Shaking his head, he sighs and pats her perky behind, causing her to scream.

She immediately captures him and starts pinching his cheeks hard "I did not teach you to be a pervert!"

Adam feels his cheeks burning and quickly raises his hand as a sign of surrender, he smiles bitterly and says "I am just trying to cheer you up, you no longer need to be afraid, you are now on the verge of becoming a true Diamond Ranker, aren't you?"

She nods her head but she still continues to pinch his cheeks, she lets go of him after seeing his cheeks becoming beet red and plump.

He glares at her before leaving, his next destination is the Golden Dragon Academy, he still needs to inform the principal about his best friend's condition.

Seeing so many refugees hiding in the alleyway, he cannot help but sigh, the only fortunate thing for them is the fact that he had been building his power in this city all of this time.

The situation of the Slum area of the city is now much better than before and it even becomes the recruitment area for his power.

After arriving at an alleyway, he stops in front of a beggar and says "When the dragon roars and the fox howls."

The beggar coughs and he also says some words "The sun and moon shall meet, a being with nine tails, dragon horns and wings shall descend."

Adam waves his hand and a powerful illusion envelops the two of them, closing his eyes, his divine sense starts to scout the surroundings but after finding no one is spying on them, he finally starts asking.

"How is the current situation?" Hearing this, the beggar shakes his head and sighs sadly.

"Because of those d*mn demons! Many families were broken apart, as per your order, we facilitate those broken families, giving them opportunities to keep their lives from worsening."

Adam nods his head in affirmation, he then says "Keep on doing this, I do not care about the cost, as long as you are successful, it is more than enough for me."

The beggar laughs "If I hadn't met the other side of you, I would have thought that you are just some naive boy, do not worry boss, we of the Beggar Sect will not let you down."

Adam nods his head in agreement, he knows that the Beggar Sect he had created might not be known for their strength but they are considered top notch in terms of gathering information.

He then thought of something and solemnly looked at the person in front of him "Bring your sect members into our hideout, I need to assess your strength, now that the situation between kingdoms has become serious, you guys might encounter some dangerous situation."

The beggar also becomes serious, before, they are just a couple of beggars that are trying to survive in this cruel world, Adam gave them a helping hand, giving them a new hope and opportunity to thrive.

"Okay boss, do I also call the other sects?" Adam shakes his head after hearing his question.

"I will visit each sect at different schedules, only the Beggar Sect will be informed beforehand, for the rest, I will be giving them a small surprise." The beggar laughs out loud after hearing this, he knows that it is definitely going to be chaotic.

The other sects are created in order to increase the control of both Adam and Fatty in the entire kingdom but because most of the time, they do not interfere with their business, there are already a few rotten individuals in the sects.

Only the Beggar Sect and six other sects that are hidden are not infected by these individuals, they also do not have any traitors amongst them.

After leaving the alleyway, he finally steps inside the academy, he is already considered a celebrity in the academy, the title of the youngest Alchemist Saint is very striking.

"Adam!" A shout can be heard and a person slams herself on him, without even looking back, he knows who it was.

BAM! He falls to the ground after the collision, he is only acting, seeing this, the person laughs out loud, she is Roxanne.

The two of them are now quite close because other than Fatty, he is the only boy in the academy that is not attracted to her, this frustrates her so but also relieves her very much.

"Where have you been? After our mission, you just disappeared, together with Raymond, you are now in a lot of trouble as the principal is looking for you all of this time." She threatens in a playful manner.

Suddenly, another beautiful voice can be heard "Lady Roxanne, such an unladylike behaviour! get away from my senior brother immediately."

The smiling expression of Roxanne turns solemn, she glares at the newly arrived individual, she considers her as a love rival, she knows that her chances of capturing Adam's heart is below the person in front of her.

"Hello Kirlinia, it is nice that someone is greeting me without tackling me." Hearing this, Roxanne snorts and punches his shoulder.

Seeing this, Kirlinia glares at her and asks in a gentle expression "Are you alright senior brother?"

He waves his hand "I am okay, my body is used to it."

Roxanne snorts once again "Such a pretentious actor, other than me and Raymond, do you really think that anyone has an abnormal physique like him."

Kirlinia looks at her and smirks in a hidden manner, hiding her expression from Adam "I know that more than anyone else, after all, I have examined my senior brother's naked body both physically and virtually."

Adam shivers slightly, because he wants everyone to become a great Alchemist, he decides that they must know what a human body is.

Their first experiments are all corpses, both from male and female, after they become more experienced, Adam and Pherxiphone let the girls examine their entire body, even though it is embarrassing, it is for the future of the girls.

What Kirlinia has said was true, she even examined the inside of his body, she is now more experienced in the body of humans and she can even be a qualified doctor.

Roxanne grits her teeth after hearing this, she knows that this is true, Adam even said it himself, which makes her infuriated every time Kirlinia says this to her.

"The two of you, please consider your image, there are still other students present." Hearing this, they coldly harrumphs and looks towards different directions.

"I want to catch up to the two of you but unfortunately, the principal is looking for me, let us catch up on lunch." Waving his hand, he quickly escapes the two.

Leaving in a hurry, he feels a little bit relieved seeing that no one is bothering him, he knows that his control over his bloodline is becoming more and more messy, this is because he is trying to lay down a strong foundation in his body.

In order to do this, he needs to let his body be free, his restraint over his bloodline is causing some heavy trauma in his body.

He can just let his natural endowment flow out but in turn, this will give him a massive headache, he cannot help but think 'I wish master can hurry up and become a bonafide Diamond Ranker.'

Once Pherxiphone reaches the Diamond Rank and her strength and abilities are also equal to her rank, he does not need to hide his aura anymore, even the royal family will not be able to force him to do anything.

He is greeted everywhere he goes, with his current status, all the noble families, even the Hyenaheist Family also wants to rope him in, his ability to concoct pills is something that everyone dearly desires.

Unfortunately, because they are uninformed about how to control the spirit, many even do not even know of its existence, none can replicate him.

He even dares to teach the old men in the Alchemist Association and none of them are able to achieve success, it seems that this world is preventing them from controlling spirit Qi.

Arriving at the principal's office, he is about to knock when a voice sounds out "You may enter."

Without hesitation, Adam enters, he is now familiar with the room because of his relationship with Kirlinia and her older sister, together with the fact that he delivers a different type of pills to the principal.

He no longer needs to use the Avatar Technique, so does Fatty as the two of them have always been using it, their body seems to naturally adjust when they are not fighting.

They are basically training all the time, passively increasing their physical constitution and their own mastery over the technique.

Before, the principal can see through his disguise with ease but now, he is now confident with his fake appearance.

"Do you know why I have called you here?" Hearing his question, he shakes his head.

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