Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon

A young man dies and gets the choice to reincarnate into the world of Pokémon. With this new life in this new world, he will carve his name into the world's history. The journey and choices he will make may just affect the world around him. The people he meets and Pokémon will either help him on his journey or hinder him. I do not own the cover or Pokémon.

Anomander_Adaar · Anime & Comics
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78 Chs


We made our way to Rage Lake and arrived to see the lake was in its normal size, as it was known to dry up a bit in the summer. While it can flood in the spring from the heavy rain, currently it is its normal size. At the same time, people are here fishing, picnicking, sightseeing, etc. This is a huge tourist attraction for the region, plus it is considered a Regional Park, basically a national park from my past life. The Pokémon in the lake are protected, so those who catch them must return them. 

From what I know, the lake in the series and games had a Red Gyarados. However, that was only after Team Rocket experimented on the Pokémon in the lake, who along with the other criminal organizations are still currently in hiding. There have only been a few events of trainers or civilians running into criminal organizations. 

After spending a few hours at the Lake, letting Feebas enjoy the water and the rest of us relax we left. Now since we saw most of the region, other than the Whirl Islands, and since Feebas was still too weak we avoided them for now. I booked us another cruise to the Hoenn Region, my personal favorite, and a large land mass near the Kanto and Johto regions. 

We then spent a few weeks at sea heading to the Hoenn Region and its main harbor city of Slateport City. During this time I gave Feebas the TMs Surf and Dragon Pulse, she also mastered more of her original moves. We finally arrived first spotting the lighthouse near the south of Slateport that illuminates the sea for passing ships. The city also has a renowned seafood market. Captain Stern is a local celebrity because he is an undersea explorer who runs Stern's Shipyard and the local Oceanic Museum.

"Fee-feebas!" Feebas says excitedly as we go to the beach here for a few hours to let her enjoy the ocean and her original region's waters. 

Leo was lying down next to me napping, while Annihilape like usual was staying in my shadow. Mamoswine was running in the water playing with Feebas, a few kids came over asking if they could play too. I gave them permission, as Mamoswine began throwing the kids in the water and Feebas was splashing them having a lot of fun too. While they were doing that I was sunbathing and taking the occasional picture with someone who recognized me. 

We stayed a few days in the city, before making our way through the wilderness toward Mauville City. As of now, I wanted Feebas to get some combat experience since her move mastery was increased. That meant we had to corner some Pokémon forcing them to fight Feebas and in return, I promised to heal them and give them food. 

The first few weeks in the wild were boring for us, though Feebas was having a blast fighting Pokémon to become stronger. Then as we were walking through the forest I felt a Psychic cry for help. I reached out and felt a Pokémon in panic and pain crying out for help using Psychic powers. I decided we'd run over to see what was going on, arriving there I saw a young trainer who looked to have just started out torturing a blue-colored Ralts. 

"What are you doing?" I say making the trainer and their Poochyena needlessly harming a Ralts who appears on the verge of death. I can feel the Ralts reach out to me sensing my emotions before passing out. 

"Who are you?" the young trainer says while eyeing up Leo and Mamoswine who are staring him down with annoyance while Feebas is held in my arms glaring at him too. 

"Trainer Lucas Brinton, now I asked what you are doing to that Ralts," I say walking over as Leo growls at Poochyena who is shaking in fear and backs up but looks ready to fight for its trainer. 

"Fighting the Ralts," the young trainer says, as I heal Ralts up. 

"No, you were torturing it. You had already won, but were needlessly harming it for no reason," I say annoyed that he didn't just capture it or defeat them and move on. 

"No! I was waiting for it to pass out before catching it! Move, I'll catch it now!" the young man says stepping forward and making Leo growl again at them. The Trainer freezes up at Leo's very angry look like he is ready to kill the trainer. 

"I said–" the trainer starts to say. 

"Leave, you do not deserve to catch them. Now give me your ID, and I'll make a report. Leo stop him should he try to leave," I say as the trainer stares at me with worry and Leo with fear. 

"Fuck, fine, here," the trainer says walking over to me and handing me his ID. 

I then made a call to the local police as we were only an hour away from the city now and they came out and I made my report against him. The trainer gets fined heavily and is put on a watch list for a while. I waited for Ralts to wake up, while everyone left us. Ralts then wakes up after the whole situation ends, they stare at me with hesitation before reaching out and sensing my emotions again. 

"I'm not going to hurt you. You are free to go, though I was wondering if you wanted to join me and my team," I say to Ralts who stares at me relaxing after sensing I meant no harm. 

"Ralts," Ralts says nodding their head at my question. I place the Poké ball down and Ralts walks over tapping it. Like Feebas they don't fight the catch and accept becoming my Pokémon. 

Like everyone else on my team, I explain to Ralts what I expect from them. Then as Ralts was talking with my team, Annihilape came out too to meet them, and I checked their stats. Ralts was a good addition to our team, as she had Green potential and with three evolutions a high possibility to increase it each time. She was like when Mamoswine first joined our team. 

After everyone got to know Ralts, and she understood what we do as a team, we made our way to the city. There I bought another Everstone to have Ralts hold onto so she doesn't evolve until she is completely ready. I also taught her the Future Sight TM I got a long time ago from my gym battle with Solomon. Then we rested here as I bought a few items for both Ralts and Feebas, though Feebas would be using it since Ralts needs to master her moves first. 

I bought Ralts a King Ranked Mr. Mime chunk of hair, as for Feebas I got her a scale from a King Ranked Milotic. I then had Feebas focus on absorbing the item while Ralts trained her moves. We then stayed in the city for the next week so Feebas could finish absorbing her item. Ralts made slow progress on mastering her moves. 

By the end of the week, we moved on since it would take Feebas another week or so to finish and I wanted to leave the city seeing other places. Our next stop was Lavaridge Town as they had world-renowned natural hot springs and a restore that I booked a few weeks for us to stay at. We just made our way there following the roads and made it there in a few hours. 

Even though this was a huge tourist attraction the place was not that large of a Town. It was built on the side of a mountain, with the natural hot springs coming from the mountain. The resort was there too, while most of the town lived on the lower areas of the mountain, the resort was higher up. As for the top of the mountain, it was only for a research lab at the top. 

The rumors are an ancient Pokémon lives inside the mountain since it is an inactive volcano, but lava still flows from it. From what I know Groudon is inside the volcano center, though it is just a legend to the public. As for the league, they know that an old and powerful Pokémon does make it their home which is why they keep it closed off from the public. However, no one has seen the ancient Pokémon for several millennia. 

When we got there we checked into our room, where I got the largest room which also had a private area for the hot spring. Plus it had enough room for my whole team to stay out of their Poké balls and enjoy the hot spring. Our first week went by uninterrupted with Feebas finally able to finish absorbing the item. With it, her stats greatly increased and I allowed her to evolve. 

However, it seems word got out that I came to the town and since this is the second closest region to my home region they heard about me as well. Thankfully I remained unbothered by staying in my room. Though when we were getting ready to leave the town, I was approached by a woman my age with long fiery red hair, ruby-colored eyes, and slightly tanned while wearing jeans and a short top exposing her midriff. 

"Hey, you're that Famous Trainer everyone is talking about right?" the woman says to me as I'm trying to figure out if I know her or something. 

"Yes?" I say racking my brain. 

"I want to battle you!" the woman says snapping me from my thoughts as no one has challenged me in a very long time after they know I'm a Champion Ranked Trainer. 

"What?" I say surprised at her challenge. 

"I said I want to battle you! I'm going to be the next Gym Leader here once my Dad retires and I want to see just how strong a 'Champion' Ranked Trainer is," the woman says and now I recognize her as Flannery, the gym leader from my past life's games and anime. 

"Oh, ok," I say nodding my head as she smiles with a battle lust in her eyes. 

"Lead the way," I say as a bunch of people are filming this and I can already tell this is going to be a big thing now. 

She brings me to the gym where no one is currently challenging the gym, though now a lot of people are entering wanting to see our fight. Then she explains to her Dad the situation making him stare at her surprise and then at me with worry. 

"Flannery, are you sure about this?" her Dad says as he looks at us in worry, like her, he has fiery red hair and ruby eyes with slightly tanned skin. 

"Yes! Now can you be the referee for the battle?" Flannery says as her Dad sighs and nods his head. 

"Then take your spots please," her Dad says as we both walk to the separate spots in the gym. 

"Please send out your first Pokémon," her Dad says as Flannery sends out a Slugma, which looks like a slug made out of lava. 

"Alright Milotic, time for your first official battle," I say tossing out Milotic who appears in the battlefield looking annoyed at the place that is built for fire-type Pokémon. 

"Begin!" her Dad says seeing everyone ready and it appears the people in the stands are live streaming this as people are watching this excitedly. It is not every day you can see someone who is my Rank battle, as almost no one challenges us, plus we can just say no for obvious reasons.