Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon

A young man dies and gets the choice to reincarnate into the world of Pokémon. With this new life in this new world, he will carve his name into the world's history. The journey and choices he will make may just affect the world around him. The people he meets and Pokémon will either help him on his journey or hinder him. I do not own the cover or Pokémon.

Anomander_Adaar · Anime & Comics
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76 Chs


As we were walking around the city, on the the second day here we made our way back to the docks. I was curious about what kind of Pokémon were caught today, plus I wanted and needed a water type on my team. As we were walking around I saw a Pokémon that looked very depressed. An extremely ugly Pokémon, one that no one spared a second glance. A Feebas, only this one was purple in color, compared to the normal brown, so it was a shiny of its species. 

'I do need a water type… plus knowing that Feebas's evolution is one of the coolest and powerful…, fuck it,' I think walking over to the fisherman selling the local Magicarp for food or people who want it for their team. 

"Hello! How can I help you?" the fisherman says seeing me walk over with Leo making the crowd back up with his stoic look. Mamoswine is in his Poké ball as he is too large for the area like normal Annihilape is hiding in my shadow at all times. 

"I'm interested in this purple Feebas," I say pointing to the Pokémon who perks up seeing someone interested in it. 

"Oh, that's what it is… Never seen its type before," the fisherman says walking over to the tank. 

"Well its species aren't normally found around here, must have gotten lost or forced over here somehow," I say with a shrug not sure why it would be all the way over here in Johto. 

"Makes sense… Want me to gut it for you?" the fisherman says nodding his head hearing me, then grabbing a fillet knife about to kill Feebas making me and Feebas panic. Feebas is giving me puppy eyes, even though it is a very ugly Pokémon, while possibly crying though I can't tell as it is underwater. 

"No! I want to buy Feebas to keep for my team," I say before the fisherman can kill my next potential team member. 

"Oh! Sorry, uhm, sure. Though the price will be higher," the fisherman says and I nod my head as Feebas gives me a relieved look, then brightens up hearing I want to keep them for my team. 

"That'd be ten thousand Poké dollars. An extra Five if you don't have your own Poké ball," the fisherman says as I stare at him for this highway robbery. 

"Sure, though I have my own ball," I say not wanting to argue with the man. 

After confirming the payment, I took out a Poké ball and caught Feebas. Feebas didn't even struggle allowing me to catch them with one shake of the Poké ball. Once they were caught I registered them to my team. Then I looked at their stats, I was very happy seeing them. 

Feebas, was a female, the first one on my team, plus she had a Blue Rank potential. Her moves were not the greatest, but I could get TMs for her, though she had two great egg moves. The first was Mirror Coat and the second was Dragon Breath. Feebas would definitely become a very strong Pokémon in the future. Now I just needed to call Professor Oak to see how they evolve, as I'm sure it is different than in the anime or games. 

"Hey Professor, I have a quick question. I just got a new Pokémon for my team, Feebas, and was wondering how they evolve," I say as I'm getting ready to copy down what he tells me. 

"Feebas… Feebas… Oh! The ugly little fish Pokémon, hmmm… Give me a second," Professor Oak says as I hear him walk from his desk and begin rummaging around in his office. Then I hear something break with him cursing, before walking back to the desk. 

"Those fucking interns!... Anyway, from my notes… It seems Feebas needs to be rubbed down with a special ointment daily to make its scales more shiny and appealing. Plus the Pokémon needs to feel very good about itself, basically confident in its appearance. So I guess you can boost its confidence somehow, I'll send you the list of items for the ointment," Professor Oak says as I write down what he told me and feel my phone vibrate to indicate I got the message of ingredients from Professor Oak. 

"What's your Feebas's potential?" Professor Oak asks me as I look at the list of ingredients which is fairly expensive. Thankfully I now have money to burn. 

"Blue," I say while walking to the large Mall in the city so I can buy the ingredients to last me a few months. 

"Damn! You are just a lucky bastard, aren't you… Well, good luck," Professor Oak says hanging up before I can respond. 

Walking into the mall, I go from store to store grabbing the ingredients I needed. While being stopped once in a while to take pictures or autographs for some people who recognized me. As Johto was the sister region of Kanto, so news about me spread here rather fast. 

Finally after grabbing everything, I headed back to our Five Star Hotel room and ordered food for us all. Then I brought out all my Pokémon, introducing them all to our newest member, Feebas. She was nervous as my Team is all King Ranked and extremely strong, while she thought herself weak and ugly. However, she quickly brightened up at my team's friendliness, even Annihilape was being nice to her. 

'Seems she became like the little sister of the team already,' I think seeing how they are all doting on her. 

"Feebas, let's talk," I say once she seems to have become more comfortable around us. 

"For starters, let me tell you the same thing I told my other team members when they first joined me. I promise to make you the strongest of your kind in one way or another, to bring out your full potential. All I ask in return is that you give it your all to become as strong as you can be," I say patting her side. 

Feebas, unlike Magikarp, seems to have the ability to stay upright on land and not flop around. Though she obviously would move much faster if she was in the water, plus I had to buy a special tool made for Pokémon who breathe underwater. I was a collar that went around their gills and held water in it so they could breathe while on land. I bought the most expensive one, rated to be able to survive even King Ranked Pokémon attacks. 

(AN: Kind of like the one that Abe Sapien aka the Fishman from Hellboy wears around his neck)

"Fee-feebas!" Feebas says to me with a determined look while my other team members nod encouraging her. 

"Great! Then we will begin your training starting tomorrow. However, starting today and moving forward, every morning I will be applying this ointment to your body. It is to help make your scales stronger and more beautiful," I say bringing out the ointment that I made earlier. Feebas gives me an excited look as I apply the ointment that already seems to make her rugged scales look slightly better. 

We then spend another couple of days in the city, so Feebas can adjust to becoming part of our team. Then once we feel she is ready to explore with us, we make our way around the region of Johto. We spent the next few months sightseeing the regional cities, I saved Ecruteak City and Rage Lake for last. During this time Feebas mastered more of her already-known moves. I also taught her Scald, as for her stats I left them alone for now. 

I wanted her to master her moves first before evolving or increasing her stats, as this time there was no rush for her to increase her stats. The rest of my team mastered all the moves they knew. Also during this time, the daily ointment of Feebas made her scales much more durable and shiny, she actually started to look much better. Plus her confidence in herself was increasing. I can only imagine she would have evolved already if not for the everstone I had on her gill cover. 

As we arrived in Ecruteak City I noticed many were attracted to the Burned Tower in the large town/ mini city. The remains of this once-great tower, in the northwestern corner of the city, are all that is left after a fire engulfed it 150 years ago. It was once as majestic as the Bell Tower to the east, with the two towers representative of where Pokémon awakened and where they slept.

According to the legends, Lugia once perched on this tower; however, another place rumored for Lugia living is in the Whirl Islands. The three Legendary beasts make their supposedly made their home in the basement of the tower, giving it a new life after it was burned down by Ho-Oh, who once perched atop the Bell Tower. However, the three legendary beasts only return to the tower every other decade. 

The other famous place of this town was the Bell Tower, a majestic tower to the east, the Bell Tower is where Ho-Oh was once said to roost. The legend is that a person carrying a Rainbow Feather can prove to Ho-Oh that they are a pure-hearted person who will bring Pokémon and people back into harmony with one another. That Ho-Oh will become a part of that person's team, so it is common for people to walk into the bell tower for a tour of these legends. 

The Burned Tower is off limits to the public as it is now filled with wild Ghost-type Pokémon who don't bother the residents. The Ghost-type Pokémon seem to only stay inside the tower, however, the league has trainers stationed here to ensure no one goes inside the Burned Tower or the Ghost-type Pokémon don't leave and head towards the town. 

'I should be able to walk inside the Burned Tower with my ID, I'm curious to see what it looks like. Plus we might find something interesting inside,' I think as I walk over to the guarded area of the Burned Tower. 

"Stop, no further," the one guard says seeing me approach the area. 

"Here is my ID, I want access to the area," I say handing over my ID, as the guard's eyes widen after he scans it to see that it is real. 

"Of course, go ahead sir," the guard says stepping aside and letting me in as Leo stares at the guard who gives him a nervous look. 

"Any idea how strong the Ghost-types are inside?" I say curiously as I stand outside the burned tower and can sense the dense ghost-type energy radiating from inside the place. 

"The normal Gastly, occasional Haunter, and a rare Duskull once in a while. However, there is a Gengar who keeps the weaker Pokémon in check. Apparently, it's the reason why none leave the tower and head to the city, they only head towards the woods behind the tower," the guard says as I nod my head and walk inside. 

Walking inside the burned tower, the place is completely pitch black inside. With only a few rays of sunlight making it through the cracks in the walls. Plus the place looks very dusty, appearing to show that no one has been inside in a few years at the latest. I can feel the dozens of invisible eyes looking at me from the darkness, but not moving as they can sense Annihilape who is making sure none come close to me. 

Only Annihilape and myself are in the tower, as Leo and Mamoswine are too big and I didn't want to damage anything. Plus Feebas is too weak right now, leaving Annihilape and myself to explore this place. With my abilities growing stronger daily and Annihilape being as strong as he is, the only thing that would worry me is if we ran into a legendary Pokémon.

"Creepy," I say out loud at the complete eerie silence of the tower, only the creaking of the old wood under my feet.