6 First Steps

[Movie Studio]

(Jiro's POV)

It was the final day for shooting and I was beat tired the reason why is because I had Hikaru Kamiki in the scene with me for Fast and Drifty 10 and he just wouldn't get his lines right or he didn't do the stunt right which at that point just got me even more pissed because I know what he was doing he was just trying to make me loss my cool on set but I calmed down and when he saw that he knew that his plan didn't work and did the scenes right.

And hell I ask myself why the hell do I still put up with Hikaru Kamiki, I do it because I need to get close to him like the old saying goes keep your friends close but your enemies closer which is why I am keeping Hikaru Kamiki real close with him having the success of Fast and Drifty being his only line of relevance in the entertainment world.

But before I mulled anything any further lo and behold Hikaru Kamiki comes in my dressing room saying to me.

Hikaru Kamiki:"Hey sorry for making so many mistakes today Jiro."

So keeping up appearance since I had other executives and producers in my dressing room I say with a fake smile on my face.

Jiro:"Oh it's nothing it happens to the best of us."

Hikaru Kamiki:"Oh well I guess it doesn't happen to you though Jiro haha."

Jiro:"Yeah I guess, umm hey can me and Hikaru Kamiki get a moment alone I want to talk to him about some future scenes we have for the next day."

Producer:"Okay all right let's go everyone."

As everyone left and the door closed both me and Hikaru Kamiki drop our fake smiles with me saying to him.

Jiro:"You know that wasn't going to work on me you do realize that right."

Hikaru Kamiki:"Really it seems like it almost did you were a second from blowing up at me hahaha."

Jiro:"You know I can't wait to take you down for what you did those years ago. In my own Home damnit!"

Hikaru Kamiki:"Whatever do you mean I was at my house when I heard of the new of your--."

And before he said anything else I grabbed his collar shirt and pushed him to the wall and angrily said to him.


Hikaru Kamiki:"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! With what proof even if I did do it and I didn't why are you so sure it's me Jiro Tanaka."

Jiro:"Well I got one guess you are the only person at that time I told where I lived and hell I regret ever trusting you slimey backstabbing ass."

Hikaru Kamiki:"Oh Jiro hurtful words to your long time friend isn't it."

Jiro:"No we were never friends you wanted me dead ever since I rose to the top and became successful. But that isn't it is it no you are more angry at me because I got the girl that I married Ai not you. Huh THAT'S WHY YOU HATE ME!"

Hikaru Kamiki:"YES IT IS YOU BASTARD! Ai would have been mine if you hadn't came into her life again."

Jiro:"So after all these years the truth finally comes out *Drops Hikaru Kamiki to the floor* ."

As that altercation went down I left the dressing room leaving Hikaru Kamiki on the floor but before I closed the door I saw a tear fall from his eye.

Once I left Hina met with me and said.

Hina:"Okay so you know that Ai's premiere starts at 8:00pm so what do you want to do since it is 3:00pm."

Jiro:"Well I know that the kids are at school right now and Ai is getting everything ready for the premiere so I guess I am going to go shopping for gifts for her and the kids."

Hina:"Okay what do you plan on getting them all."

Jiro:"Well I am gonna need your help with Ai and Ruby's gifts Hina.?"

Hina:"Wait why I thought you were one who says 'I know what my daughter and wife want.'"

Jiro:"Hey I can not always have the answers to every damn thing okay so are you gonna help me or not."

Hina:"*Sigh* Fine but you owe me for this you son of a bitch."

Jiro:"Is that anyway to talk to your boss huh?"

Hina:"Don't know what your talking about let's go."

And like that we left to the mall to get the gifts Aqua I already knew what to get him but Ai and Ruby I had no clue but Hina told me that both Ruby and Ai wanted something that only I could give them so I knew what to get both of them and after that we headed out to the apartment and waited for the rest of the family to get home so we could leave to the premiere.


[Tanaka residence 7:00pm]

So it was an hour before the premiere would start and also the team my investigators would storm into Hikaru Kamiki residence and get evidence of him of the attempted murder of me.

But right now is about Ai and her big movie premiere with he saying.

Ai:"Ah this is going to be the best day ever honey my first big movie role and everyone is going to see it is already going around social media ah this is so cool!"

Jiro:"Calm down Ai and relax okay."

Ai:"Okay okay your right calm down."

But it took her 3 seconds to get all excited again but at that moment Aqua and Ruby walk in to our room with their suit and dress on which they looked really nice in.

Aqua:"Hey mom, dad. Nice dress mom the purple really compliments your eyes."

Ai:"Awe well thank you son I like your suit the dark blue jacket and white shirt with the black pants and shoes really work for you Aqua."

Jiro:"Wow son guess no love for your dear old dad huh I knew it you really do hate me."


Ruby:"Well I think that you look great dad your red suit looks great on you dad."

Jiro:"Awe well thanks sweetie but my suit can't compare to your red dress you were born to wear that Ruby."

Ruby:"Thanks dad."

Once all the compliments were done I had everyone head to the living room so I can give them their gifts.

Jiro:"Okay so I brought you all here so I can give you all some special gifts that I wanted to gift you all."

Ai:"Jiro you didn't hav-."

Jiro:"I know Ai but I wanted to so Aqua here you go open it up son."

As Aqua grabbed the gift he opens it and he finds out it was a wolf key chain which confused Aqua which he speaks up and say to me.

Aqua:"Umm dad what is this suppose to be."

Jiro:"Well son I wanted to give you that because I know that even when you were young that you always wanted to protect this family and I am gifting you that keychain because I want you to always remember that every wold always has a pack to come home to son."

And with that Aqua even though it took him some time knew what I was getting at if I was gone from their lives that he would be the leader and protect the family which Aqua gave me a nod of acceptance that he would do that for me.

Jiro:"Okay now Ruby here is your gift open it up sweetie."

And as soon as she took she opened up revealing it to be a beautiful ruby necklace that she absolutely loved and said to me.

Ruby:"Dad I love it it's so beautiful oh my god thank you dad I love you."

Jiro:"I love you too Ruby."

And now finally it was Ai's turn but with her it was a little tricky but I remembered what we said to each other when we were still boyfriend and girlfriend and walked by a jewelry store and she saw a beautiful ring and said to were she thought I couldn't hear but I did that she would want that ring.

Jiro:"Now Ai your gift was tricky to find but I did and now here you go honey open it."

As Ai went about opening the gift her eyes shinned brightly when she saw the gift it was a beautiful white/gold stared wedding ring I had got made for her and she had absolutely loved the gift with he coming up and pulling me into a kiss with the kids groaning in the background and then Ai says this.

Ai:"Honey you remembered when I said that I loved this ring. But why did you get it for me I already have a ring?"

Jiro:"Yes well at the time I wanted to get you this ring originally but it was no where to be found anymore until me and Hina went into a jewelry store shop in the mall and found a person that could make the ring that you saw all those years ago so I jumped at the chance and here we are."

Ai:"Jiro I really love it. But what do we do with the ring I have now?"

Jiro:"Well I was gonna give it to Hina boyfriend Takashi he says he has been looking for rings lately so I thought I could help him out and give him that one."

Ai:"Jiro that so sweet of you okay let's do it."

After that Ai pulls off her old ring and puts the new ring on she then gives me the old ring to give to Takashi later but after that me and Ai get in the car to the premiere while Aqua and Ruby ride with Hina, Takashi, and Miayko.


[Movie theater-Ai's Movie Premiere 2 hours later]

After Ai's movie was finished everybody loved the movie and everyone was going online and giving their thoughts of the movie which the majority was positive about the movie while a small minority were just hating but as we were leaving I get a call from my investigator that went into Hikaru Kamiki house I go away to talk privately with the investigator saying to me.

Investigator:"Hey boss so we got something from the house which might lead to the attempted murder against you."

Jiro:"What do you got."

Investigator:"Well I got some files from his computer that have some detailed and very disturbing plans mainly for you but one plan was for Ai sir."

Jiro:"WHAT! I mean what-what do you mean by he has a plan for Ai?"

Investigator:"Well sir in the plans for Ai after you and her weren't in contact for some time he would swoop in and take her for himself and would eventually get her pregnant. But that's not the bad part once he would do that before she would give birth he would kill her and the baby with a crazy fan of Ai's sir."

At that moment I was pissed to be honest I wanted to go to Hikaru Kamiki and kill him right now but the investigator pulls me back with his next word when I was silent.

Investigator:"Hey Mr.Jiro do not do what I think your gonna do I need you to keep calm this Hikaru Kamiki guy will not get away with this with this evidence we have we can build a case from this to bring down Hikaru Kamiki this is just the first step okay Mr.Jiro."

Jiro:"Yeah okay got it first steps well thanks for the update call me if anything new comes in."

Investigator:"Of course sir."

And after that the call ended and I went back to my family and we all went home but in my mind I couldn't get over what Hikaru Kamiki plans were for Ai if I hadn't showed back up in her life so I made I made a promise to myself to take Hikaru Kamiki down sooner rather then later.

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