8 The Big Announcement

[Good Morning Japan News Studio]

(Jiro's POV)

Today was the day that me and Ai would announce to the world about our children and I was so nervous and I was worried about what people would think about this whole situation I was about to panic even more but that is when Ai came over to me and hugged my arm calming me down and saying to me.

Ai:"Jiro Calm down you don't need to get all worked up about this remember me and the kids will be right beside you through it all."


That is when both Aqua and Ruby walk in saying to me saying.

Aqua:"Mom is right dad we will be with you through this your not alone."

Ruby:"That's right because we all love you dad and will stick by you through thick and thin."

Ai:"That's right now are you ready Jiro."

As she said that I was renewed with vigor at there statements and I said with a huge smile on my face that brighten up everyone.

Jiro:"Let's do this we are Tanaka's damnit!"

Ai:"Haha yeah let's go and kids when your cue comes come out okay."

Aqua & Ruby:"Yes mom."

And after that me and Ai head out first when the news casters introduced us. As they introduced us the three news casters were named Hinata Sato who was a 40 year old woman with a great figure for her age with long black hair with beautiful blue eyes, then the next was a man a little younger then the woman his name was Minato Ito who has brown hair and brown eyes, and the last was another woman who was in her mid 20's her name was Sakura Watanabe who has blonde hair with brown eyes and a very impressive figure for her age.

So once we came on stage and shake their hands we sat down next to each other on the chairs they provided us with Hinata asking us the very first question of the day.

Hinata:"So I have to ask what everyone wants to know since you two haven't been on any late night or morning talk shows so what exactly change for you two?"

Jiro:"Well why we are here is because we have a very big announcement to tell you and the world so that is why we came here on Good Morning Japan today."

The audience claps and ooooo at what the announcement is.

Ai:"But we will tell everyone here about it at the end of your guys questions."

After that the next question is brought up by Minato with him saying.

Minato:"Okay well my question is more for Jiro and his hit movie series Fast and Drifty that I want to talk about."

At that the audience cheered at my involvement of the Fast and Drifty franchise.

Minato:"Yeah okay so my question is with you and your co stars especially Hikaru Kamiki do you actually do like family dinners and act like family like in the movies once you all wrap up a scene for the day or do you all just have that great chemistry together as a whole."

Jiro:"Well I would say that we try to do the family dinners when we can you know we all have our own lives and families so I say we try as much as we can to build the relationship for the movie of Fast and Drifty to look real."

Minato:"Ah I see and what about Hikaru Kamiki I mean you two are like brothers in the movie is that true in real life."

At that moment I wanted to say to everyone that Hikaru Kamiki is a backstabbing bastard but I had to keep my cool and keep up the appearance so I say to Minato and everyone.

Jiro:"Well I say yes what me and Hikaru Kamiki have on Fast and Drifty is a brotherhood that can't be broken and I believe that it is one of the things that I love about the Fast and Drifty movie franchise you get to see the characters grow in a way that you feel like you have been with them since the start."

Minato:"Okay well I can't wait to see the new movie of Jiro Tanaka & Hikaru Kamiki."

At that the audience clap at that. Then the next to ask me and Ai questions was Sakura Watanabe.

Sakura:"Okay well my question is for Ai. And it is about how you and Jiro's home life is like I know that you live in a different location every since the incident some years ago but how is the home life now with you and your husband."

Ai:"Ah well I would say that our home life is going great with security that we have that me and Jiro trust with our lives and makes me feel very secure and safe. Also with day to day life with Jiro I will say this is that every morning without fail is that Jiro gets up first and makes breakfast even though over the years I got better at cooking but he still won't allow me to cook for him.

Jiro:"Look it's not because of that it's cause I believe that I am the better cook sweetie."

The audience oh's and ah's after that comment which prompts Ai to clap back saying.

Ai:"Really what happened at that cookout we had a few years back sweetheart."

Jiro:"Ah....no comment."

And after that the audience laughs at that. After that the three host kept the questions coming of when we got married to when we would have children to even if we would do a movie or tv show together again and after a while it was almost the end of the time for us when Hinata would ask us the question everyone has been waiting for.

Hinata:"Haha okay now I know and everyone wants to know what this surprise that you two want to announce or show to the world so what is it if I may ask?"

Jiro:"Well what we want to tell everyone is something that me and Ai have been hiding for 15 years and to be honest we didn't want to say until at least 18 years but we think it's time for everyone to know."

Ai:"And what that is when I was 16 years old I was pregnant with me and Jiro's child."

At that moment the audience and even the hosts we shocked but me and Ai continued.

Jiro:"And in that time we hid it to protect our children from dangers and other things in our life at that age."

Ai:"But now after 15 years we would like to introduce you all to our twin children Aquamarine & Ruby Tanaka!"

And at that moment both Aqua and Ruby came out to cheers and loud applause from the audience the host and us for them coming out of the shadows and into the light.

Hinata:"OH MY GOD! These are your kids oh my they are so beautiful oh my god!"

Aqua & Ruby:"Thank you."

Sakura:"Oh my I can see the resemblance in them with Jiro and Ai with Aquamarine having his father's dashing good looks and with Ruby having Ai's pure beauty!"

Aqua & Ruby:"Thank you."

Minato:"I mean wow I did not see this coming at all I mean not to long ago we were talking about kids and now both Jiro and Ai already have kids 15 year old kids at that wow!"

The audience applause after that.

Hinata:"Okay well we have to ask Aquamarine and Ruby.

Aqua cuts in saying to Hinata.

Aqua:"Aqua is fine Ms.Hinata."

Hinata:"Oh okay Aqua I see you get your manners from your parents okay. Well What we want to know is who's idea was it to show you both to the mainstream media?"

Ruby:"Well we had talked about it as a family so all together it was a family decision."

Sakura:"Okay well what I want to know are you two gonna follow in your parents footsteps or do something else?"

Aqua:"Well mom and dad always told us even at a young age that we could do whatever we wanted as long as it made us happy in the end so for me I want to become an actor/director not because of my dad but because I want to do it."

Minato:"Okay okay what about you Ruby what do you want to do are you following in you parents footsteps or making your own path?"

Ruby:"Well for me at a young age when mom was still an idol I wanted to be one to follow in mom's footsteps to be the next big thing like her but after the years I didn't want to be an idol because my mom was one I wanted to do it because I want to make music to see the people I preform in front of smile and be happy that is why I want to be an idol."

At that moment it hit me like a ton of bricks when Ruby said that. That I was taking away what Ruby could be a bright hope for the next generation for idol's that want to go into the industry even with all of the dangers and that is when I made a promise to myself that I would do everything to protect that hope for the future my children any way I can.

Hinata:"Okay well this a big announcement for the Tanaka family so I wish you all well I wish all the people around the world well thank you for watching we are gonna go to commercial break and when we come back we will get onto sports and more on Good Morning Japan!"

After they went on commercial break we all got off set and went into the back where we had a line of reporters wanting to ask question after question either for me and Ai or the kids which we gave out a few answers to their questions but after a while we were escorted out to our cars and we headed back to the penthouse.


[Tanaka Penthouse]

(Third person POV)

As they were getting close to the penthouse there were already cameras of paparazzi at the front door waiting for the Tanaka family. As they got to the curbside of the front door and the family was about to head out with the help of the bodyguards getting the paparazzi and the reporters at bay so with that they got out and made their way inside.

Once the family was inside they started talking with Jiro going first.

Jiro:"Well that was pretty crazy huh kids."

Aqua & Ruby:"Yeah it was crazy."

Ai:"Well we got through that hurdle but now kids you will need to keep your head on a swivel since you are now gonna be in the spotlight."

Jiro:"Yeah and this is what you two both want is that right?"

They took a few seconds but looked at each other and nodded and said.

Aqua & Ruby:"Yeah this is what we want."

And after that the family made plans on how they would go from this point forward and a new adventure for the Tanaka family.

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