9 The Daily Lives


(Third person POV)

In heaven there was a figure overlooking the world that Jiro and his family was in and spoke up saying.

???:"Ah things in this world are getting very interesting not like its counterpart or even in the other worlds I created but destroyed since they were not worthy to live on."

As the figure spoke a second figure appeared out of the shadows and spoke up to the figure watching the world saying.

??:"Oh well isn't it because that they couldn't get up to your standard until now? Am I right your ladyship."

In that instance the figure watching the world got up from her chair and spun around and looked at the figure that spoke to her saying to it.

???:"Well if it isn't the king of hell Damian why are you coming up here thought you be down in hell and torturing the dead for all eternity."

Damian:"Well I would but I wanted to see my dear sister after all don't you miss your brother Angie."

Angie:"Oh don't give me that I know what you are here for you are mad and angry with me since I didn't let you take Ai Hoshino from this world which mind you she didn't deserve."

Damian:"Hahahaha oh my dear sister ever since you brought that pathetic human Jiro into this world you ruined my life in hell I mean even my own underlings think that they can kill me since I am just my sister punch bitch."

Angie:"Well why are you complaining about it and do something you are the king of hell manage your subject brother."

Damian:"NO! Shut up! I don't want to hear it you ruined everything when you wanted to be selfish and gave that human filth Jiro the chance to save Ai Hoshino just because you felt that she deserved a better life then she had in the past world."

Angie:"Yes I am selfish brother and if I had a chance to do it again I would without a second thought."

Damian:"............Ha well sister be careful what you wish for since you want to be so selfish I think I will be selfish myself see you later sister."

And after that Damian the king of hell disappeared from Angie the queen of heaven and as soon as he did Angie was having a bad feeling for Jiro and his family of what in the world what Damian do to them to spite her.


[Tanaka Penthouse]

(Aqua's POV)

It was early in the morning it's been a couple of days since me and my family told the world about us and it has been crazy these past couple of days. First off me and Ruby are the king and queen of the freshmen high schoolers which was a bother for me but with Ruby she is loving it and basking in the glory even going so far as getting a few love letter from the guys at our school same goes for me with the girls.

Another change that was happening around us is that the director that's been helping me with how to act and even to direct with the help of dad Taishi Gotanda called me to tell me of the hundreds and hundreds of studios that want me to act or even direct for them which at that point my dad stepped in and said to them that I wouldn't do long time acting when I am in school but instead made a compromise which I liked as well.

Which was that I would direct some tv shows and would act in small parts in movies if I wanted to which worked for me.

But the most drastic change was the day that me and Ruby had a talk with mom and dad about us getting a trustworthy manager to manage us if we wanted to fully go in on the entertainment world and I would say it had got a little heated between dad and Ruby.



Jiro:"Okay kids me and your mother have been thinking that if you two want to go through with the whole entertainment industry you two will need managers to manage your careers but most importantly you need one that you can trust."

Ai:"Yes your father is right having a trustworthy manager is the most important thing for any entertainer. So thanks to both Hina and Miayko we got some lined up for you two to choose from so take your picks and see if you like them or not."

And for a while me and Ruby looked for some managers that we liked which took about a half an hour which we both tell our picks to mom and dad.

Aqua:"Well I choose this manager Aki Ayano I heard from Taishi Gotanda that he was Avery good and trustworthy manager and had got released from his last employer since his last employer was doing illegal things that Aki didn't like so I choose him.

Jiro:"Okay good choice I like it to be honest if Hina didn't come into the picture I would have chosen him."

Ai:"Okay Ruby how about you who did you choose."

Ruby:"Ah okay well I choose her Sumi Suzambo!"

After a while we said nothing until dad spoke up saying.

Jiro:"Ah I don't know Ruby to be honest I don't like the reputation she has I mean she has been know to backstab her clients for the bigger money bag."

Ruby:"No dad look I read up on her she is not what you think she is she didn't betray her clients for money she was being framed by her former employer she is a good manager to have with propelling stars to new levels for me dad."

Jiro:"Look Ruby I just don't believe you can trust her why don't you pick another one like this guy Kaito Kamo he is big on the idol scene for managing successful idols huh."

Ruby:"NO! I want Sumi and no one else!"

Jiro:"Hey don't start raising your voice at me Ruby okay I am just trying to make sure that you and Aqua are safe an-!"

Ruby:"You know what you always say that to us every single day we get it but the fact of the matter is we know what is out there in the world we don't need you protecting us 24/7 and we can make our own choices!"

As Ruby said that dad was about to explode out and yell at Ruby until Ai cuts in saying to Ruby and Jiro.

Ai:"Okay Ruby you want to have Sumi as your manager is that correct."

Ruby:"Yes it is."

Ai:"Okay we will contact her and see if she wants the job."

Ruby was cheering until Ai cuts back in saying.

Ai:"But Ruby I want you to know if Sumi betray the trust you have in her that is all on you don't say that your father didn't warn you okay."

Ruby:".....Ah yeah okay mom."

Once Ai was done talking with Ruby she turns to Jiro and says to him.

Ai:"Jiro it's that time in their lives that they are going to do what they want to do now okay we just have to be there when they fall dear that all we can do for them okay."

Jiro:"Haaaaaaa Okay I guess you are right if that's what Ruby wants we can only watch and help out if she truly needs it."

Ai:"Okay good now since we have that all planned out let's get ready for dinner come on everyone."


[Flashback end]


After that night mom and dad contacted the managers we wanted and they would be coming in for the job next week but right now me and Ruby had to get ready for school which was now a hassle getting their since there would be paparazzi at the school waiting for the children of Jiro and Ai to arrive but whatever.

After we ate our breakfast we headed out to school for an eventful day.


[Yoto High School]

(Ruby's POV)

Me and my brother had got to the school and as expected the paparazzi were there waiting for both me and Aqua to be honest Aqua doesn't like the whole camera flashing thing unlike him I love it and embrace it fully I mean we are celebrities why not enjoy this moment even if dad has security force watching over us 24/7 I mean it's fine but it gets a bit too much sometimes.

But enough about that I walk into school and into my classroom along the way a lot of people went up and talked to me either to be friends with me or trying to date me or and this is almost the majority of the people at this school trying to use my new found fame to get in the good graces of my family.

But I mean their are some good ones one of them being Frill Shiranui, Minami Kotobuki, Akane Kurokawa, and even Kana Arima which is a stretch with that one but at least she isn't fake like the rest after a while things go as normal with school which at that point me and Aqua got into the car that took us here back home with me saying to Aqua.

Ruby:"Hey Aqua let me ask you something?"

Aqua:"What is it Ruby?"

Ruby:"Do you have any friends at all."


Ruby:"And you can't use Taishi Gotanda I mean kids our age okay!

Aqua:"Haaaaaa well that's easy then I don't have any friends at school."

Ruby:"Really! I mean it's been a few weeks now like nothing at all nothing?"

Aqua:"Yes Ruby I have no friends now can you drop it."

Ruby:"Okay fine just do me this one favor okay."

Aqua:"Okay what is it?"

Ruby:"Just make one friend that's all I want okay."

Aqua:"Okay I can make one friend."

Ruby:"Okay good."

After that we were silent the rest of the way home and as we got home dad was still at the movie studio so we would have to eat mom's cooking which wasn't bad it was just that it wasn't up to dad's style of cooking but we ate and made light conversation when the house phone was ringing and mom got up to get and once she did she picked it up and a few seconds later shouted out.


At that it scared both me and Aqua which at that moment Ai got off the phone quickly and told us.

Ai:"Okay kids your father was in an accident we need to head to the hospital now come on let's go."

Ruby & Aqua:"Okay."



(Ai's POV)

So when I told the kids the news we drove down to the hospital that Jiro was in and as soon as we got out of the car the doctor who recognized me asked me.

Doctor:"Miss Tanaka are you here to see your husband."

Ai:"Yes where is he!"

Doctor:"Okay you and your kids follow me I'll take you to him."

Ai:"Doctor do you know what happen to him I was just told from the director that he had collapsed and wasn't waking up."

Doctor:"Well what made him collapse is that he was exhausted and he had a fever which was real bad."


Aqua:"Is he gonna be okay."

Doctor:"Yes he will be fine he just needs rest and medicine and he'll be back to normal the only thing I ask you three to do is make sure he gets the rest and relaxation he needs okay."


Doctor:"Alright come on in.

As the doctor escorted us into Jiro's room he was asleep with machines and things all hooked up to him the kids went on either side of Jiro making sure he was okay when all of a sudden Jiro opens his eyes and say to us.

Jiro:"Oh where oh man I'm in the hospital aren't I."


Jiro:"Ah man I didn't want you guys to see me like this."

Ai:"Jiro why did you overwork yourself I thought you said that you would take care of yourself."

Jiro:"Huh yeah I did and I totally failed at that huh hahaha."

Ai:"Jiro this is not funny you scared me you scared the kids if you keep doing this maybe something worse would happen."

Jiro:"I know I know."

Ruby:"Dad you need to listen to mom you need to take a break for a while okay no more work until you are okay again."


Aqua:"Not buts dad mom and Ruby are right you won't be useful if you are not taking care of yourself so you will not work until you get better alright."

Ai:"You heard the kids no working until you are better."

Jiro:"Hahaha okay fine no working until I am okay again."

And after that talk we had stayed the night with Jiro to make sure that he would be fine.

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