Reincarnated, reincarnated, and reincarnated again for revenge [BL, H]

The moment XX-kun life ended on earth, he was reincarnated as a non-human in a fantasy setting world. Still in this world, human and non-human lived together in harmony. This harmony was shattered by an existence of a "demon emperor." Like any fantasy game goes, the demon emperor was finally defeated by XX-kun and his party... yet, afterward, he was killed... His second reincarnation was into the same world but way into the future.... but, he was reincarnated as a monster being experimented on in a laboratory. One of the experiment went wrong, thus his life ended. The third reincarnation, he again was born as a hybrid monster, half incubus, half ogre in a monster village. Everything seemed to go well until the village was attacked... WARNING: EXPLICIT YAOI, HENTAI, HAREM.

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157 Chs

Chapter 4: The submission.

The first few days were hard for Kibadios' two toys to adjust to their new lives. Since he could not have his toys walking around naked all the time, Kibadios had to sneak inside the village at night to steal some clothes for them. During the time he was there, the villagers were holding a mass funeral procession for all those who died. Apparently they thought both Rowan and Maia were dead since their names were recited at the ceremony. One kid, who shared Maia's silky hair, were crying and screaming「Onee chan!!!」the whole time. That must be Emma, Kibadios thought.

He hurried back to his cave, where his two naked toys held each others' hands and sat silently in a corner. He took them to a nearby lake to wash up, but in the middle of their bath, his primal urge soon took over as he glared at the couples nude bodies. He soon forced both of them on their knees. The intense outdoor sexual intercourse lasted for almost an hour, after which his lust soon faded away and he let them reclean their bodies.

「You two are not eating?」asked Kibadios as he swung a pair of rabbit grilled legs in front of them. Still, his gesture elicited no response from the despondent couples

「... Fine then」smiled Kibadios 「You two can die here if you want, but that just means I'd come to the village to find new prey to replace you.」

「No!! Dont you dare!」Rowan glared at the hybrid.

「Then eat. I won't ask twice.」

Rowan and Maia, fearful for the villagers, each took their share. They have not eaten for almost the entire day so now, the two quickly devoured their given portion. Kibadios looked at them. He had not been paying much attention to their physical appearance but now, he had to admit they were as handsome and pretty as any of the famous celebrities he knew from his life on earth. They are a cute couple. He thought. Interesting how fate works out. Had there been no attack on the village, they would probably get married, bear children, and live a happy life…

「But that's all over」said Kibadios, continuing the final part of his thought out loud. He had no qualms whatsoever about turning the couple into his playthings, after all, this was partially their choice.「As of now, you two belong to me and only me, Kibadios…. "Got it memorized?"」

Rowan grit his teeth but slowly nodded, along with Maia. They themselves have made the decision to trade their lives for that of the villagers' and now they would have to own up to it.

「When I stopped by your village, I learned that they all thought you're dead… given the half devoured corpses of your horses and all the blood, I bet. But that is convenient. That way, you can give up your old lives and devote yourselves to become my personal properties. 」Kibadios paused then looked directly at Maia. 「...I saw your sister, Emma. At least I think I did. Short, silvery hair?」

「That's Emma!」jolted Maia 「Is she alright?」

「Yeah, she's unharmed. She was crying in an arm of some guy, probably your dad, since he had the same hair color too. 」

「They are all right...」Rowan let out a sigh of relief.

「... Yup… It was your own decision to become mine that helped to keep your families and friends alive. Just remember that every time you curse your own fate… after all, the world is a cruel place, not everything you want will come true.」Kibadios said while thinking back about every tragedy that had befallen all his past lives. After a brief pause, he continued 「From now on, you can address me as Kibadios-sama or Master… and most importantly, you will have to satisfy my every need at all times… such as now 」

Kibadios suddenly pulled Rowan toward him. Letting his toy sat on his lap while his hands sensually explored the teenager's body. 「I am half incubus, so I can feel aroused at any given moment. When such time comes, obediently offer your bodies for me. That way, no one would get hurt. On the other hand, since you're my properties, I will keep you safe… That is my promise. ���

The two nodded, though Rowan was now trying to suppress his moaning as Kibadios's fingers had been playing with his nipples and the tip of his dick for a while now. Of course, the night again played out exactly as last time as the three soon indulged themselves in an intense intercourse session. The next day, when Kibadios woke up, his dick was still hard, docking deep inside Maia's tight pussy, who was sound asleep on top of him. Rowan, her ex-boyfriend, laid exhaustedly naked right next to the hybrid.

After the following few days, Kibadios continued to learn more about his new toys. As it turned out, Rowan and Maia were not a couple, at least not yet anyway. They have been childhood friends, and neighbors. However, five years ago, when Rowan's parents unfortunately passed away in a tragic accident while accompanying a trading caravan, the boy was adopted by Maia's parents. They have lived in the same house since there, with their feelings for each other becoming more and more apparent as the days passed. Yet, the shy little teenager did not gather enough courage to confess his feelings for Maia.

「Hah, I really thought you two were a couple.」laughed Kibadios 「So it was a surprise for me when you two said you were virgin. I thought for sure you would have done it already. Well, I guess… Thanks for saving yourselves for me.」

Kibadios deviously provoked Rowan, though the young teenager gave him no responses. The hybrid has been trying to break his toys' spirit to ensure they would be obediently serving him. It seemed he had succeeded with Maia, since the girl soon became obedient and opened up to him more and more. Now, she was responsible for cooking food and doing small chores. Starting from her second week of being his toy, he could clearly noticed her change as she actively tried to please him sexually. Whenever they were doing it, her moanings have become more and more unrestricted… Rowan, on the other hand, despite dutifully served Kibadios' sexual needs from time to time, still retained a large resentment at the half incubus, half ogre. It's so clear just from looking into his eyes.

Regardless, Kibadios still actively trained Rowan. Maia, even though was not gifted with magic or fighting, possessed an unparalleled talent for alchemy. The girl was able to distill several potions and poisons just from harvesting herbs from the forest. Unlike Maia, Rowan was a prodigy at healing magic. Of course the teenager was not aware of his talent since he lived in a backward, desolate village. After one scan using his , Kibadios was surprised at his toy's status and potentials. Ever since, the two would be practicing magic together, with Kibadios teaching everything he knew about basics of healing magic to Rowan. The hybrid knew his toy's mind was still not completely broken, but since he knew that under his manipulation, Rowan would eventually broke so it'd be better to teach him magic now and save time later. After, he was confident with his power, in case Rowan ever dared to rebel. The hybrid wanted to move out of the forest by the end of the year, once his familiar came back to report to him about the intel of the world.


Rowan let out an unrestricted laugh as one of Kibadios' fire magic backfired and charred his face completely black during one of their training sessions. Of course Kibadios did not plan for this, but he was amused at this development. After all, it's been a month since Rowan became his, and the teenager had never laughed. Who would be in a mood for laughing when they're seeing their love interest started to fall completely into the charm of an incubus. Kibadios thought to himself. Even though Rowan and he had started to talk with each other more often, this very moment was when Kibadios first heard Rowan's laughter. Granted, it only happened when something bad had happened to him, but still… It seemed like Rowan has also suddenly been aware of his laugh since he abruptly ended it.

「Are you okay, Kibadios-sama?」He walked to the hybrid, tending to his master's wound as any obedient toy should be.

「.... Yeah… I'm fine」answered Kibadios while staring at Rowan. 「Let's call it a day. Maia should be ready for dinner back in the cave」

The hybrid and the apprentice healer soon made it to their cave, with Kibadios' hands thoroughly touched and squeezed his toys' ass while walking. This was their normal routine, which made Rowan extremely uncomfortable the first few weeks but now he seemed to have accepted it.

… Just one small push...

That night, in the darkness of the cave, Rowan opened his eyes and sprung up from Kibadios' arm. The teenager glanced over as Maia, laying naked, snuggled under the embrace of the monster.

I love Maia! I hate this life that we're living! … But why? This evening… I could tell… His incubus charm is slowing getting me…

Walking naked to a corner of the cave, Rowan pulled out an obsidian rock. He had picked up this rock, sharpened it, and tugged it there in secret. With the sharp obsidian rock in his hand, he walked lightly to Kibadios. He had planned for this very moment, but he knew that if he did not do it now, he would never do it, not ever, since he would soon be fallen completely into Kibadios' influence. Gather all his composure, Rowan delivered his kill stroke. The obsidian rock penetrated hard into the monster's chest. As his blood gushed out from his opening wound and splashed onto Rowan's face, Kibadios was awoken to a sharp pain in his chest. Using his mana, the hybrid tried in vain to contain the blood, but to no avail.

「... YOUU!!!」Kibadios screamed out, blood flowing from his mouth. 「HOW DARE A MEre… toy like.. You...」

The loud scream woke up Maia, who quickly got away from the hybrid as he struggled in agony.

「... I...」mumbled Rowan, his mind was now completely blank. His whole body shook uncontrollably. The teenager was not able to formulate any response before Kibadios' hands finally fell down. His naked body laid motionless as the life force in his glaring eyes faded into black.

「... You did it, Rowan… Kibadios...sama… is dead?」

The couple embraced each other, weeping uncontrollably. Finally, they were free from the monster's grab.

The couple returned to the village, which welcomed them back with open arms. Of course, they made up some excuse for their month-long absence since they did not want to let anyone know the real story. Soon after, Rowan, this time, found his courage, and confessed to Maia. Even though there were still young, they have decided to get married. They were already sixteen though, so it was not too uncommon. The ceremony was held in the square, with everyone from the village was invited. And so, they lived happily ever after, with the memories of that one month buried deep in their conscious.


Or so Rowan thought.

The moment Rowan kissed his bride, Maia, at the ceremony, he could feel something was wrong. He loved Maia, but somehow, their kiss did not give him the same passionate feelings he experienced when he did it with Kibadios all those nights. Then, seeing Maia, laying naked on his bed during the wedding night, did nothing to arouse him. He loved Maia, but somehow, this felt wrong… And so time passed: one day, one week, one month, one year, one decade passed. The life he spent with Maia was more like a close friends living together, sharing a home, rather as husband and wife. Not one moment did he not miss the days he spent with Kibadios. Yes, it was resentment and hatred that he felt at first, when the half incubus took away Maia's and his peaceful days. But during that one short month, he had changed… Maia had changed… Rowan would not care less whether it be because Kibadios' hypnotic charm or because his personal charisma, but he knew… by now, ten years later, he knew he had loved his captor… Now, every day, he yearned for the half incubus' embrace. He yearned for his kiss… He yearned for his cock, which had given him endless pleasure. He yearned for something that can never come back. All because of him… of his thoughtless decision that one night, when he plunged the obsidian rock into his master's heart.

「ARGGHHH!!!」screamed out Rowan. His own scream brought him back to reality, where he was standing right inside the cave where he spent his days with Kibadios. The monster's skeleton still laid there, on the cold slab of stone. His rock, his one mistake, was still there. Rowan slowly brought up Kibadios' skull next to his crying face

「I am sorry, Kibadios sama… I am sorry… I… I am sorry!!!!!」

The healer continuously mumbled his apology to the hollow skull until his voice gave out. The despondent Rowan picked up the obsidian rock, which was stained with his master's blood. Without any thought, the man plunged it straight into his heart, ending his miserable life and correcting the mistake he had made, more than ten years ago. Darkness came over his mind…

「Having a nightmare, my pathetic little toy?」

A familiar voice brought Rowan's consciousness back from the abyss. In front of his eyes, his master, with his eyes glowing red in the darkness of the cave, stared right into Rowan.

Where am I? … This is… we're still in the cave?

「and what are you trying to do with that sharp rock?」asked Kibadios, as he still laid naked on the straw bed while Rowan was on top of him, his hands hold on the rock tightly.

「... I… I… I am sorry, Kibadios sama!!!」Rowan cried out, which awoke the soundly sleeping Maia. The teenager swiftly threw his rock away, his hands touching Kibadios' bare chest, trying to make sure he was not injured. 「Please, dont leave me! I will stay with you, for eternity!!!」

「Of course… You have no choice, my toy.」Smiled Kibadios. 「How do you like that future?」

「It was terrible… It was...」Rowan could not even finished his sentence since he was overwhelmed with tears in his eyes.

「... So now, are you saying that you willingly want to become my obedient toy?」

Nodded Rowan

「Even though you may be controlled by my hypnotic charm? All the future that you experienced was due to my unique ability… knowing that, would you still pledge your obedience to me?」 Kibadios was now holding Rowan by his hair, forcing him to look straight at the hybrid.

Nodded Rowan without any hesitation. It did not matter if the future was fabricated, all he knew was that he would not want to experience it ever again.

「And Maia...」Kibadios turned to look at the girl

「You know my feelings, Kibadios sama」smiled the alchemist.

「Fine. Then tonight, let's reaffirm your loyalty to me.」Ordered Kibadios. Both Maia and Rowan nodded, knowing what their master was requiring of them. The two started to pleasure the half incubus, half ogre monster they called "master" throughout the night...