2 Start of the Journey

"What the—"Albert dropped his jaw in amusement. "Have I… Have I become a living meme?"

"I can understand that when I was dying, I thought about it, but this… Isn't this too far? And who is the one talking in my head?" Albert gritted his teeth.

[I'm the one who will support you. Using the word of your world, I'm similar to a supercomputer that is planted in your brain but with magical power.]

"Ha? That doesn't make sense." Albert was bewildered as he wondered if he had become insane. "You're not a human or something?"

[No. I have no physical body. I will always be by your side like how you always wanted. I will accompany you on this journey and support you just like your dying wish.]

"…" Albert was speechless. He simply had no idea what was happening to him. He couldn't afford to buy books or novels, so he didn't really know his current predicament.

"Well, whatever. It's the first time I have someone to accompany me and that's enough." Albert sighed and noticed something. "Did you say you're going to support me?"



A blue screen appeared with a few words written on it.

Name: Albert Gran

Level: 1

EXP: 0%

Race: Demon Dog

Title: Bonk Junior

"What is this?" Albert tilted his head in confusion.

[This is your current status. Your name is left as it is and your current level is 1. You may already be aware of this, but you're not on Earth. This is also not Heaven or Hell. This place is another world.]

"I see. Another world? Ehm, what?" Albert flinched and took a step back. "What?"

[Yes. This is another world. And unlike Earth, this place is filled with not only humans but other races that only exist in legend or myth. Your starting point is level 1 and you can get stronger and stronger in the future to bonk more people.]

"So, is it like a game or something?"

[Similar, but your life is real, so please don't do anything stupid.]

"…" Albert's eyebrows twitched. "Since I have a second chance, I don't feel like throwing it away. I might make mistakes every now and then, but I will do my best to be better than my past self. I don't want to be like the me who has died in that world."

[Then, the EXP is the requirement to become stronger. There are two ways to gain EXP. First, you can hunt any living beings. As long as you kill them, whether they're humans or any other races, you will get the EXP.]

[The second way is to bonk those who are horny. The world is filled with lust and I'm sure you already know it... Whether it's animals, humans, or any other beings, they have the power to be horny. If you kill them, put them into horny jail, or just bonk them, you will get EXP.]

"Oh?" Albert nodded in understanding. Albert had been living in a slum where crime rates were high, so he had witnessed people killing each other. That was why he wasn't that disturbed when he heard the system talking about killing people. However, whether he could kill a human or not could only be answered when he encountered the problem itself.

[Your race is Demon Dog and it can evolve further. Unfortunately, the current evolution is still unknown, so I can't give you any hint.]

"That's understandable." Albert nodded.

[Last but not least, the title. If you keep bonking horny people, your title will be upgraded. There are various benefits you will receive later, but I can't tell you anything for now."

Albert contemplated for a moment and shrugged. "It's not that important… That's all I guess? By the way, what kind of thoughts will appear when they see me? Back then, I had scars covering my body, so no one liked me. Now, I don't have a human body."

[Demon is a normal race in this world, so you will be seen as normal.]

"I think I need clothes too. Although dogs usually don't wear one, I was human a few minutes ago…"

[Initiating emergency clothes.]

Suddenly, a white-colored t-shirt appeared out of nowhere, wrapping his body. There was nothing on the shirt other than a wooden bat on the chest area.

After that, there were blue-colored jeans covering his lower half, which matched perfectly with his body structure.

"Even though it's not long ago… Why do I feel nostalgic when wearing jeans and a t-shirt like this? It's weird." Albert shook his head helplessly. "Besides, I remember that I have a weapon or something…"


[Weapon: Bonk Bat]

Name: Bonk Bat

Effect: The only weapon that a bonker can use. Increase the user's power when encountering a horny opponent.

Another blue screen appeared with a golden wooden bat image in the middle. There was even a description next to the bat, so he understood everything.

"Oh?" Albert raised his eyebrows in amazement.

[If you wish to use it, try to imagine the bat appearing in your hand.]

Hearing that instruction, Albert closed his eyes and imagined the wooden bat. He then raised his hand before he felt something drop on top of his palm.

"Eh?" Albert hurriedly opened his eyes and opened his mouth. "This is…"

The wooden bat had nothing special on it, but he could see that the color was so bright that it looked like it had been sprinkled by gold particles.

He gently put his hand on the handle and raised it upward.

"Why do I feel like I have been wielding this bat for so long? It feels so familiar." Albert frowned and tried to wave it a few times. As he expected, he didn't know how to move correctly, but he indeed used it perfectly. "Can this bat even kill someone?"

[Yes. It's an unbreakable bat, so you can hit the opponent as hard as you can. I believe you can do much more in the future.]

"Is that so? You know how to raise my spirit… don't you?"

[I will always be with you and support you.]

"Thank you." Albert couldn't help but smile. He then asked, "By the way, where should we go?"

[I am your support. It's your decision where we will go. I will assign missions if necessary, but the decision will always be made by you.]

"Is that so?" Albert looked around and looked where the sun was. "I guess we will go in that direction."

Without hesitation, Albert started walking while getting excited with this second chance. "I am counting on you, partner!"


"By the way, what should I call you?"

The two continued to walk while talking to get to know each other. And this was the start of their journey.

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