Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon

A young man dies and gets the choice to reincarnate into the world of Pokémon. With this new life in this new world, he will carve his name into the world's history. The journey and choices he will make may just affect the world around him. The people he meets and Pokémon will either help him on his journey or hinder him. I do not own the cover or Pokémon.

Anomander_Adaar · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
78 Chs


Once we were in the shadows of the burned tower Annihilape came out next to me looking around the place with an interest. The tower is about five stories tall, with the top floor completely broken and exposed to the elements, while the rest is just held together by the ghost energy radiating from this place. We walked through the first three stories with the only noise of my steps creaking on the old wood. 

As we reached the fourth floor, we both felt a Gengar on the top floor as it felt us. However, it only appeared to be around Duke Rank, making it possible for me to even handle it on my own. In contrast, Annihilape would easily without breaking any effort destroy it. Gengar then appeared in front of us staring at us, as it looked very uneasy while shooting Annihilape with nervous looks. 

"We mean no harm. We are just exploring this place," I say holding up my hands while Annihilape stares blankly at Gengar. 

Annihilape then starts talking with Gengar who starts to relax more at Annihilape confirming that we mean no harm here. Gengar then nods his head before disappearing back into the shadows, however, both I and Annihilape can easily sense he just is hiding nearby watching us still. 

Reaching the top floor we see most of the walls are completely gone with the exception of one that is half burned away. While the metal bell is in the middle of the floor extremely rusty. The view is amazing from here looking at the city and the forest north of it leading to Rage Lake. 

"Maybe the basement will have something," I say as we take a minute to enjoy the view. 

We then head back down to through the tower, with the eyes still on us. As we reached the first floor, we could see the heavily secured basement of this place. Seems the league locked it off though there is an ID scanner placed by the secured basement. This lets people with higher authority, like myself enter places normal people wouldn't. Scanning my ID, the door immediately grant me access and unlock before opening up. 

As we walk past the doors, they close behind us and lock again. This time the basement appears lighted up, as the lights flicker on once we enter. However, it seems we are the first people to come back and visit this place in years. Coming to the basement we can see it goes down like a reverse pyramid, three levels. Inside we see older lab equipment long turned off along with a PC. 

Walking over I turn on the PC and after a few moments, it turns on. Then I can my ID at the PC which lets me onto the computer. I browse the files and find the notes made by several different researchers over the years. None seemed to have found anything outside the local legends, there wasn't even a sighting of the supposed three legendary beasts. 

Seeing the PC offered me nothing else, I turned it back off. During this time Annihilape was walking around exploring the place. I walked over to Annihilape who was staring at an extremely small hole in the wall in one of the corners. Walking over, I immediately sense the immense energy coming from the hole. There appears to be an Emperor Ranked Pokémon inside that hole. 

"We–" I start to say backing up with Annihilape but then I have to gather my energy to protect myself as a Pokémon bursts through the hole.

Entei appears, Entei is a massive, leonine, quadrupedal Pokémon with some mastiff qualities. It is covered in brown fur and a long, light gray cloud of smoke running along its entire back. It has gray plates on either side of the cloud and a plate beneath the cream belly fur on its chest. Entei has gray paws with brown pads and black cuff-like bands on its legs. Both front paws house three small, white retractable claws. Its main faceplate is red and shaped like fins or a six-sided star. A gray plate, resembling a horseshoe mustache, covers its muzzle. It also has a yellow crest with three sloped points on its forehead and red eyes.

I felt very drained as it took almost all my energy to block that one strike from Entei, who is definitely Emperor Ranked. Entei looks at us with a sharp look and before I can say or do anything he lashes out. However, Annihilape steps in blocking the attack from striking me. 

"Fuck! Leo help," I say as I toss out Leo's Poké ball and he appears looking at me first to see I'm fine before charging Entei. 

"Annihilape, fall back!" I say with Annihilape disappearing right as Entei strikes at him. 

"Annihilape, strike only when there is an opening, Leo will keep him focused on him," I say as Annihilape disappears again with a nod. 

At Leo's appearance, we see Entei pause for a second looking at Leo with surprise and confusion. But Leo strikes him with a Head Smash making Entei cry out in pain, and he begins lashing out again. Entei gathers his Fire Type energy, and in such a small space I could die. So Annihilape reappears beside me covering me, as Leo tackles Entei back into the hole he came from. 

A huge explosion takes place as fire comes from the hole. We hear a cry, though it is not from Leo, and then we hear two more cries. Sounds like the other two legendary beasts are here now. 

"We need to help Leo," I say jumping after Leo who I consider family. Annihilape immediately follows after me. 

The hole appears to be several dozen feet underground in a large underground cavern. With a small lake nearby, these glowing blue crystals give the place a light source. With huge stalagmites and stalactites lacing the cavern everywhere. 

"Annihilape deal with the blue beast," I say as Leo is still fighting with Entei. 

Annihilape then goes to intercept Suicune who is coming from the lake toward Leo and Entei. I then toss out both Mamoswine and Feebas out they see the chaos and look at me for directions. 

"Mamoswine deal with the electrical beast. Feebas watch my back and make sure nothing else comes from behind us," I say as Mamoswine lets out a cry charging toward Raikou who is about to strike Leo from behind. As Feebas moves behind me watching our backs. 

Leo is quickly overpowering Entei with his immunity to Fire-type and advantage over Fire-types. While Annihilape is doing his best to fight Suicune who is using the lake to her advantage. Mamoswine thankfully is immune to electric-type making it very hard for Raikou to hurt him, though he is able to easily avoid Mamoswine's attacks. Especially since Mamoswine is avoiding AOE attacks so he doesn't harm me or either Annihilape or Leo. 

Leo then uses another Head Smash making Entei cry out in pain before falling to the ground. Leo then bites down on Entei, Entei gives one last cry before collapsing completely unconscious. This makes Suicune and Raikou both cry out in anger and attack even more fiercely. Annihilape is now being pushed even harder, so Leo comes to aid him. Taking the attention of Suicune, giving Annihilape room to breathe. 

Leo is barely dodging her attacks while running around, though now Annihilape is able to land a few strikes when he has openings. Eventually, Annihilape is able to land the final strike on Suicune and knock her out as well. Raikou seeing both his friends, family, or whatever they are, gives out another cry of anger lashing out recklessly. 

With Mamoswine tanking the hits, Leo and Annihilape land strikes at openings the chaos finally ends. Raikou collapses onto the ground unconscious too. Once it is over, I heal the few injuries my team suffered. Then I debated whether to catch them or not because if I did the league would want to study them closely demanding I hand over the legendary Pokémon since no one has caught one before. 

While I might be able to fight them from taking them, but even then I am unsure if I could even use them as they seem to dislike me making it difficult to make them follow my orders. Since unlike the game Pokémon don't just follow your orders because you have eight badges. So instead, I decided to heal them and hope maybe they wouldn't attack me. Especially since we beat them already. 

I then stabilize them, not healing them fully because if they do attack we can easily take them out. Though this time, my whole team is standing beside each one in case they attack immediately ready to take them out. Once I stabilize them, I stand back a few feet and Entei is the first to wake up, followed by Suicune and Raikou. 

Raikou looked ready to immediately lash out, but Entei growled at him. The two legendary beasts stared at me with uncertain looks, while Entei was staring at Leo with admiration. Seeing them not attacking I let out a sigh, before speaking. 

"Can you talk?" I say since maybe these extremely old Pokémon could speak. 

"Yes, young one," Entei says looking at me and I hear a deep voice almost like Morgan Freeman. 

"Then why did you attack us?" I say wanting to know what the hell happened since these beasts avoid humans and there has only been one incident of them attacking people. 

"Because that Pokémon of yours radiates hatred for everything," Entei says looking at Annihilape, who gives off a natural deathly aura. 

"Because I don't care for anything outside my family," Annihilape says not denying Entei's statement, except Annihilape cares about me and the team. 

"Doesn't matter, I'm glad the King has grown strong," Entei says with a grunt and turns toward Leo who gives him a confused look as we all look confused. 

"His kind has been long lost, his blood comes from the one of the original beings to walk this earth. He is the rightful King of us beast Pokémon, he needs to go back to his home to reach his full potential. You do know where he kind originally comes from?" Entei says to me as I know that Leo's species of Arcanine came from a volcano in the Hisuian region.

"Yes," I say thinking about it as Leo gives me a surprised look since I never mentioned his homeland. 

"Good, then take him there and he will become what he is meant to be," Entei says nodding his head. 

"May we leave now?" Entei says and I nod my head while thinking about what he just told me. 

"Should you ever need our help, call for us my King and we will be there," Entei says bowing to Leo, along with Suicune and Raikou who bow along with him. 

"Good luck on your journey," Entei says as they all quickly run off in separate directions. 

"I'll tell you what I know," I say since Leo already knows he is one of a kind. 

Once I explain what I know about Leo's special kind of Arcanine we head back to the basement of the tower. Inside we see the place is pretty recked from the fight we had, then walking outside of it we see several guards running around outside the tower. At our appearance, they all ran over to me asking what that explosion was earlier. 

After explaining that we ran into the three legendary beasts and escaped them, they all took down what I said in a report. Afterward, we rested at the local hotel before making our way to Rage Lake. Leo wanted to see his homeland but was content with taking our time. Since I wanted us to be a full team and ready for anything, today we found ourselves fighting three legendary Pokémon at once. So our plans are to continue to see the remaining regions and find our remaining team members before making our way to Leo's homeland.