Reincarnated, reincarnated, and reincarnated again for revenge [BL, H]

The moment XX-kun life ended on earth, he was reincarnated as a non-human in a fantasy setting world. Still in this world, human and non-human lived together in harmony. This harmony was shattered by an existence of a "demon emperor." Like any fantasy game goes, the demon emperor was finally defeated by XX-kun and his party... yet, afterward, he was killed... His second reincarnation was into the same world but way into the future.... but, he was reincarnated as a monster being experimented on in a laboratory. One of the experiment went wrong, thus his life ended. The third reincarnation, he again was born as a hybrid monster, half incubus, half ogre in a monster village. Everything seemed to go well until the village was attacked... WARNING: EXPLICIT YAOI, HENTAI, HAREM.

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157 Chs

Chapter 2: The unpredictable 'future' world.

The villagers were for sure no push-over. It made sense that for an isolated village such as this one, its residents would be vigilant about any sort of attacks, whether from monsters, bandits, or maybe a foreign nations. The villagers has set up defensive barriers and organized into 3 layers of defense. The first layer, which encompassed the first few blocks of houses from the village's entrance, witnessed the fiercest battles as all of the able men have picked up arms and fought against various monsters. The monsters, from Kibadios' quick assessment, were not from the forest since he did not recognize any of them. There were a few packs of dark wolf monsters, just as the ones he had easily decimated moments earlier. A few goblins also joined in the fight, though for sure they came from a different area since they were a bit taller and more muscular than the ones Kibadios fought in the forest. Their main offensive forces, though, comprised of more than 10 mountain trolls and around a dozen of ape-like monsters. Their strengths were on a completely different level than the lowly wolves and goblins. Still, from Kibadios' <Analysis lvl.5> ability, they were far inferior to him.

That does not mean they were inferior to the villagers' militia since they have been wiping out several men fighting them all at once. The injured men were transported deeper into the village to the second defensive layer, which would treat their injuries, if they were still alive, that is. The third layer, which laid deep in the village's central square, has all of the children and elders, who were too young or old to fight. Observing the whole battlefield on top of the highest building in the village, a small, run down church, Kibadios had to admit the efficiency of the village's defense. Though, that alone would not be enough since as time passed, it was clear that the villagers were still only able to delay the inevitable defeat.

Once finished with his observation, the hybrid jumped down onto the ground. Slipping through the thick of battle with his ability, Kibadios made his way toward the ring leader. The human figure stood still in the dark of night, wearing a cloak with a large hood that covered most of his face. Only a smile of confidence was visible. Surrounded him for protection were 4 mountain trolls and 3 ape monsters, each equipped with heavy armors, unlike those who were currently fighting the villagers.

So they are the elite forces. Kibadios thought. Their stats were a bit higher than the other ones, though still posed no threat to the hybrid. The man, though, may prove difficult to deal with. Even <Analysis lvl5>, Kibadios could not make certain all of his status, which only means that the guy possessed a <Concealment lvl5> or greater. What he could tell though, was the fact that the mysterious figure was clearly a mage since his mana was fairly high. This, in combination with the guards standing next to him, providing him support in close combat, has convinced Kibadios of the man's class. After fully strategized his plans, the half incubus, half ogre deactivated his < Cloak_lvl4> , revealing himself in front of the man.

「Who's there!」

The man shouted out the very moment he picked up Kibadios' presence. This caused his guards to turn their attention toward the hybrid, who was now fully visible under the moonlight

「An incubus?... No… you're a hybrid demihuman.」


「What does a high class demihuman like you doing here? Dont tell me it's because you're attracted to these monsters」


「Not saying anything, I see」 The man signaled for one of the ape monsters to deal with the hybrid. Yet the monster soon collapsed onto the ground after only taking a few steps toward the hybrid, his head flew high into the air.

「WHAT?」the man shouted in disbelief. Even though he was not able to make out what has just happened, he could tell it was Kibadios' doing since the hybrid was now holding a gigantic scythe on his hand. Despite the slender and long handle, the scythe's blade was as large as Kibadios' whole body. Dripping slowly from its edge was the ape monster's blood. 「Who are you? Why are you here?」

「Well, I can ask you the same question…」

「That's none of your business!」

「Then I guess we have nothing more to talk about. All I need is to defeat you and stop this carnage.」

「Nonsense! Get him!」

The remaining guards obeyed their master's order, raising their weapons and ready to fight. Yet, just like their comrade a few seconds earlier, they all found their heads detached from their bodies in an instant, their feet barely even lifted up from the ground to make their first step. It took a few seconds but the man finally realized what had happened and swiftly hopped back several paces away from the hybrid, a cold sweat running down his forehead. Attacking this village was supposed to be an easy task. After all, his power was on a level of an A class adventurer that would be able to take on more than 1000 trained soldiers at a time. On top of that, he's controlling more than 400 monsters all at once thanks to the help of a certain person. Not even a tiny doubt on the success of the raid has crossed his mind. Yet, now, that outcome may just be realized.

「What did you do?」


「Damn you, filthy demihuman!」The man casted several fireballs and threw them at Kibadios from a safe distance. Yet, his attack was neutralized as several dark tentacles sprung out from Kibadios back and devoured all the incoming fireballs. This skill, <Arms of Darkness lvl3>, was a fairly new ability that he just unlocked. It was a surprise to him too since he did not possess this ability in any of his previous life so it took him a while to fully control it. Since his mother was a succubus and his father an ogre, both had affinity for shadow attribute, he figured this ability was somehow relating to them.

「...I see that you're a mage… Coincidentally, so am I 」

「You���re kidding me!!!」

The man was surprised since not once had he detect any magic coming from the hybrid. Also, he knew that not many people could both possess strong abilities while having high affinity for magic, not even high ranking adventures. Of course there are some exceptions such as high ranking hunters… or some great generals of big nations… or demon lords… DEMON LORDS? The man was visibly shaken. The thought that the entity standing in front of him being a demon lord was a very real distinct possibility. The teenage hybrid did not look like any of the demon lords that he knew, but then, there were more than two dozen of demon lord class individuals, and this hybrid here could definitely be one.

「Why would I be kidding you? I don't have much sense for humor. 」Kibadios recreated the man's recently cast fireballs in his hands. However, unlike those he received, these fireballs were much more deadlier, with their temperatures around ten times hotter and their diameter were twice as big.

「Dont worry, I'm not planning to cast this. After all, I need you alive」Smiled Kibadios. The moment he extinguished his spells, the mysterious man was filled with a sense of relief, for he knew he would be burnt to death the moment the hybrid attacked. Yet, his easiness soon vanished as he found something had wrapped around his ankle. Looking down, he noticed one of Kibadios' dark tentacles had crept it way toward and got a hold of him. 「Got you! That spell is merely a distraction.」

「Arrrgggghhh! Let me go!!」The man struggled in vain to free himself from the tight grip. As the tentacle pulled him ever closer to the hybrid, he knew the moment he got inside Kibadios' hypnotic range, it would be all over. After all, incubi all innately possessed several <Hypnotic> abilities so once he got caught, unless he had a strong enough will or some abilities to avoid the hypnosis, he would be completely under the hybrid's control.

「Now it's time to answer my questions」Kibadios smiled as his tentacles slowly coiled around and restrained the man. For his part, the man could tell his consciousness was fading as effect of the hybrid's hypnotic ability slowly taken over this mind.

「In your dream!」screamed out the man as he finally managed to get a hold on his pocket knife and stabbed his leg. The pain instantly dispelled any of the hypnotic effect. 「Die, you monster!」

From his mouth, the man released a spell, breathing out fire directly at the undefended hybrid. Unlike the fireballs he used, this fire breath was hot enough to melt stones into glass. Yet, once the fire subsided, all he could see was Kibadios standing still, unharm. In between him and the hybrid, an invisible barrier has been instantaneously erected.

「Now, that was a surprise. Don't try to "roar like a tigerdillo" right into my face. If you don't want to divulge your secret the easy way, why don't we try this?」

The half incubus, half ogre, thrust his hands straight into the man's brain. With his sharp fingers, it quickly penetrated the man's skull, yet strangely, there was no blood. The man screamed out in agony, then fainted from the pain. With his hands directly touching the man's brain, Kibadios began to extract his memories. From the man's head, his knowledge about the current timeline of this world rushed straight into the hybrid's mind. He knew that he has been reincarnated far into the future of his first reincarnation, yet, for this "future" to be 3000 years came a bit as a surprise for him. After all, he did not see much advances in civilization. A more valuable information though, was how strong his power is. From all the information available, he would place himself in the threshold between A and A+ power ranking. Not bad for a 1 years old, he thought. Since he knew his power could only grow stronger by days, this was a good starting point. Knowing he could bring this man back to his cave and extract more information about this world, the hybrid was now really curious about the reason this strange mage has attacked the village.

「Ah… finally found it」After some prodding around, Kibadios finally arrived at the mage's segment of memories contained the reason for his attack. It was a meeting between him and another figure cloaked in hoodie on the edge of a cliff. What's with this era and hoodies, all trying to be members of Organization XIII ? He thought to himself while approaching the two men's conversation

「Well, this job is easy enough」said the mage

「Of course, attacking an undefended village… and with the group of monsters I entrusted to you too.」

「I will make you proud!」

「... Of course you will...」

Huh? Seems like this is the end of their conversation. I need to go back a bit more.

「... but first, I need to deal with this wannabe "three-eyed raven" here.」 Just as Kibadios turned to walk away, the hooded man's sentence caused the hybrid to freeze up. The moment Kibadios turned around, the man was standing right next to him, face to face... or to be precise, face to breast since the man was a fair bit taller than the hybrid. Kibadios looked up at the man's face but the darkness had covered much of it. He definitely is seeing me… But how?... And that reference… Is he from Earth?

「Taking a peek at someone else's memories? You're an exceptional hybrid, little monster. If you're here looking at Don's memories, that meant he's compromised. Since you're looking at this particular moment, dont tell me he failed his mission?」

「... and what mission is it?」asked Kibadios cautiously. The man standing in front of him was clearly superior to the hybrid. Just in a brief moment, it looked like the hunter has become the hunted. Still, this was still memories and as far as he knew, there was no way they could fight it out in a memory.

「... Ahh, that, my little monster, is a secret.」The man slowly placed his index over this crescent smile. 「Since Don is now compromised, I have to regrettably get rid of him. Now… GET OUT!」

Kibadios' consciousness soon found itself ejected from the mage's mind at the end of the man's sentence. Sensing danger, he quickly retracted his hand from Don's brain, only to see the mage quickly busted in flame. Within seconds, the mage's body turned into fine dust and scattered off into the night. The pack of monsters, sensing their controller's demise, panicked, turned their tails to run off into the forest. In the shouting of joys and relief of the villagers, Kibadios stood there in silence. Despite his winning, the turn of events had left a sour taste in his mouth. He knew there would be individuals who were much stronger than him but what just happened was beyond his understanding.

「Ha… Haha… HAHAHA…. This world… or rather, the world it has turned into… is rather interesting, is it?」Kibadious laughed hard. 「Dont worry, strange man. I have a feeling we will meet again… friends or foe, that is the question.」

A few regrets came over the hybrid as he realized he did not extract everything he needed to know about this world from "Don." However, he could always learn more about it… from the two toys he just acquired. Now, since he had fulfilled his end of the deal, protecting this shitty village and all, it was time he got his reward.