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Reincarnated to Bonk in Another World


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NNN can't stop me, so I make this book to help me. For your information, even after writing this book, my mood is reflected on the picture below.


I am the BONK of my sword   Abst*nence is my body and Chast*ty is my blood   I have created over a thousand bats   Unknown to death   Nor known to life   Have withstood horni to create many bonks   Yet those hands shall never hold anything   So, as I pray, Unlimited Bonk Works


By the way, flat is justice author san😌 Change my mind. you can't 🤡 Kek Anyway🤣🤣 As a innocent little bird, me has nothing more to say😌.


Let these dogs remind you, horniness should be removed. Let them serve as a reminder that being horni is not good and in the end, let them bonk you if you ever get horni.


There are days where you're looking for a grand and epic saga that details the MC conquering the world and defeating enemies left and right. Sometimes there are people who enjoy reading couples play with each other as the MC's "dragon" becomes a powerful sword that swivels and crushes through the yin of fairies and beauties. THEN there are days where you want to read something light, fun, comedic. A story that will get you enough chuckles as you go along a journey that's both familiar and unique at the same time. Where are people who hate Romance? Who hate Harem? Where are those who are tired of seeing big-tiddy anime waifu demon succubus and jade beauties falling left and right in the young master's den of 'lewdness'? Even hand-holding is disallowed, perv! >///< Come here and find comfort and relief as Albert, the dog demon will BONK anyone and bring them justice! I have incredibly high hopes for the readers to find themselves happy and excited. This book is also written by Fixten who is a great author known to finish their works. So what are you waiting for? Strap in and get yourselves a ride as we travel worlds and watch a shiba inu BONK and LEVEL UP! Please give love to Fixten's new book because I do, I love it so much that my passion is unmatched by others! Being 'lewd' all the time is incredibly tiring, Readers. Go refresh and rejuvenate by reading Fixten's book ;-;


The rise of Bonk is inevitable. No one shall escape from the Eternal Bonk! Btw, the first one to be bonked should be the writer of the novel itself. 🌝 Horni Police coming for you Fix.


Lol bonk is indeed justice, great start, there are only a few chaps so not much to say other than let's join the master on his bonk journey.




Beware: This is your cure to survive NNN. Created by the ever accomplished Meme Master Fixten, this is a story to bonk all horni into oblivion. Do you need anything else to begin reading this book? No, right? Then, starting reading already~!!! . . . . . . Btw, to those that reached this far, here's something that explains the situation of everyone that comes to read this novel:


I mean, do you really need a review to tell you to check this out?


Bonk is the one true law! Im glad to see our mc pursue this supreme dao. Let's watch as he bonks !!!


I've encountered gold... No, it was a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal, after I reached my goal, finding the best story ever told. If this book didn't make it to the top 25, I'll riot.


EZ 5 stars for the title alone. Bonk is justice. Bonk is life. No Horni. Slay all Thots. Also, flat is justice. Don't you dare disrespect the waifus.


okay, why is this actually good? ...........................................................................................................


Writing Quality- 5/5.01 Update Stability- 5/5 Story Development- 5/5 Character Design- 10/10 World Building- 10/10 This Novel Is Such A Wonder From The Bonk


A New Era shall reign wherein Bonk Master dominates the WN world!🦹 Commending this great Author's bravery for he was not afraid of DC's readers✌ throwing tomatoes at him!🤣🤣🙈🙊 Before reading the book, decide now which Sect Are you? Harem Horni Sect or Bonk Legion... PS: Don't be deceieved! Even with Bonk Novel, Author's Horni–ness is immeasurable thus he should be the first one to be bonked. 👇👇


Reveal spoiler


The only person with enough balls and talent to create a meme novel which is actually good. We need more of these. Please make him father followers like a Frog Demon (Pepe), a business Orange Demon (Good old donald), a duck demon which fights with the orange demon (donald duck) and etc.


Wait... You actually wrote this? I thought it was joke xD Well free 5 star rating for you. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.


mc has social anxiety and stutters everytime he talks out loud despite being with a different woman every night in his previous life, everybody ever in the chapters I've read thinks everything weird about him is from his childhood parental abuse, like their thoughts are so unbelievable that it is harder to read than the stutters, the structure of a lot of sentences are not done properly