Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon

A young man dies and gets the choice to reincarnate into the world of Pokémon. With this new life in this new world, he will carve his name into the world's history. The journey and choices he will make may just affect the world around him. The people he meets and Pokémon will either help him on his journey or hinder him. I do not own the cover or Pokémon.

Anomander_Adaar · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
76 Chs


This battlefield was just a generic field with no cover and made from reinforced steel, like the common battlefields in training gyms. This gives us a slight advantage with the open area as Leo was made to run in open areas. 

"Leo you know the drill," I say to Leo who immediately uses Leer and Howl back to back. 

Mr.Mime then uses Light Screen and Reflect while Leo is using his moves. From the looks of it, Solomon is using his psychic connection to command his Pokémon in this battle. 

"Leo use Flame Charge!" 'Then when you get close use crunch,' I say to Leo seeing the unfazed faces of Solomon and Mr.Mime. 

Just as Leo reached Mr.Mime, Mr.Mime moved just to the side avoiding him and Sucker Punched Leo. Leo flinched and stumbled back a few feet, while it canceled his next move too. Mr.Mime used this moment to use Iron Defense making his physical defense spike. 

'Shit,' I think seeing this all happen and seeing how Solomon is not holding back at all against me.

"Leo, use Flamethrower!" 'But really use Crunch instead,' I say to Leo who gathers Flames in his mouth before quickly canceling it to bite Mr.Mime. 

Instead of moving or dodging the attack, Mr.Mime tanked the hit letting Leo use Crunch on him. This did heavy damage to Mr.Mime as the Pokémon grimaced from the bite. Mr.Mime then gathered it's strength before striking Leo with a Brick Break. Leo cried out in pain from the hit and let go of Mr.Mime while jumping away from him. 

'Mother Fucker!... This is not looking good… Solomon definitely did his research and seems to be determined to crush me for some reason,' I think while Leo jumps away from Mr.Mime. 

'Seems my one Pokémon winning streak ends here… Mankey will need to deal with this one,' I decided before anyone could do another move. 

"Leo, come back! Mankey show them what you can do!" I say as Leo gives me a surprised look, but runs out of the battlefield. As Mankey jumps into the battlefield with a battle cry while punching his fists together. 

"Mankey use Focus Energy!" 'Mankey do your best to dodge everything from Mr.Mime. This will be a battle of attrition. Then once you charge up a Focus Punch break Mr.Mime,' I say to Mankey who begins to use Focus Energy. 

Mr.Mime doesn't wait for a second after the switch and my command, immediately charging Mankey with a Zen Headbutt. However, Mankey moved just in time from Mr.Mime, who I now realized was the physical battler for Solomon's team.

Mankey then began jumping around the battlefield doing backflips, barrel rolls, and other fancy maneuvers to avoid Mr.Mime. This seemed to piss off Mr.Mime and Solomon as Mankey was dodging all of Mr.Mime's attempts. Mankey even learned a new move, Taunt. This came when Mankey stopped what he was doing and showed his ass to Mr.Mime while smacking it in a taunting manner. 

"What the fuck is wrong with him?" I say more to myself with Growlithe giving Mankey an embarrassed look. 

Seeing Mr.Mime falling for the Taunt made Solomon glare in even more agitation and annoyance at us. Mr.Mime seemed to be ignoring the commands of Solomon as it desperately chased after Mankey trying to land any hit on the slippery monkey Pokémon. 

Mankey then stopped and like Neo from The Matrix dodged Mr.Mime's Brick Break, as he slid under the attack. Then Mankey landed his Focus Punch, which thankfully was a Critical Hit. However, with Iron Defense and Reflect in place, even with the Critical Hit, Mr.Mime was still standing though now heavily damaged. 

"MIME!!" Mr.Mime screams as it loses itself to anger swinging wildly at Mankey with Fire Punch after Fire Punch. 

Mankey like a professional boxer was ducking and weaving through each hit. Mankey then landed a move filled with Dark Energy, Assurance seeming to learn this move on the fly too. 

"God damn, Mankey is a natural," I say since Leo for some reason takes a lot to learn new moves, while Mankey learns them very easily. 

Learning new moves is different for every Pokémon, as it just comes down to their need and want to learn a new move. Mankey being a crazy battle-loving Pokémon learns new moves all the time it feels like, while Leo learns them at a much slower pace. 

From this hit, Mr.Mime cries in pain while stumbling back a few feet from Mankey. Mr.Mime was still standing but barely as it was bruised up badly and glaring at Mankey with extreme rage. Mr.Mime almost seemed more like Mankey than a psychic type Pokémon. 

"Mr.Mime! Enough!" Solomon says having had enough of Mr.Mime's defiance from the Taunt earlier. 

"Mankey use Taunt again!" I say as it seems Mr.Mime was snapped from its rage from Solomon's annoyance. 

Mankey then seemed to say some offensive words to Mr.Mime as it fell for the Taunt again. Mr.Mime charged toward Mankey right after it fell for the Taunt again. 

"Mankey keep dodging until an open–" I start to say as Solomon withdraws Mr.Mime right before it reaches Mankey. Gym leaders cannot change out Pokémon as a challenger can, so Solomon taking Mr.Mime back means he forfeits this round. 

"Gym Leader withdrew Mr.Mime, forfeiting the round! The winner is Trainer Lucas and Mankey! Gym Leader Solomon please send out your next Pokémon!" the Referee says as Solomon just keeps glaring at us, as the crowd is cheering seeing this. 

The next Pokémon sent out is a Hypno giving a battle cry, then senses the tense atmosphere and starts glaring at us too as Mr.Mime did. 

'What the fuck did I do?! Unless Sabrina told her Dad about me and said something… Fucking bitch,' I think to myself as I sigh internally while looking over to Sabrina who is glaring at me just like her Father. 

"Begin!" the Referee says seeing that we are both ready for the second round. 

Immediately Hypno seems to use Future Sight, making me very annoyed as that move is a guaranteed hit. This means Mankey needs to end this or do as much damage as possible before that time comes. 

'Mankey you are gonna be hit hard sooner or later. So go all out against Hypno… I can pull you out though, but that would mean Leo will be taking the hit,' I say to Mankey who gives me and Leo a determined look before facing Hypno with defiance. 

"Then Mankey give this all you have!" I say to Mankey who cries in agreement charging Hypno. As this was happening Hypno used Nasty Plot making its Special Attack rise to even higher levels. 

"Mankey use Cross Chop!" 'Then follow up with Assurance,' I say to Mankey as he charges Hypno who sends out a Pysbeam. 

Mankey jumps to the side narrowingly avoiding the Psybeam as it crashes into an invisible shield disappearing. Just as Mankey comes into close vicinity to land his Cross Chop, Hypno uses Hypnosis as Mankey lands his strike on Hypno who grunts taking the hit. 

Mankey stumbles a few feet as Hypno moves back from Mankey who falls face-first onto the ground asleep. Hypno then uses Poison Gas making Mankey poisoned too, then it walks over to Mankey about to use Dream Eater. 

'SHIT!! MANKEY WAKE UP!!' I scream to Mankey who passed out right after I see it use Hypnosis and Poison Gas. Mankey seems to be steadily asleep though and it appears that he is going to be KO'd by this Dream Eater. 

'Mankey you mother fucker! Wake your lazy ass up!!' I say while sending a powerful Psychic wave to Mankey's Mind Causing him some damage and pain. Which woke him up and just in time as Hypno almost successfully used Dream Eater. 

With the pain I caused him being super effective and the fact that it almost lost, sent Mankey into an extreme rage. It immediately lashed out against Hypno with a Low Kick making it fall to the ground and then hitting Hypno with an Assurance.

Hypno cried out in pain as Mankey then began wailing on Hypno in a rage-filled frenzy. Solomon was trying to command Hypno desperately as it was attempting to get away from Mankey. I seemed to lose control of Mankey who entered a rage-filled frenzy. 

"So, Mankey lost his shit… Hopefully, he can take out Hypno before the Future Sight hits," I say to Leo who nods his head while we watch an insane Mankey chasing after a panicked Hypno. 

In desperation to get rid of Mankey Hypno used Swagger only pissing Mankey off more, while raising his attack even higher. Though now Mankey was confused and just aimlessly attacking around him no longer focused on Hypno who was able to create some distance between the two. 

"I'm gonna need to ask the Master of that Fighting Dojo for tips on how to help Mankey with its anger issues," I say once again as I watch this happen with no real way to intervene without withdrawing Mankey, whom I need to take this Future Sight hit. 

Mankey after hitting himself in his anger-fueled crazy raging, snapped out of his confusion and jumped after Hypno who sent another Pysbeam Mankey's way. Mankey was hit by the Pysbeam now extremely injured as he was bleeding, but still pushed through landing one last Assurance. Right after landing that Assurance, the Future Sight finally came taking Mankey out. 

Mankey screeched in pain, anger, and frustration before falling down and knocked out. Though it appears Hypno was still able to fight as it stood up, but was also very damaged bleeding a lot too. I quickly ran over to Mankey stabilizing him before putting him in his Pokéball. Solomon withdrew Hypno right as I ran out to the battlefield with the Referee saying Solomon won Round Two. 

"Gym Leader Solomon withdrew Hypno, bringing us to the last round. Please send out your next Pokémon," the Referee says as Leo jumps back out onto the battlefield with a very angry expression. Solomon then sends out his Alakazam, which I know is much stronger than Leo as it is his Starter and Ace Pokémon. 

'What the fuck!! What did I do to this man!' I think seeing that he is using not only a Pokémon from his main team but his strongest too. 

'Leo… this is going to be the toughest battle yet… I don't expect us to win this, but let's show him just how strong we are,' I say to Leo who nods his head while growling at Alakazam. 

Alakazam is just looking at us with contempt and dismissal as we appear to be no threat to it. Which I know is most likely very true as this Pokémon is definitely in the Duke/Duchess Rank as it is giving off a very strong Psychic aura. This Pokémon might be just as strong as my Dad's Magmar if not stronger. 

"Are you both ready?" the Referee says as I nod while Solomon smirks slightly before nodding his head too. 

"Then Begin!" the Referee says as both Pokémon immediately begin to use their intros.