Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon

A young man dies and gets the choice to reincarnate into the world of Pokémon. With this new life in this new world, he will carve his name into the world's history. The journey and choices he will make may just affect the world around him. The people he meets and Pokémon will either help him on his journey or hinder him. I do not own the cover or Pokémon.

Anomander_Adaar · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
79 Chs


My Dad and I talked for a bit longer while discussing Annihilape. While talking with him, I handed over the items for Leo and Piloswine. Leo should be able to absorb it within the day, but Piloswine being much lower ranked, will take him a few days or more. Then we headed home, where Lance and Brock just arrived as well. 

"Hey guys," I say as they come waving at us. 

"You both can let your Pokémon out, my property is more than enough to let them roam. Plus they would probably not want to be kept in their Poké Balls this whole time," Dad says as he technically owns a third of the forest on the island behind our decently sized house. Perks of being a part researcher and a gym leader. 

"Awesome, thanks!" Brock says immediately bringing out his team which are all quite large Pokémon. 

Lance then lets his team out, though Charmeleon looks at my Dad's Charizard with a respect filled gaze. While the other Pokémon are all talking and getting to know one another better, while my Pokémon are catching up with Brock and Lance's Pokémon. However, Annihilape was standing to the side looking at the socializing with an emotionless face and seems completely disinterested. 

Annihilape then disappears and I can feel his presence disappear into my shadow, using me as a cover to avoid the other Pokémon, he no longer cares for. It seems not only has everything else changed about him, but his personality also completely changed. I am unsure if that is a good or bad thing, but hopefully, it doesn't matter or can be considered good. 

We all then headed inside where we all talked, with my Dad getting to know my friends better. I am also curious about the second most well-known person of my generation, Lance. He was also interested in Brock since he is the son of a fellow gym leader. After a few hours of talking, we all headed to bed. 

Leo was still able to fit into my room, but just barely where he slept in the corner of the room. While Piloswine took up a spot near Leo as well. Annihilape didn't seem tired in the slightest, showing that his part Ghost type has made him more supernatural. Annihilape appeared to be standing by the window overlooking the outdoors while the rest of us slept. 

Waking up the next day, I see that Annihilape has moved from his spot like he was a statue. Then he turned and greeted us when we woke, before going back to my shadow to disappear. Walking downstairs I greeted everyone while we ate breakfast and then got ready for the day. 

Lance and Brock are sticking around for today too, as they both were curious to meet Professor Oak. Since he is kinda a recluse unlike the anime or games, only comes out for public speeches or when certain things catch his attention. He is still one of the most well-known people in the world and even more so in our region. 

"Professor Oak should be here within the hour," Dad says once we are all sitting outside watching our Pokémon roam the very large open space in the backyard. 

"My Dad told me so much about him since he met him a couple of times and from what everyone says," Brock says immediately fanboying over the professor once my Dad mentions he should be here soon. 

After listening to Brock go on about Professor Oak for another couple of minutes, we heard the sounds of wings flapping. Looking up we see a larger-than-normal Charizard flying towards us. Landing a few feet from us we see Professor Oak jump off the Charizard who is eyeing all the Pokémon present. I can tell that this Charizard is in the Emperor Rank and extremely powerful. 

"Hello, How've you been Blaine?" Professor Oak says after landing and shaking my Dad's hand while smiling at him. 

"Good, good. The usual, and you?" Dad says as they shake hands. 

"Still learning more and more every day. As I hear, your son just made a breakthrough?" Professor Oak says after the greeting and looks over to the three of us. 

"Yes, his Primeape evolved, into what he calls an Annihilape. Not only that but his Primeape went through some major changes after the evolution," Dad says as Brock looks ready to burst wanting to berate Professor Oak with questions. While Lance and I are staring at him trying to judge his character. 

"Interesting… You must be Lance Chevalier and you appear to be Lucas Brinton. You look a lot like Flint–" Professor Oak says walking over to us with my Dad right behind him. 

"Yeah, I'm Brock Harrison! Son of Flint!" Brock says excited that Professor Oak does know his Dad. 

"Nice to meet you all. So, Lucas, can I meet your Prime–, I mean your Annihilape as you call them," Professor Oak says while now focusing completely on me. 

"Sure," I say while mentally urging Annihilape to show himself as he was remaining hidden in my shadow this whole time. 

Appearing from seemingly nowhere, Annihilape appeared beside me while staring down Professor Oak with his same emotionless face. I can Professor Oak is now looking at Annihilape with a very excited glint in his eyes, while his Charizard comes closer eyeing Annihilape. 

"You are much more interesting in person and different… I'd love to run some tests with your trainer and your permission as well," Professor Oak says without taking his eyes off Annihilape and gives me a look after stating what he would like from us. 

"Of course I will compensate you both accordingly," Professor Oak quickly adds since he sees no change on either of our faces. 

'What do you think Annihilape? Want to let him run some tests, it is up to you,' I say to him through our connection, while Leo and Piloswine walk over now, eyeing the Charizard. 

'Sure, I'd like to learn more about myself,' I hear a deep emotionless, rumbling, and grating voice enter my mind. I was not expecting Annihilape to be able to speak and look down at him in shock. 

'You could speak this whole time and you just decided to now?!' I say as Annihilape turns to me with the same emotionless face. 

'There was no reason to, until now,' Annihilape says to me with an indifferent look. 

'I see…' I say back nodding my head. 

"Annihilape says that you can run your tests," I say as Annihilape then nods his head slowly looking back to Professor Oak. Who now looks very excited hearing the confirmation. 

"Great! Blaine, I assume you still have a lab set up here?" Professor Oak says and my Dad nods his head. 

"Follow me," Dad says as everyone, excluding our Pokémon other than Annihilape, follows my Dad to the lab he has set up near the house. 

The lab was probably not as extensive as Professor Oak's or any full-time researcher, but it was still a decent setup with many different equipment one would need. However, most of the equipment was meant to research the volcano and fire-type Pokémon. 

"This will do for now… Though if you two would come to my Lab, then I will compensate you both even more," Professor Oak says as he begin setting up some equipment he intends to use. 

"Annihilape and I are fine with that, but we need to get the last badge before the tournament too," I say to Professor Oak as he nods his head. 

"I understand, though once we are done running the tests here. We can discuss the finer details," Professor Oak says then gestures for Annihilape to come over to him. 

Over the next few hours Professor Oak runs all sorts of tests, while copying the information down into his laptop. He is also asking me all sorts of questions and once by the time he is done it is past noon. Everyone already left us doing their own thing, though lunch was brought to us. Then by the time dinner time came, Professor Oak begrudgingly stopped his tests. 

After eating dinner, Professor Oak handed me two things that made me almost have a heart attack. It was an Emperor Ranked Orb from a Gengar, that he gave to Annihilape. I got a notification that my bank account received several million Poké dollars. I didn't know what to say and before I could speak Professor Oak spoke first. 

"Like I said earlier, come with me back home tomorrow. There I will be able to run more finely detailed tests and boarder spectrum ones. It will take a couple of weeks, a month at most. Though I will compensate you very well, I got confirmation that Giovani will come to us for you to challenge him for his gym badge. So will you come with me?" Professor Oak says to me as I was still processing the two things I just got, which didn't even phase him. 

'How much does this man make and what can he get a hold of…'I think as I stare at him. 

'We should do it, though let's see what he can offer us no?' Annihilape says to me seeing the hesitation, which has Professor Oak slightly worried it seems. 

"What kind of items could I get?" I ask curious, my Dad gives me a subtle nod approving of my scheming ways. 

"I can get you another Emperor Ranked item for Annihilape, plus one for your Arcanine and another for your Piloswine. I also see that your Arcanine is special, if I can run tests on him as well, I will add another Emperor Ranked item of your choice. Plus I can give you double the amount of money which I just transferred to you. I know this is a lot, but you are a very talented trainer, so it will allow me to make a connection with you and learn more about two of your extremely special Pokémon," Professor Oak says making me almost have another heart attack at all of these offers. 

"Deal!" I say immediately as we shake on it. 

"Good, then tomorrow morning we will leave," Professor Oak says nodding his head satisfied with this deal. 

'We might just be able to win this tournament now,' I think with all these items thrown our way. 

The next morning after eating and showering, I say my goodbyes to my friends and Dad. Then Professor Oak, withdrew Charizard and in his stead took out an Alakazam which also appeared to be Emperor Ranked. 

"Withdraw your Pokémon please, as Alakazam will be teleporting us directly to my home. The long-distance teleportation may make you feel sick however, so that is common to feel once we arrive," Professor Oak says as I nod my head placing my Pokémon back into their Poké balls. 

Then before I could blink I felt the world around me shift and then we were standing in front of his house in Pallet town. Just as we arrived, my stomach swirled and I felt extremely nauseous and threw up into the bushes next to me. 

"Hahaha! Happens to everyone the first time," Professor Oak says walking inside his house as Alakazam just wanders away. 

"Honey, I'm home and we have a guest!" Professor Oak says that a woman who appears to be in her fifties walks downstairs hugging him. 

Then she turns to me, the woman has light blonde hair with wisps of grey in it, her eyes are a light blue and she appears to be in very good shape from what I can guess is her real age. Then again the people who live in this world all appear to be models from my last world and they all age very slowly too. 

"Hello! I'm Mrs. Oak, but you can call me Cherry," Cherry says hugging me surprising me at her greeting. She appears to be the complete opposite of Professor Oak who is slightly antisocial. 

"Nice to meet you, I'm Lucas Brinton," I say greeting her back. 

"Cherry, he will be staying with us for a few weeks, maybe longer," Professor Oak says as she nods her head. 

"Great! Then I will make some snacks for you two. I'm assuming he is here to help in your research," Cherry says as he nods his head gesturing for me to follow him. 

"Have fun you two!" Cherry says as we walk to his backyard.