17 Bonkmanship

After bringing Albert to the office near the gate, he asked, "Have you calmed down yet?"

"Y-yes." Albert nodded furiously as he asked with a scared expression. "Will… Will I get into trouble for this? I… I—."

The man stopped him and said, "Don't worry. It's just going to be self-defense. We will investigate everything after this."

"I-I understand." Albert finally calmed down as if he felt relieved. "Then, can I leave the town? I still… still need to earn some money today or I won't be able to survive."

"It's okay. But I believe you should calm down first. Maybe drink some water first."

"That's right." Albert remembered he hadn't eaten anything yet. The only time he ate was when Fila gave him something.

Although he had gotten used to eating only two times a day back on Earth, he still needed to eat to supply his body with the necessary energy.

"Then, is there any cheap place nearby?" He asked.

"In that case, I recommend the diner one block from here. It's going to cost you two copper coins, but you will get your fill and nutrition."

"I see…" He nodded furiously and gradually rose from the seat, planning to escape from this place.

After some considerations, he finally let Albert go, allowing him to grab some bite.

Albert still acted like he was struggling to walk properly and headed to the diner according to the guy's instruction and found it a few minutes later.

The place was only filled with tables, people, and food, so he paid no attention and sat down in an empty seat and had his fill. Although the food wasn't that good, his stomach was filled.

After that, he walked to the gate and left the town. Aran stopped him to ask a few questions and told him he wasn't going to be in trouble.

Albert then left the town to kill some goblins. However, he came to a halt after entering the woods.

He checked his surroundings to make sure no one was nearby, looked down, and recalled the knowledge he got earlier.

"Hmm… This is Bonkmanship?" Albert frowned. "I can see several basic movements like any other Martial Arts on Earth, but I don't think I can replicate them easily. Even those Martial Art maniacs need months or years to train.

"Though, I can slowly learn as I get stronger. That's the goal, I guess?" Albert made a small smile as he summoned his Bonk Bat.

He raised it with two hands and waved it to the right while stomping his right foot to gather more energy in his swing.

After that, he bent down his right knee to shift his center of gravity to his lower half and retracted his right foot before giving a swing from the right.

"…" Albert was stunned at what he had done earlier. "Why did it feel like I have been doing this movement for years? It just feels natural."

[The knowledge is transferred to your brain and it's been spread to your nerves—]

Before his system finished, Albert stated, "English."

[Your body knows how to do it, but you need to train it to reach the level of muscle memory.]

"Good enough." Albert nodded. "Well, the goblins shouldn't be that hard to kill, so I will use them as my practice target. This will allow me to get used to this Bonkmanship faster."

After getting the answer, Albert took a deep breath and smiled. "Thanks, Bonkey."


"I have decided to call you that. I am going to bonk people… so it makes me a Bonker. Since you're my partner, you will be called Bonkey.]

[You can call yourself Bonk Junior.]

"It's too long to call you Bonk System."

[Just System will do.]

"No. Bonk is the essence of our journey, so you're going to be Bonkey." Albert laughed as he marched deeper inside the forest.

Albert soon found his target a few minutes later.

The goblin was using a wooden club, so it was perfect for him to try his new Bonkmanship.

It was clear that a sneak attack wasn't an option since Albert wanted a good battle to know his limit. Hence, he approached the goblin calmly before making his presence known.

"Haha, goblin! You're not horny, so you're going to be my practice partner. Die for my sake!" Albert laughed.

"Kiki?" The goblin was confused and picked up his club. Without hesitation, the goblin rushed toward him.

Albert smiled and raised his Bonk Bat. "You're going to be the first not horny opponent that I will defeat today."

When the goblin was about to arrive and hit him, Albert bent down and leaned forward as if preparing to attack the goblin.

The goblin took this chance to swing that bat, but Albert retracted his right foot, making the goblin miss him.

After that, he hit the goblin from the right.


The goblin fell to the side as Albert was impressed by his own strength. Although the goblin was only level 1, he never thought that his strength could knock it that easily.

He almost forgot the fact he reached level 3 not long ago.

"This is quite good." Albert smirked and raised the Bonk Bat with two hands. He then swung it down with all his might. "Bonk Smasher."

Albert struck the goblin on the face and bent the goblin's big nose in a weird direction.

"Kiki…" The goblin screamed in pain as it rolled a few times to get away from Albert.

Albert didn't let him rise and struck his body with another swing, launching him to the tree.

It was clear that the goblin seemed to be experiencing intense pain as the goblin dropped his own club. However, Albert wasn't merciful enough to let the goblin live because this goblin might be the one who could get himself killed in the future if he was too lenient.

All he could do to the goblin was to swing as hard as possible to kill the goblin with less pain. And he did in his fourth swing, crushing the goblin's skull.

[Killed a Goblin]


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