Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon

A young man dies and gets the choice to reincarnate into the world of Pokémon. With this new life in this new world, he will carve his name into the world's history. The journey and choices he will make may just affect the world around him. The people he meets and Pokémon will either help him on his journey or hinder him. I do not own the cover or Pokémon.

Anomander_Adaar · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
78 Chs


I planned for Leo to sneak around and jump out making the herd of Rapidash and Ponyta flee. At the same time, Mankey would be waiting in the area where they would hopefully flee. There he would quickly try to subdue as many Ponyta as possible with Leo helping subdue any straggilers. I would be waiting near Mankey too, using my psychic powers to help subdue any fleeing Ponyta. 

We wanted the Ponyta as they could be sold at a higher price since they are younger and can form bonds with the trainers who receive them more easily. As an evolved Pokémon is harder to win over since it most likely has more experience and would rather be in the wild.

Once I confirmed with Leo through our mind link that Mankey and I were in position he jumped out charging the herd. Leo's sudden entrance and roaring at the herd made many panic causing a chain reaction within the herd to flee. Thankfully they fled in the direction I predicted, with Leo running behind them taking down the slowest of the herd. A slower Ponyta. 

Using my abilities, I guided the Pokéball to catch the downed Ponyta Leo took out. At the same time, Mankey rushed into the herd like the crazy little monkey he is. There he jumped from Pokémon to Pokémon using Cross Chop on the backs of the Ponyta making them drop like flies. 

'Seems I am more focused on using my powers to use Pokéballs to catch the fallen Ponyta than helping subdue anything,' I think seeing my two Pokémon use extremely well-coordinated teamwork to take down almost all of the Ponyta.

"Ok! Guys let them go!" I say gathering my ten new Ponyta for selling later. 

Though I scanned them all using my Pokédex to check them out. I did not register them to my name since I planned on selling them though. Six out of the ten had Orange potential, with three having yellow, and only one having red potential. The same rank as Mankey though I had no interest in keeping it. 

"You guys did an amazing job!" I said to Leo and Mankey giving them their favorite foods while placing the caught Ponyta in my backpack. 

"Ok, let's keep hunting for some other Pokémon or items we can gather to sell," I say to my team as we leave the now empty open field. 

Our first week in the forest was very successful with us catching the Ponyta, a three orange ranked Pidgey, and one red-ranked Spearow. I figured this should be good for now, as we would be focusing on training the rest of the time before getting to Silver Town. 

"Mankey, how much longer until you absorb the first item?" I ask Mankey who is absorbing the claw from Hitmonlee as he has been doing every night. 

"Mankey!" Mankey says showing me the claw which has now lost all of its power. 

"Oh, nice! Now take this Duke Ranked Hitmonchan's Crown and absorb this," I say taking out the next item for Mankey who nods his head taking it. 

I then scan Mankey using the Pokédex showing me how much his stat improved. I was happy seeing Mankey max out his two stats for his potential. This means once he absorbs the last two items I can let him evolve. With a high possibility his potential increases due to maxing out his stats before letting him evolve. 

Not many trainers can do this due to the amount of time and money needed. Plus not every trainer has the backing like I do with my Dad being a gym leader. Like my past life money makes the world go round and those with less fortunate backgrounds have a much harder time getting ahead. This makes me appreciate my Dad and everything he has done for me much more. 

Then my Pokédex which is an all-in-one tool, also has a satellite phone meaning you can receive calls or call anyone from almost anywhere. This is a common feature to help trainers who find themselves in a situation needing help in the wild. I got a phone call and it was from my Dad who I was just thinking about. 

"Hey Dad," I say answering the phone as Mankey goes back to absorbing the new item, with Leo doing his nightly exercises. 

"Hey Lucas, I was able to get my hands on a few items for Leo," Dad says to me as I asked him about it a few weeks ago. 

"Oh really! Uhm, I don't have any money to pay you back though, yet at least," I say to Dad since I feel slightly bad like I am mooching off him. 

"Lucas we talked about this… just take the items," Dad says with a sigh but understanding why I feel this way. 

"Thanks, Dad, love you," I say as he sends them through my Pokédex which is a feature he added to my Pokédex using his connections. Most likely for this purpose. 

"Love you too kiddo. Just remember I want the best for you and I look forward to the day you become the Champion of our region!" Dad says to me before we bid goodbye and the items come through a few seconds after the call ends. 

I sent him another thank you text while saying the items came through. My Dad sent me two items, one was a clump of fur from a King Ranked Arcanine which must have cost him a fortune. The other was probably just as expensive too, but was a part of the shell from a King Ranked Golem. These along with the King Ranked Fire Stone I have yet to use, are going to make Leo a monster once he evolves. 

"Leo! Dad sent us some items for you! Which do you want to absorb first?" I ask Leo who runs over to inspect the items I just received. 

"Grow-growlithe!" Leo says nudging the clump of fur from the King Ranked Arcanine, which I guess should be no surprise considering that is his next evolution. 

"Ok, then once you absorb this you can absorb the other one," I say giving it to Leo who takes it and places it in his mane to absorb. 

'My Dad's Magmar's scale made Leo's stats skyrocket last time too. I can only imagine what they will do this time. Plus these items might be the catalyst that lets Leo and Mankey enter the next Rank since they both have seemed to bottlenecked at level forty,' I think as I finish preparing dinner for tonight as my Pokémon focus on absorbing their new items. 

Within the next week, Mankey absorbed the crown I gave him while Leo was still absorbing the one item. It appears the better the item the longer it takes to absorb which makes sense. I then gave Mankey the last item in hopes it would push the last of his stats to max rank before I let him evolve. 

During this item we really did nothing but train their moves and absorb the items while slowly making our way to Silver Town. By the end of our time in the wilderness, Leo was still absorbing the fur from the King Ranked Arcanine. Though Mankey absorbed all his items and his stats all maxed out at B Rank. This made him now stronger than Leo though I know not for long as Leo will be absorbing two King Ranked items. 

"Mankey! Congratulations, you are now the best you can be! I am going to remove the everstone and you can evolve into Primeape," I say taking the belt holding the everstone off Mankey as Leo and I watch Mankey glow a bright white showing he is evolving. 

After a few tense seconds of watching Mankey slowly grow in size and width, the glow subsides. With a Primeape in the place Mankey just was standing, Primeape lets out a cry of happiness at evolving. Then flexes his muscles while doing several poses like he is Arnold back in his body-building days. 

I pull out my Pokédex and scan Primeape to see if anything significant happened with his potential. With a very happy smile on my face, I can see Primeape's stats have reset to F Rank but remained just as high as before, he evolved he learned a new move, and the biggest change was his potential jumped one Rank higher.

With the rest of the stats, I can make Primeape's stats rise to ridiculous levels before I find a way to evolve him into Annihilape. As this world does not know that Primeape can evolve into something else. This means that either the way it evolves in the game or anime doesn't work here. 

"Primeape, you are going to be the strongest your species has ever seen, that I promise!" I say with a slightly mad laugh just thinking about how strong I can make Primeape. Especially if I can figure out how to increase his potential again without evolving him. 

"Growlithe!" Leo says congratulating Primeape who is still flexing his muscles and seems very proud of himself. 

"Ok… Now that we accomplished what we set out to do in this time of travel, we can just beeline it to Silver Town. Come on," I say to my two Pokémon who nod their heads as we walk to Silver Town on the road directly there. 

During the last few hours of travel to Silver Town, nothing of interest happened. We then finally arrived at Silver Town, which was slowly becoming a city in itself with the amount of people now living here and new houses being built. From the looks of it, maybe in another few years, this will be labeled as a city instead of a Town. 

Plus with its two major attractions, it won't even need a gym to become a popular tourist attraction. We then headed over to Contest Hall which is fast to reach from this side of the town. As the Battle Arena was on the other side of town. 

Entering the Contest Hall, I see it is very crowded with people coming and going. There is a desk in the back with three receptionists answering everyone's questions that are waiting in line. As I was looking around, I noticed three people I recognized as they were in my generation of trainers. 

'Jesus it feels like they are stalking me or I am stalking them,' I think as I see Brock trying to flirt with any woman giving him even the slightest amount of attention. I also see Sabrina waiting in line for the receptionist and I see Lance who is already talking to a receptionist.

Though it seems people already recognized Lance some people, especially young women are trying to talk to him. People seemed to recognize Sabrina but are reluctant to talk to her since she is a prickly bitch. The young women talking to Brock seem to know him which explains why they are putting up with his horney behavior. 

"Oh! You are Lucas Brinton!" I hear someone say quickly walking over to me as Primeape is looking around with an annoyed face at the overcrowded place. Leo was just eyeing everyone trying to judge whether or not they were a threat. 

The young woman and her friends stop seeing Primeape's annoyed face and know that his kind easily becomes angered. Leo then turns to them giving a quick sniff determining if they are a threat. Before turning away judging they mean no harm, though Primeape is still staring at them with an annoyed face. 

'Thank god for Primeape, I'd rather not be annoyed by people like Lance is,' I think seeing Lance trying to talk to the receptionist while everyone is bugging him for an autograph or pictures. I give the young women who tried to come over to me a quick small smile before getting in line as I have some questions too. 

'Primeape, thanks. Keep giving everyone an annoyed look keeping them away for now. Though in the future maybe cut back the annoyed look,' I say to Primeape through our connection as he gives me a confused look. But nods his head. 

'Oh seems he didn't even know he had an annoyed look… guess Primeape has a natural resting bitch face,' I think seeing Primeape look even more annoyed trying to make everyone give us a wider berth and is very successful since people are now stepping further away from us.