1 Reincarnation

"Hah…Hah…" Albert could barely open his eyes.

A high-pitched sound echoed in his right ear, slightly disturbing his sleep.

He weakly glanced to the side and found a heart rate monitor continuously releasing its beeping sound. At that moment, he remembered what happened to him.

'That's right…' Albert muttered inwardly, recalling the scene. 'I was having sex with a woman before I suddenly collapsed.'

He tried hard to slightly raise his eyebrows to open his eyes a bit bigger, but what he found was just an empty white-colored wall in front. There was a window and an empty seat without anyone sitting beside him.

'I see. I am in the hospital, but there's no one with me…' Albert wanted to clench his hands to show his frustration, but he had no strength to do it.

His consciousness gradually faded as he subconsciously closed his eyes.

He felt his body was slowly falling into a deep dark sea. It was so peaceful but heart-clutching.

'I had lived with my abusive parents for eighteen years. When I became an adult, I left the house and barely made ends meet. My body had suffered many scars due to my parents and ended up becoming the primary reason for others to stay away from me.

'I just wished someone could accompany me by my side. Even one person was enough.

'In the end, I didn't have anyone and kept using street girls for comfort. The reason I'm dying right now…

'Yeah, that must be it. I have no idea how many people I have done with… I must have contracted many diseases. I don't have money to go to the hospital to check, but I have tried to use protection every time... but I guess, it's still not safe.

'And now, I'm dying… Well, I guess this is good too. Since no one cares about me, no one will be saddened by my death. Now that I have seen my life, I can see why escaping reality is not the option.

'I shouldn't have used the street girls. I should have tried my hardest in my life. Maybe I can become a better person…'

Albert's consciousness gradually disappeared before the heart rate monitor ultimately let out a long beeping sound.


Albert Gran, 21 years old, passed away… or so he thought.

A bright light suddenly illuminated him and his eyes. What felt like a calm and dark deep sea was replaced by a scorching heat.

The heat jolted Albert's mind as his body trembled.

"Wha—"Albert felt like his body dropped a few inches as his hands touched the bottom. Feeling the sensation he never thought he could get again, he gradually opened his eyes.

Green grasses planted on soil entered his vision. Bright light gradually filled his eyes as he finally recognized that it wasn't dark anymore.

"Ha… Ha…" Albert panted a few times as he couldn't realize what had happened. He hurriedly looked to the left and right, only to find the grass expanded to the horizon.

Raising his vision, he saw the blue sky like that on Earth.

"Where is this? Is this Heaven? Am I still qualified to reach this place?" Albert muttered before he realized something was wrong. He hurriedly covered his mouth and said, "Eh? My voice becomes deeper?"

But when he touched his mouth and looked down, he could easily see his long nose. However, he soon found out it was just his body structure as he found his black-colored nose on the very edge.

"Eh?" Albert was shocked and tried to feel his face.

He realized he could see farther than he usually did and felt weird when tracing his pointed nose.

Noticing this, he couldn't help but raise his hands.

His hands were covered with golden-colored fur, and he couldn't even call it his hands anymore.

"Paws?!" Albert opened his mouth in shock as he tried to clench them. "Instead of hands, I have paws? And there are only four fingers… Still, I can move them as if I have been like this for as long as I can remember.

"What is happening to me? Is this because humans can't go to Heaven? Or is this hell? This is weird…" Albert furrowed his eyebrows and started feeling his body while rising from the ground.

He looked around and furrowed his eyebrows. "This kind of vision… My height seems to be the same as my previous body, but…"

When he lowered his head to see his lower half, he realized his feet were similar to human's, but there were only four fingers that made it look like that of a dog's.

He had no clothes, so he could clearly see his yellow belly, legs, and chest. Everything except his belly and chest was covered with his golden fur. Although his body wasn't muscular, it wasn't fat or skinny either. It just looked like an average fit body.

"This…" Albert looked around and found a little pond not far from him.

Without hesitation, he hurriedly approached the pond not to drink but to see his face.

As soon as he arrived, he dropped to his knees to get the reflection of his face. In that instant, he opened his mouth in shock.

"This… This is the face of a dog that I had been seeing on the Internet… What was it again? Shiba Inu breed or something? But if I recall correctly, this dog was always connected to…"

Before he finished his words, he heard a sound ringing in his head.


[Assimilation complete.]

[Your last wish has been granted.]

[You have acquired Bonk System.]

[Please use this system to prevent anyone from dying because they're horny. They shall not be affected by various diseases like you did. Lust can bring one's doom as you have experienced it yourself. Hence, it's your turn to fix them.]

[Perverted people shall be slain, Lusty ladies and gentlemen are needed to be bonked, and those who look down on the horniness shall be jailed!]

[Horny is not allowed.]

[Bonk is justice.]

[And we shall serve justice!]

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