Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon

A young man dies and gets the choice to reincarnate into the world of Pokémon. With this new life in this new world, he will carve his name into the world's history. The journey and choices he will make may just affect the world around him. The people he meets and Pokémon will either help him on his journey or hinder him. I do not own the cover or Pokémon.

Anomander_Adaar · Anime & Comics
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76 Chs


After entering the city and finding our temporary housing while the tournament goes on, we explore the mini-city. I learned a few things, first, there were many different areas to train your Pokémon along with shops selling all sorts of items. There were rules for the contestants to not battle one another outside the tournament. Plus apparently, there were preliminary rounds. 

These would take the first week up, thankfully due to the gym leaders and mostly Professor Oak, I imagine, I opted out of them. That and the fact I was considered at the top of my generation. I would be taking part in the main tournament, as only a thousand trainers could be a part of the main part. That means the other thousands of trainers would have to battle it out in the preliminary rounds to get in. 

On my second day of walking around, I found Brock and Lance. We caught up before I learned that unlike Lance or myself, Brock had to take part in the preliminary rounds. So for the first week, Lance and I watched Brock battle in the preliminary rounds. Plus it would let us see if there were any other promising trainers we would have to battle against. 

During this time, my Pokémon were each able to finish absorbing their items. This allowed them all to gain even more strength. With Leo reaching seventy, Annihilape reaching even higher stats, and Mamoswine breaking into the King Rank along with raising his stats even higher. 

Although I only have three Pokémon due to the help from my Dad and Professor Oak, I far surpass those with six team members. The only time I will have trouble will be in the later rounds where I meet Ace and Elite Rank trainers. If I somehow make it to the finals, I doubt I will win, but who knows I might be able to pull a win out. 

Even if I don't win the leaders of the Pokémon League are here and those taking part in the tournament have the chance to raise this Pokémon Trainer Ranks. Everyone in my generation here maxed out at Advanced Trainer, but depending on how we do can raise it higher. So even if I don't win the tournament, but make it to the semi-finals at least, I can achieve Elite Rank trainer level. 

That is only because I am one of the very few trainers who have three King Ranked Pokémon, even my father only one. I am now in the top five percent of all trainers worldwide that have three or more King Rank Pokémon. But it is thanks to the help I received from my Dad and Professor Oak. 

"What are you thinking about?" Lance says as we watch Brock's last round which he should win easily. 

"How I might due in the tournament and my goal of placing in it," I say as I explain my last few moments of thought. 

"Yeah, I hope I can make it to the semi-finals. That way I can at least be raised to Elite Trainer, then next tournament I can take the Champion Title," Lance says to me and then smirks at the end, knowing I am aiming for the same thing. 

"Not if I beat you first," I say to Lance who chuckles. 

"We'll see, I've grown much more than you've last seen," Lance says and I nod my head looking over to his Dragonair who has evolved into Dragonite since I've last seen them. Then we turn our attention back to the battle, where Brock finally wins his spot in the real tournament. 

"Congrats!" we both say once Brock leaves the arena and walks over to us. 

"Thanks, guys," Brock says with a happy smile. 

Then the three of us make our way to one of the restaurants in the minicity. We have a celebratory lunch for each of us making it into the main tournament. Plus the restaurant here serves Pokémon too, so our Pokémon were able to eat as well. However, Annihilape no longer eats, instead just hides in my shadow all of the time but comes out at night to keep watch over us. 

"So, after looking at the roster how do you guys think you will do?" Brock says as we walk around the minicity passing the time.

"Honestly… I don't think I'll make it past the quarter-finals. But I hope I can at least make it to the semi-finals," Lance says with a heavy sigh seeing all the well-known and stronger trainers taking part in this tournament outside our generation. 

"Damn… I guess I can only hope to make it to the quarter-finals," Brock says knowing that compared to us he is far behind. Then they both look at me, as I'm thinking. 

"I believe I should be able to at least make it to the semi-finals… Though how far I get in them, really just depends on who I face. Like, imagine if I face Red Ketchum at the beginning of the semi-finals or right as the tournament begins… I don't know if I will be able to beat him" I say to them as Brock realizes that he could be screwed and end up facing someone way stronger than him in the very beginning. 

"Fuuuuck," Brock says coming to that realization. 

"Why can't they release the tournament placing already?! I want to know if I should just give up now!" Brock says with a defeated voice complaining. 

"Brock, even if any of us end up facing Red or someone else like him. We should still give it our all, that way the league sees just how strong we really are," Lance says making Brock feel better as he nods his head. 

"You're right!" Brock says as his fiery personality comes back at the flip of a coin. 

"I should keep training until the start then!" Brock says running off with his Pokémon quickly following him. 

"I guess, I should too," Lance says and I nod my head as we both make our way to one of the available training rooms around the city. 

Over the two days, the preliminary rounds finally ended, with one day rest for the trainers who were a part of it. Then the official tournament began, the night before the tournament officially began the placings were released for everyone to see. I looked at my first opponent and it was no one I recognized as a tough challenge.

The first real challenge I could see myself having was a couple of rounds later. As I was facing an Ace Ranked trainer who from what I can remember has several Duke Ranked Pokémon. Overall I appear to be lucky in my placing, that is until the beginning of the quarter finals. From the looks of it, I will be facing Brock if he makes it that far. I will still do my best against him and win, but it sucks I have to beat one of my friends. 

After that, it appears I will have to face a few more Ace Trainers and one Elite at the end of the quarter-finals. Then in the beginning of the semi-finals, I will face off against Lance if he makes it that far and luckily neither I nor my friends come across Red until the semi-finals or someone of his rank. 

'This should be fun… hopefully,' I think as I look at the placements before shaking off the nervousness. 

The next morning all the trainers fighting today gathered in the main battle arena for a speech by the Pokémon League President and Blue Oak. Everyone would leave for the arena where they would be fighting, as there were several arenas since there were a total of a thousand participants. Each smaller arena could house one hundred thousand people, with the main one being able to house two hundred fifty thousand people. 

However, the trainers taking part in the tournament stood in the field below the audience waiting for the speech to begin. Then finally the Pokémon League President and Blue Oak walked out onto the balcony near the VIP section. There was a podium and several mics near it along with all the cameras focusing on the two as this was being broadcast live across the region. 

"Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!" the Pokémon League President begins catching everyones attention if he already didn't have it. 

"It gives me immense pleasure to announce the opening of the 100th Indigo League tournament organized every five years by our Pokémon League. First of all, I would like to welcome you all to this occasion. Our Pokémon League was established with the objective of creating trainers and champions to serve our League and I am feeling very proud to say that many of our trainers have shown great skill to be here," the Pokémon League President begins. 

"While I say so, I would like to express my gratitude to the Gym Leaders and school teachers who train our students with utmost dedication and are always committed to their duty and the league. Our trainers have also shown great commitment towards the league and have always been enthusiastic to participate in the competition be it within or outside the region," the Pokémon League President continues. 

"There are many new trainers who have just joined us; this tournament is a great opportunity for them to showcase their talent and skills; however I would advise that you should make the best of this opportunity and improve your spirit of comradeship with the fellow trainers and learn from your seniors," the President says while seeming to look at the younger generation, mine, who has made it into the tournament. 

"On this occasion, I would like to thank all those who have always shown non-stop faith in our League and have showered us with their love and support. Our Champion Blue Oak, has gotten his place at the top in the last tournament. Over the next few weeks we will see if he has what it takes to keep his place or if another will take it from him," the president says while gesturing to Blue Oak who gives everyone a stoic look while possibly staring down Red, his rival. 

"Each year we get applications from thousands of trainers but we only select students who are at the top of their group. We even provide support to talented trainers since we promote talents and aim to create future champions. The effort of the gym leaders, teachers, administrators, and each one associated with the League is also highly appreciable and most importantly the dedication and perseverance of the trainers are commendable which has brought the League to this level," the president says and I hope his speech starts to wrap up. 

"Well, I would rest my speech here and wish each one of you a very good luck and a bright future ahead! Thank you and All the Best!" the president says finally finishing his speech and then the fire of the tournament is lit by Blue Oak. 

'Huh, kinda like the Olympics,' I think seeing the large brazier being lit by Blue, with a golden statue of Moltres above it. 

Everyone then leaves for their respective arenas, mine is one of the smaller arenas, arena three. I walk my way there with all of my Pokémon in their balls, except for Annihilape who has been in my shadow this whole time. There I go to the waiting area for the trainers who would be battling today. As my first battle would be in a couple of hours. I lean against the chair I was sitting in, deciding to either nap or meditate until my time, with Annihilape alerting me when it is time.