Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon

A young man dies and gets the choice to reincarnate into the world of Pokémon. With this new life in this new world, he will carve his name into the world's history. The journey and choices he will make may just affect the world around him. The people he meets and Pokémon will either help him on his journey or hinder him. I do not own the cover or Pokémon.

Anomander_Adaar · Anime & Comics
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79 Chs


As we traveled through the caves in Mt.Moon, the Pokémon we mostly came across were Zubats and Geodudes. Leo would focus on fighting the Geodudes, with Mankey fighting the Zubats. I wanted them to get used to fighting their type weaknesses and still being able to win the fight. This was something my Father told me to do, as you could train a Pokémon to resist their supereffective type slightly, to the point it doesn't do as much damage as before. Though this would take years of training, so I figured might as well start while I can. 

We spent all of our remaining time I planned to be in the wilderness at Mt. Moon. As we finished up in the wilderness, both my Pokémon managed to level up two more times. Now Leo is thirty-six and Mankey is thirty-four. We finally got back on the main road of Route Four to finally head to Cerulean City to challenge our next gym. 

As we were walking down Route Four, I felt a psychic presence that I came to learn was when someone else with psychic abilities or Pokémon was nearby. Though from this feeling I could tell it was coming from ahead of us down the main road, meaning it was probably not from a wild Pokémon. 

I told my Pokémon that we might be coming across a psychic-type Pokémon, so be prepared for that. As we continued forward, we saw a young woman around my age with a skin-tight red and black dress, stockings, and knee-high red leather boots. She had black/purplish hair and bright red eyes. From what I can tell the psychic feeling I am getting is coming from her and the Pokémon next to her. The Pokémon next to her was a Kadabra, a well-known and strong psychic-type Pokémon. 

At the same time as seeing them, they turned to me having sensed me as well it seems. From the looks of it, they just finished battling another trainer and won. They both gave me a curious look while also looking at my Pokémon with the same curious eyes. The young woman then walked over to me with her Kadabra beside her, after receiving her payment for winning the trainer battle. 

"Who are you?" the young woman says while giving me a look over, as I just stared at her with confusion. 

"Normally people introduce themselves first, but I am Lucas. You are?" I say to her since she has this haughty attitude like she is better than everyone else. 

"Sabrina," the young woman says to me while flicking her hair back and with a look like I should be honored to be in her presence. Though I have no idea if I am supposed to know her or not, as I rack my brain. My hesitation seems to have annoyed her, as her face turns agitated. 

"Oh! You are the newer trainer that has everyone's attention! You and that other guy… Lance!" I say having remembered where I recognized her from, since the two of them appear to be the only trainers of my generation, that I should be worrying about for now. This seems to have annoyed her further. 

"So what do you want?" I say since she is staring at me with contempt now and looks like she is ready to attack me. 

"How about we have a Pokémon battle?" Sabrina says with some venom in her voice, as I can tell she wants to 'crush' me for my 'insolence'. 

"Sure, what are the conditions and prizes?" I say since I now want to beat her to show her she is above everyone else. 

"One-on-one battle, with… a ten thousand Pokédollars," Sabrina says to me and I nod my head, as we set up the battle through our Pokédex.

"Leo, let's show her what we can do," I say as Leo barks in agreement while waiting in the place we decided to battle, with Mankey looking jealous he didn't get to battle. 

"Kadabra, crush them," Sabrina says while Kadabra walks out while looking at us with the same contempt as its trainer. 

"Leo, use our intro," I say as Leo begins to use Leer and then howl. 

While Sabrina said nothing, most likely communicating through their connection. Kadabra seemed to be using Reflect and Calm Mind, as Leo was using his moves. Seems she is taking this fight seriously, even though she appears to view me as a 'lesser'. 

"Leo use Flame Charge!" 'Then change to Bite when you get close to enough,' I say to Leo who charges Kadabra.

Meanwhile, Kadabra remained unmoving and then used Teleport to move just out of the way, before using Psycho Cut. Leo was able to react in time, Leo used Bite on Kadabra who cried in pain but still hit Leo with Psycho Cut sending Leo flying back a few feet. Sabrina's face turned even more agitated while Kadabra gave Leo a look of pure hatred. 

"Leo use Flame Charge!" 'Keep using it until you can finish it with another Bite,' I say to Leo who immediately charges Kadabra. 

This time Kadabra is teleporting away from Leo's reach every time he gets too close. Then peppers Leo with Psybeam, which is slowly wearing Leo down though at the same time Leo is getting faster from the constant use of Flame Charge. I am hoping Leo will be fast enough to connect a hit on Kadabra before fainting. 

'Fucking Teleport, it's too good in the real world,' I think to myself seeing Kadabra dodging everything Leo is doing. While Sabrina's face slowly relaxes becoming more sure she is going to win. 

Leo is appearing more frustrated, though it seems his speed rose high enough to finally hit Kadabra canceling its latest Teleport. Then Leo Bites Kadabra but from the look of it, his Bite evolved into Crunch, just like his ember evolved into Flamethrower. Like Pokémon evolving their moves evolve to stronger versions sometimes or when they get proficient enough with it. 

This took Kadabra by surprise as it almost fainted on the spot, but was able to Teleport a fair distance away from Leo. Then it seemed to be charging up another move. Sabrina looks very angered once again seeing this. 

"Leo close the distance and finish it!" I say that Leo immediately charges the Kadabra again with Flame Charge, before using Crunch again on it. 

Kadabra let loose a fully charged Pysbeam at Leo which hit just as Leo used Crunch on Kadabra. Both Pokémon let out a cry of pain as Leo was sent flying back crashing onto the ground, Kadabra stood still but one could see it was passed out while standing. Leo then slowly stood up, before letting out a howl of triumph with Mankey celebrating the victory too seeing Leo win. 

Without saying anything Sabrina withdrew Kadabra and walked away with a very annoyed and angry look. Though I can see the payment has gone through, I just ignored her arrogant attitude while healing Leo up. 

"Great job Leo! That Kadabra was very strong and yet you still pulled through!" I say praising him while healing him up and giving him some treats. Mankey also congratulated Leo too. 

"Now, Mankey I know you wanted to battle too. So when we challenge the gym in the city, I'll use you first," I say to Mankey who seems happy hearing that, while Leo gives me some puppy eyes. 

"Leo it's only fair, plus you already fought a gym. Mankey hasn't yet, so let him experience his first gym battle," I say while patting Leo's head. Leo just nods his head, while Mankey seems more pumped for the gym battle. 

The rest of our way to the city was uneventful, though arriving there we first made an appointment for the gym the next day. Then we booked a hotel room for a few days, and afterwards, we got some food from a local restaurant, which of course was a seafood one. Growing up on an island, I basically lived on seafood and loved eating Magikarp. Which is why I could never catch one, since I've eaten so many of them. Most fish-looking Pokémon or crab/lobster ones, I could never catch for that same reason. 

The next day I waited in the lobby, and it seemed several other people booked the gym. Though I just watched the battles, before waiting for my appointed time. The first person to battle was a trainer I did not recognize, so someone who didn't go on my radar or a memory from my past life. The next person was Sabrina who was able to win her badge, though it also seems she has a fan following as a lot more people came to watch her battle. 

The other person to battle that day before me, was Brock again as it seems he still hasn't won this gym badge. However, it seems he finally got it even though he still lost, but this time he did a lot better than his other times challenging it. After another hour's break for the gym leader and her Pokémon to recover it was my turn. Since my first gym battle, it seems I have caught the attention of some people according to my Dad. I was one of the very few to win a badge with one Pokémon and beat all three of the Gym Leader's Pokémon. 

"Gym Leader Acqua, are you ready? Trainer Lucas, are you ready?" the referee asks us as we both say yes.

"Begin!" the referee says as Acqua sends out her Pokémon and I send out Mankey. 

Acqua sent out a Psyduck much to my annoyance, as it most likely knows Confusion or other types of psychic-type moves. Mankey however seemed unfazed as it couldn't care less about being at a disadvantage. Both Pokémon gave out their battle cries at entering the battlefield which was mostly a giant pool of water, with some small plots of land for non-water-type Pokémon. 

"Mankey use our intro!" I say since Mankey's intro to battle is Leer and Focus Energy, almost like Leo's entrance. 

"Pysduck use Reflect and Screech!" Acqua says at the same time I command Mankey. Both Pokémon finish using their moves with their effects taking over the battlefield. 

"Psyduck use Confusion!" Acqua says as it begins to charge up its move. 

"Mankey use Acrobatics!" I say as Mankey jumps from place to place to close the distance. 

Mankey was successfully hit by Confusion and critically hit too. Making Mankey both scream in pain and anger as his attack stat skyrocketed. However, he was able to push through without fainting from the hit. Landing his move and critically hitting Pysduck back with Acrobatics sending it flying into the water with a loud crash and splash. His hit instantly knocked out Psyduck who was seen floating on top of the water passed out. 

"MANKEY!!!" Mankey screams in both celebration and anger as he is extremely pissed off now. 

"Psyduck is unable to battle! Lucas and Mankey won the first round!" the referee says seeing this while Acqua is looking at Mankey with surprise and worry seeing it's rage-filled eyes. 

"Gym Leader Acqua please send out your next Pokémon. 

Acqua then sends out a Vaporeon as it gives it's battle cry while looking at Mankey who is staring at it with his crazy look. Vaporeon looks nervous seeing this while looking back at Acqua who gives it a reassuring nod. 

'Mankey might be crazier than I originally thought,' I think to myself seeing him, with Leo looking at Mankey too with a worried look. 

"Begin!" the referee says after seeing us both ready again.