Reincarnated: The legendary moon sword Book

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Reincarnated: The legendary moon sword


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Etornam, the assistant of the most powerful female swordsman at his time was cursed never to reincarnate. However, his mistress who fell on the battlefield engraved his soul within the legendary moon sword and granted him the helm of immortality. A strange sequence of events then leaves him in a world far more advanced than he remembers, encountering a young man by name Seksulfur. Without any idea of his location, Etornam is forced to act as a weapon for Seksulfur and is pulled into a pit of swirling events along with his new wielder. Will both of them be able to execute their goals or will they be destroyed by what lurks within them? In some worlds, tearing down those you deem dear brings eternal ecstacy... Cover art doesn't belong to me Chapter updates(GMT) Mondays Tuesdays Thursdays Fridays Sundays


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