1 Chapter 1: The sudden development.

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Regarding that time I reincarnated, betrayed, reincarnated, and reincarnated again into a heartless villain to build a harem and exact revenge...

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「Kibadios… I hope this river would take you far away from here… please survive, my son… I'm sorry...」

「Hey, there's a monster over here!」

「Leave none alive!」

「She's running away...After her!」

「Is she a succubus? Be careful of her hypnotic magic!」

It has been more than a year since Kibadios' village was massacred, yet every time the boy closed his eyes, he could vividly remember the fateful day when his mother reluctantly set him loose, down along the Kidan River. Even now, the scene of the ember lit sky, the loud screaming and begging of the villagers still haunted his nightmare. The 1 year old incubus sat up from the dried straw covered stone slab he called a bed, then wiped away his cold sweat.

「If only I was a bit older then… I can help defending the villagers...from… that shitface fucker!」

Kibadios slammed his fist hard down at the stone slab, causing another crack forming on an already fractured slab.

At one year old, the half-incubus, half-orge hybrid looked much older for his age… in fact, he looked like a 16 years old at least. After all, ogres, just like its close, yet lower status relative, orcs, belong to a group of monster that age extremely fast. Their younglings would reach sexual maturity in less than a year. Though unlike orcs, whose life span last only around a decade, ogre would be able to live for more than 100 years. Kibadios was grateful to the fact that he has been reincarnated as one since had he been born into any races with normal aging cycle, it would mean he would be dead the moment his mother let him floating downstream of the Kidan River. Instead, with his fast growth, he was able to walk around on his two legs at only 3 weeks old, started practicing spells at 4 weeks, and killed off any wild animals or non-intelligent monsters that threatened him at the beginning of the 5th week. Soon, seeking food and shelter has been proven an easy task for the now thrice reincarnated kid. At around 6 months old, he has already grown into a size of a 7 years old human child. Now, he has obviously entered a period that is considered to be puberty in humans. This fast growth, though helpful for his survival, has proven a bit challenging for the hybrid at the moment. The reason was because as a half incubus, his lust has been magnified more than ten fold during this puberty phase, causing much unwanted distraction. Woken up by the nightmare, the hybrid let out a small sign as he noticed the huge bulge underneath the rag which he made into his pants. Resigning to his biological need, his hand made its way down into his pants, his fingers now wrapped around his erect member, and he started to rub it out… for the fifth time of the night.

「Being a half-incubus is kinda tough for this body… No offense, Mom. 」

The teenage monster let out a faint smile as his hand increased its speed. Despite the vigorous rubbing, it took him more than thirty minutes to finally be able to climax, his body fluid thoroughly covered his palm

「Ha…. I didnt know I'd be experiencing puberty again for the third time.」The hybrid shook his head, then stood up and walked to the cave's entrance. 「Guess I should take a walk to clear my head」

It was barely two hours past midnight, the forest, which encompassed the cave, was bathed in the dim light from the full moon. Kibadios had only been recently moved to his forest so he was not too familiar with its surroundings. He only knew that no other group of intelligent monsters had made this forest their home so he did not have to compete with them for food and shelter. Besides, with all his accumulated wisdom through many reincarnations, he knew that forests were the best environment for him to grow since they usually lack presence of humans while the abundance of animals and fruits would mean he did not have to spend much time to gather food. All those resulting extra free time can be spent training to become stronger.

Ever since he first reincarnated into his current life, he had noticed all of his skills and abilities had been retained from his previous life, although most of them were locked away. Though, as he grew, his skills and abilities quickly unlocked themselves. Granted, the power he possessed now was far below his true potential, the one of which he had obtained during his first reincarnation; however, he was strong enough to have taken over his current cave, in which he lived, from a bunch of savage goblins. He could not ascertain his power since he had not fought against any other intelligent beings ever since he was born, but if those stinking goblins' power was of any indication, he'd be placed into rank of a mid to high level individual. He did scout for some human settlements in hope to find any powerful person to gauge his power, but all he could find was a small, isolated village located 5 miles from the edge of the forest. It was a depressing, backward looking village that devoid of any noteworthy individual, though. One look at the villagers and the hybrid monster just shook his head and walked away. One day, for sure, he would move out of this forest and fulfill the promise he made to himself and exact his revenge.

Kibadios finally made it to the top of the hill where his cave located. It has been his favorite spot in this forest since with the exception of only a few shrubs, the hill was almost fully bare, allowing him an empty space with a perfect view of the starry sky and far enough field of vision to even spot the desolate human village. Perfect spot for relaxation… and masturbation, of course, since his junior has just begun to rise up again.

「and I thought I was an extreme horny teenager when I was living as a human on Earth… That was nothing compared to this...」

Kibadios continued to mumble to himself, but it soon stopped the moment he reached the top of the hill. Far off in the distance, he could see some bright red spots flicking in the dark night. With his hypersensitive nose, he could pick up the smell of smoke and blood every time a breeze blew pass his face. Although he could not see what was going on down at the village, he could tell they were being attacked and killed…

「Just like the village I was born into...」

The hybrid stood still and assessed the situation. In his mind, there were several actions he could take. His first and obvious choice would be just do nothing. After all, even if those humans were currently being killed, he couldn't care less. Human lives, to him, a monster, worth nothing. Had this been his first reincarnation, I would have immediately sprung into action, saving those innocent lives. But now, after all the betrayal and torture he experienced under the hands of humans, he felt nothing, even if he used to be one… On the other hand, this scene that played out in front of his eyes reminded him of what happened to his own village a year ago. Something deep inside the hybrid wanted to do something

「...Though...This may be the perfect opportunity for me to test my strength...」

Hesitant for a few minutes, the teenage monster finally decided his course of action. A dark pair of wings suddenly appeared on his back as he swiftly jumped off the high hill into the forest below, heading toward the burning village. As he approached, he could feel several mass of mana emitting from the village, though almost all of them were non-human… except for one.

Is he the ringleader? It seems like he's performing some kind of ability that controlled the monsters who are rampaging. I have to get closer to observe this a bit more.

Kibadios activated his ability, which allowed him to completely hide his presence. This ability, which he inherited from his succubus mother, was so potent that he can easily walk and stood right behind his target without being discovered. Of course, there was a chance that the mysterious human figure would possess some sort of ability that can detect or even nullify Kibadios' ability , but for now, the hybrid knew it was much better to use it rather than not. Yet before the ability was fully activated, Kibadios was distracted by a deafening scream, originated almost a mile away from the village's entrance.

The hybrid changed his flight course and descended down to the ground where the loud scream came from. There, he saw a couple trying to fend off the vicious pack of wolf monsters, which had already surrounded them. Judging from the look, Kibadios first thought they were probably trying to escape the onslaught. Yet his deduction was soon proven partially wrong as it turned out, they were trying to go to the neighboring town to seek help.

「Maia, just go! I will keep them busy!」

「No, Rowan! You'll be killed! There's no way you can fight against these beasts.」

「If you stay here, we would both be killed… and even Emma and the others... You have to break out and get help from the town of Syllia」

Yet, before the girl was able to gallop away, the monsters' aura finally scared off the two horses the pair was riding on. NEIIIGHHHH. The horses soon reared out of control, their hind legs collapsed, causing the couples to fall down onto the ground. Seeing this, the monsters rushed toward them and quickly devoured the two horses. The other half of the pack turned their attention to the couple. Having just fallen down, with no hope to escape, the guy wrapped one of his arms around the girl, who was still struggling to stand up, while swinging his short sword around, scaring off the encircling monsters.

「Get away from here!」

「That's not going to work. You think these monsters would be afraid of that rusty sword?」Kibadios suddenly appeared next to the couple 「I'd praise your courage but how dumb are you? You dont even possess any affinity for swordsmanship.」

「... Who are you?」 Rowan looked up at the hybrid and soon noticed his dark pair of wings.「 A monster!!!」

Rowan quickly dragged Maia away from Kibadios' feet. The youth, although did not possess any appraisal ability, could just tell right away the power of the dangerous new hybrid monster that just appeared right in front of him.

「Is this your doing? Did you attack our village? 」

「... This? I dont even know what 'this' is. I just know your village is under attack and I came here just to spectate.」 Kibadios flapped his wings a few times, creating several large black needles from thin air. Then at his discretion, the needles propelled toward the wolf monster packs, instantly impaled and kill them all. All of this happened in an instant to the point that no sound was able to escape from the monsters' salivating mouths.

「 So these new monsters were not that strong either…」

「... Please save our village!!!」 Maia suddenly pleaded

「Maia, what are you saying? 」Rowan confusingly glanced at his girl while Kibadios raised his eyebrows in amusement at the request.

「He's obviously strong enough… He has just helped us killing all these beasts too. And it doesn't look like he's responsible for the attack on our village. He's our only hope now! 」

「Look girl! I dont know what's going on your mind but I did not help you. I merely wanted to test my strength… In fact, I can kill the both of you right now if you irritate me anymore than this.」

「Please… Monster-sama…」 pleaded Maia

「... Please help us!」 The guy finally understood the situation and the fact that the monster that just appeared in front of him would truly be his village's only chance at survival. 「I would do anything for you!!」

Looked at the couple, pleading on their feet, suddenly caused Kibadios, the half-incubus, experienced a wave of lusting arousal. 「I would do anything for you」 has been the catch phrase for every porn and hentai scene back on Earth and now, he was actually experiencing the scenario first hand. Of course, as an incubus, he did not care whether it was a girl or a guy, he lusted after them all. Their bodies and flesh would help him to release this pent up stress that he has been experiencing for more than a month now.

「... Is it now?」The hybrid bent down, whispered face to face with the couple. 「Anything? What about giving me your bodies.」

「... What?」

「 I want your bodies… The both of you… I want to 'EAT' you.」 A broad, devious grin now covered half of Kibadios' face. 「If you two give you your bodies and let me EAT you, then I will save your village.」

「You can eat me, but I would never let you touch Maia!」 Rowan again took up his sword.

「Let's be honest here. If I want to, I can bring you two back to my cave and eat you without any consent. You have no power here. But if you want to refuse my offer, that's your choice...」

「...Please promise me that you would not harm any of the villagers? 」Maia seemed to be considering the hybrid's offer.

「Not if they don't harm me or my interest. I have been living close by for more than three months now and I have not harmed any of you, haven't I? I don't believe in senseless killing… at least… for now.」

「Fine!」 Maia answered determinedly 「I'll give you my life. Please help our village.」

「Then we have a deal?」

「No! You can do whatever with me, but Maia…」

「Stop it, Rowan! Our lives in exchange for the village, that's the best we can do.」

「So we have a deal. I will come back to collect you two once I finish with the job.」

The hybrid again spread his wings and flew to the village. Two birds with one stone… I can both gauge my strength with that mysterious man who attacked the village and I can have some toys to play with later. Still, Kibadios was amused at the fact that he himself did not consider this dubious "deal" immoral one tiny bit. During his first reincarnation, despite being reincarnated as a non-human race, he still retained his "humanity" but that "humanity" seemed to have, as what his first life would say, 'gone the way of the dodo'.

「Maia! Why did you agree to his term?」Rowan finally asked the girl once he saw the hybrid monster has flown away.

「Why did you agree with him then? Just like you, to me, saving Emma and the villagers, is the most important thing now… and I can stake my life for it」

「... I'm sorry for being weak… I can't even protect you.」

「It's fine, Rowan… Let's just hope that the mysterious monster can stop the attack and save everyone」

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