Reincarnated Into The Worst Otome Game Book

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Reincarnated Into The Worst Otome Game


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Reincarnated into the worst game he just finished, Kendrick has turned into a young man with eyes as dark as the void; blue hair as clear as the white sky. The son of a viscount, Dan. The world he was reincarnated to was a cruel one. It was an otome game that his friend recommended to him. And as he knew what lies ahead of that cruel story, Kendrick tried not to trigger anything that would connect his life with them. Unfortunately, his father came up to him with a letter from the royal family, and told him he had to attend the grand royal celebration with them since the King's daughter had turned 18. And through some events which he did expect would show up according to his knowledge, his life got connected with the villainess noblesse and attracted the King's daughter's attention by saving her from being food poisoned. His perfect plan to live a peaceful life will take a turnabout as his life would become messed up because of those villainess. Whether he runs away from the cruel reality or faces it forward depends on him. (Cover's not mine.) Raw chaps are in patreon, my own works. The chapters uploaded would be chapters edited by my beloved editor. —————————————————— Support me on: patreon.com/emeruferu paypal.me/emeruferu Buy me coffee: https://ko-fi.com/emeruferu#paypalModal


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