Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon

A young man dies and gets the choice to reincarnate into the world of Pokémon. With this new life in this new world, he will carve his name into the world's history. The journey and choices he will make may just affect the world around him. The people he meets and Pokémon will either help him on his journey or hinder him. I do not own the cover or Pokémon.

Anomander_Adaar · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
79 Chs


As my eyes grew heavy, I could hear Uncle Fuji along with Leo and Primeape running our way. I pushed myself up, forcing myself to not pass out since it could mean even more problems if more wild Pokémon showed up. Swinub was trying his best to nudge me up I just pat him on the head to calm him down. 

"Lucas, Ali! What happened?! Are you ok?" Uncle Fuji says with my two Pokémon running over to me as I calm them down telling them I am ok. 

"Yeah Dad, we are fine. Thanks to Espeon, Eevee, Swinub, and Lucas we managed to beat some strong Haunters… Though I have no idea why they came this close to the outskirts of town. They should be deeper in the forest, preying on the weaker Pokémon," Ali says as Uncle Fuji lets out a sigh of relief. 

"That is true…" Uncle Fuji says walking over to the forest where the Haunter came from with Espeon right next to him. He peered into the forest as if he was searching for something. 

"In the morning I will make some phone calls. Though we should head back for now. Lucas, catch!" Uncle Fuji says then throws something at me which I barely catch on instinct due to me being very tired. 

"What–" I start to say while looking down at a pitch-black orb with a small pulsing purple glow in the center. 

"That is dropped by Haunters when they are destroyed completely. Espeon told me you killed the one, the others were dispersed reforming somewhere else. Keep it, you'd make better use of it," Uncle Fuji says to me as we all start making our way back to his house. I just nod my head to him while holding onto the orb to place it in my bag once we get back to the house. 

Though my Pokémon are on high alert with Leo looking very upset he wasn't there to assist me. Out of all my Pokémon Leo is the most loyal, as he would sacrifice himself without a second thought to save me. I know trying to calm him down will be very difficult especially since he wasn't there to help me. 

Once back inside the house, I head to the guest room with my Pokémon right behind me. I try again to calm them down which works with Primeape and Swinub, but Leo still looks upset he wasn't there to help me. I just pat his head, before lying down on the bed and passing out the second my head hits the pillow. 

Waking up the next day I feel like I've drunk all the beer last night and have the worst hangover I've ever experienced. Though I chalk it up to the fact I used almost all of the psychic energy. Using it all completely would have killed me, so leaving just the smallest left would keep me alive which I did last night. Now I feel the backlash of using all that energy, it would take me another day maybe two to recharge my energy. My Pokémon looked at me worried, but I just gave them a tired smile. 

"Good morning," Uncle Fuji says to me as I walk into the kitchen grabbing a cup of coffee while my head feels like it is going to split in half. 

"Morning," I say while sitting down and groaning in pain. Both Ali and Uncle Fuji looked at me worried that maybe I was injured last night and didn't say anything. Then Espeon seems to say something to Uncle Fuji who nods his head. 

"Espeon says in a couple of hours the worst of it will disappear, by tomorrow morning you should be back to normal… She also says your powers will now increase since doing what you did and living will drastically improve your powers, but it is not safe to do at all– Wait! Lucas almost killed himself?!" Uncle Fuji says to me as Espeon is talking to him telepathically. 

"Please, my head is killing me," I say from hearing him shout as my Uncle and Ali give me worried and annoyed looks. 

"Lucas… stay here and rest for today, no arguing or I call your Dad to come here himself. And Ali, no more going to the forest until I figure out what is going on," Uncle Fuji says standing up and walking outside to make a few phone calls it appears. Ali sighs hearing her Dad, but nods her head before giving me a worried look again. 

"Lucas–" Ali starts to say. 

"I know, but I did what I did. No undoing it, I get I was reckless and will not do it again unless I have no other choice," I say interrupting her and just getting up to go ly back down in bed, Espeon follows after me. 

"Leo, Primeape, please finish absorbing the items. Then if you have the time you can do the training exercises. Swinub, just keep doing the exercises we discussed yesterday," I say before going to my room, as I lay down Espeon jumps next to me in the bed. 

'I can help speed up your recovery,' Espeon's soft and calming voice says to me in my head. I just nod my head before falling asleep very quickly again. 

I woke up a few hours later with the worst of the headache gone and now just a dull ache in its place. Rubbing my face I pat Espeon on the head who stretches and walks out of my room. I then get in a cold shower as that seems to help me too, then once I feel slightly better I walk out to check on my Pokémon. However, as I walk outside I can see Ali talking with my Dad and Uncle. 

"Charizard," I say seeing Charizard sunbathing with my Dad's other Pokémon talking with my Pokémon. 

"Char-char," Charizard says waving at me lazily. I just chuckle at his nonchalant attitude as his species is normally not like this, he is an anomaly among his kind. 

"Dad," I say as he turns to me with a worried, then relieved, and finally a very annoyed look on his face. 

"Lucas… If you weren't already suffering backlash I would have smacked some sense into you," Dad says to me with a worried and annoyed voice while giving me a hug. 

"Yeah, I know I messed up," I say with a sigh as my Dad just grunts releasing me from the hug. 

"That's an understatement, but at least you are okay," Dad says to me as he just sighs. 

"I assume you are here to check out the forest too," I say since my Dad is here for that too probably. 

"Yeah, I am here for that too. Normally the league would just write it off since Lavender Town is dwindling. Instead would tell everyone to relocate or stay and be killed by the wild Pokémon. That's why I volunteered to help," Dad says as I nod my head since that makes sense. The Pokémon wouldn't want to waste resources and Trainers for a Town that grows smaller in size every few years. 

"By yourself?" I say slightly worried even though I know how strong my Dad's Pokémon are. 

"Worried about your old man? But, no, Fuji here will be coming too," Dad says as Uncle Fuji nods his head. 

"The two of us will be fine, with your Dad's Pokémon and my knowledge of the forest we will only be gone for a few hours," Uncle Fuji says right after nodding his head. 

"Well, be safe you two," Ali says as they nod their heads and we wave goodbye with my Dad's Pokémon following after them. Along with Espeon who runs over to Uncle Fuji. 

"Char," Charizard says to us waving goodbye while slowly following after the others with a tired look. 

"Did you guys finish absorbing the items?" I say to my Pokémon with Primeape nodding his head, but Leo still has the chunk of rock from Graveler to absorb. 

"OK, Primeape, could you help Swinub with his exercise? Leo finish absorbing the item and we can maybe finally evolve you," I say to them as Primeape nods his head walking over to an open area with Swinub who follows behind him. 

"Sorry…" Ali says feeling guilty about getting us into that situation yesterday. 

"It's fine, we couldn't have expected that something was happening in the forest to cause stronger Pokémon to escape towards the town," I say to her as she just nods her head still feeling guilty it seems. 

"If you want to do me a favor… I'm pretty hungry," I say as Ali gives me a look waiting for the favor, and then laughs nodding her head. 

"Sure, let's have some late lunch," Ali says as we go inside to eat. 

Ali and I just sit inside eating some late lunch while talking. Then we go outside after a while to check on the Pokémon, with me giving pointers to Swinub as Primeape is coaching him. Primeape's stats increased again slightly after absorbing the feather, with Leo's increasing too and once he absorbs the next item I can finally evolve him. Our Dads finally come back after a few hours like they said, with my Dad's Pokémon looking slightly beaten up though everyone is intact. 

"There was a territory dispute between two King Ranked Pokémon, we were able to work it out after some fighting. Hopefully, in a few days, everything should go back to normal. Though don't venture into the forest for the next few days," Dad says to us as Uncle Fuji nods his head. 

Then as they told us more about what happened, Leo ran over to me excitedly. It seems he finally absorbed the last item and with it maxed out his stats. I double-checked to make sure and he was ready to evolve. Everyone hearing this got excited as they get to see Leo evolve. All of our Pokémon gathered around to witness this, my Dad's looked especially excited since Leo is like their little brother. 

"Leo you ready?" I ask Leo who barks excitedly as I take out the Fire Stone and place it down in front of him. 

Leo then grabs the Fire Stone and crushes it between his jaws with a huge burst of flame that surrounds him. Everyone takes a step back as the heat coming off the fire swirling around him burns the surroundings to ash in seconds. Inside the swirling fire, we see the glow of Leo evolving into Arcanine. 

The fire then gets absorbed inward as the glow from Leo evolving increases making everyone shield their eyes. Almost like his evolution gives off a beacon, then before any of us can see from the bright light we hear a roar that sounds like a Lion's come from the slowly dying down glow. 

In place of Leo is a huge Red-orange Pokémon with a deep black mane. Leo looks to be larger than his kind should be, Leo was already large for a Hisuian Growlithe. However, I didn't think he would get this big, as he looked to be 8ft 2 inches (2.5m). I came out of my surprise and scanned him, seeing that like Primeape his stats reset. He even reached the next Rank of Pokémon, Earl as he leveled up once. The best part is Leo's potential increasing bringing him to the second-best potential, Purple. 

"Congrats, Leo," Dad says to him as all the Pokémon start to congratulate Leo too. 

"Yeah, Leo congratulations," I say to him as he howls in delight at his evolution. 

His personality seems to have shifted slightly. Not in a bad way, as when he was a Growlithe, he was more puppy-like. He wanted attention a lot and wanted to play/train as much as he could. Now he gives off a more of a 'noble and stoic' feeling like he is an old and wise Pokémon. We all then have a small celebration for Leo's evolution and for our fathers fixing the issue inside the forest.