136 Chapter 136

The summons around Cain have just finished up the dirty work when he gets a stream of notifications.

[Guild Master AllNatty has died] 

[Montauk Guardians] has been disbanded

[Montauk Guardians Team 2] has been disbanded

[Montauk Guardians Team 3] has been disbanded

[Guild War Has Ended] 

[Calculating War Totals] 

[Flawless Victory 500-0]

[Darklight Host is Victorious] 

The last four are Zone Announcements that everyone with a system near the city can see, making Sylvia and the others gasp in horror. The sounds from inside the city are a mix of amazement, horror, and cheers of victory from the transfers now freed from their contracts. 

Cain looks at the Guild interface to see what they've been awarded. Five Guild Houses, the contents of the Guild banks, a bunch of gear that Vala seems to have looted and one pending calculation.

[Processing total gains to calculate bonus experience]


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