocate these stat points later. I wonder how I should do that. If only I can get into real fights and understand where I need to improve. Oh well, there is no more time. I need to go to that auction. Too bad everyone in the clan is also going to be there. I wonder what price the pills will fetch." I mused as I left the room. My father was also leaving his room at the same time.

"Son! Do you want to come to the auction with us? It will be an eye opening experience." he said with a smile on his face. Every since he found out that I could cultivate, he seemed to be happier, and treated me much better than I expected. I did not know whether to thank him for that, or to despise him for showing such favoritism towards one particular aspect.

But, I nodded, and followed him. I would rather go now to the auction, and maybe later I could pick up the rewards for the auction. We arrived at the auction house, and there were a lot of people already there. We were stopped by the attendants, who bowed down to us.

"I am terribly sorry, Master Liu Qian, but the auction is completely full. It has been decided that only those who have been members of the auction house so far will be allowed. The others will have to wait outside." the attendant glanced at me.

Liu Qian nodded. It looked like he wanted to say something, but he stopped.

"Wait outside, I will see if there is anything there that will help you out." he said as he strode in. I was left in the huge crowd. But this was better, much better than before. I smiled as I went to a corner of an aisle, and put on the hat that I secretly brought here. Then, I approached the same attendant again.

She did not recognize me, as expected.

"Do you have a membership, honored guest?" she asked politely. At the same time, I could feel a person trying to push me aside. I glanced at the person who was so rude.

"What are you looking at? Ever seen someone from the great Cai Family? Move aside, you fool. We are coming through." a young man, maybe in his twenties, pushed me and took out a gold card. He then flashed it at the attendant. The attendant bowed once more.

"I shall prepare a gold room for the guests that have arrived," she said.

"I want a room as well." I stepped up and took out the black card that the manager gave me. The attendant looked at the black card, and all blood drained from her face.

"A VIP guest? Forgive me for my insolence, master. I shall prepare a room immediately." the attendant said as she ran inside.

"A VIP guest? I heard that the Shianxi Auction House gave only four of those outside. Since when was there a fifth?" a crisp and melodious voice came from behind the young man. The young man parted way, and a veiled lady stepped forward.

"Young lady!" the man bowed.

"Since yesterday. Now if you don't mind, I want some privacy. This arrogant idiot is fouling my mood." I said nonchalantly.

"It seems that I recognize your voice from somewhere. Have I ever met you?" the young lady said. Even with the veil, I knew that the woman behind me was an enchantress. And I just made the mistake of not covering up my voice.

"Maybe we have met in the past. Maybe we will meet in the future. Who knows?" I laughed, trying my best to sound mysterious. Then, I looked at the attendant who just arrived.

"The two rooms have been prepared. Master, you have received Room 1. I shall guide you there immediately. Another attendant will be here shortly to tend to you, Young Lady." the woman said to the lady from the Cai family and then looked at me. I beckoned for her to show me the way, and she did.

We went in a different direction from everyone else. Soon enough, I was in a private room of my own, spacious enough for ten people. I could see the whole crowd that was shifting in the crowded space in my own loft.

"I assume that they will not be able to see me? I do not want people prying at my matters." I asked the attendant.

"Of course, Master. No one will be able to see or sense you. The walls are resistant to divine sense." the attendant smiled as she left the room.

"Wait!" I called out.

"Yes, master?"

"I have an item on auction. Can I assume that whatever I bid for can be subtracted from that amount?" I asked.

"I shall inform the manager, and he shall tell you how much the rough approximation of the item is, Master." the attendant said and she closed the door behind her.


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