5 Chapter 5: Getting Permission To Keep Charmander!.

After I caught Charmander, I bid farewell to Professor Oak, who told me to come to his lab this weekend at 9 AM in the morning and to not be late like someone.

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As I walked out of the laboratory, I made my way toward my house, which was 2 blocks away from the lab.

And as I entered the house, I was greeted warmly by my mother, who welcomed me back home.

"Welcome home, Iza-chan," she said with a smile as she welcomed me back home.

"I'm home!" I said as I took off my shoes and then headed straight to the bathroom, where I washed my legs before making my way toward the living room on the first floor, where my mother was watching TV.

"Mom! I want to show you something," I said with a big smile as I sat on the couch near my mother, who looked at me confusedly as to what I wanted to show her.

I took out Charmander's Pokéball and showed it to her, and she looked at me in surprise as I had no access to Pokéballs for now.

"Where did you get a Pokéball from?" she asked in a suspicious tone.

"I got this from Prof. Oak, and not only that, I also have a new friend!" I said as I called out Charmander, and red streaks of light came out from the Pokéball, and from it came a happy Charmander who looked at my mother with a tilted head to its left.

Seeing Charmander, she forgot for a second where I got him from as she was overloaded by the cuteness of Charmander, and she started to pinch his cheeks lightly with a big smile.

"Ahhh, cutie pie! How are you?" she said in a playful tone as Charmander struggled to get out of my mother's hands.

"Uh, mother! I think Charmander is uncomfortable with you!" I said as my mother then let go of Charmander, who looked at me with a grateful expression as he sighed.

"So, where did you get him from?" My mother was back to her previous tone as she asked me seriously.

"Uh, I met him back in the forest of Pallet Town that's behind Pallet Town," I said as I scratched my head.

"And when I met him, he was gravely injured, so I took him to Professor Oak, who thankfully had medicines and healed him.

"Then, after seeing the wariness of Charmander toward him and his trust toward me, he decided to give the responsibility of Charmander to me," I said as I hid some of the things like fighting a Machop to save him as that will get me grounded for a month for sure and lied about some part, but overall, it was half-truth and half-lie.

I also had some experience lying, so she was convinced that I was telling the truth, and out of feeling pity, she let the matter go and then looked seriously toward me for a second time.

"And... do you think you can bear the responsibility of being its trainer and taking care of it?" she said with seriousness evident in her tone.

"Yes! I'm sure I can!" I said with such confidence that left my mother baffled for some time.

I had this confidence in myself being able to take care of him because I know a lot of ways to train him because I've read a lot of fanfic and the series and also did some thinking of "What if I had a Pokémon" session back in my old world as a young kid, and it unexpectedly came in handy here.

"Sigh! Since you're so confident about it, then okay! I'll let you have him, but if you ever show that you can't take care of him properly, then I will give him to Professor Oak!" she said as she warned me as I gulped and nodded my head downwards and upwards.

"Yes! I understand." I said as I took the Charmander that was looking at both of us talking and seemed to understand what was going on as he showed no resistance. Not like he'll show it, though.


Back in my own room, I let go of Charmander who I was holding as I looked at him and said.

"Since you're now my friend, Pokémon, and we'll be partners 'till the end, I will train you and myself to be prepared for the dangers that we will encounter when we go on a journey ourselves." I said with seriousness evident in my tone as Charmander also seriously nodded its head.

Well, he won't be slacking in training. That's something I know for sure since he must be thrown out by his previous trainer because he was weak, and he wouldn't repeat the history for a second time.


(The Weekend)

Time passed in a flash, and before even knowing it, the time for the summer camp had already come.

In this week, I took care of Charmander seriously, and I also had him train some moves like Flamethrower and Headbutt.

Well, I can't say that I trained him on my own because I used the memory of my previous life's fanfics and that was the reason that he was able to learn advanced moves like Flamethrower and Headbutt.

It took him three days and two nights to completely learn both of them, but I didn't complain since I knew they were advanced moves and it wasn't something that you can learn in one day unless you used TMs.

Yes, TMs also existed here, but they are pretty damn expensive.

Anyway, back to the present, I was in my room dressing up a little. I wore a white shirt with a black t-shirt underneath with black pants on my lower body with white sneakers.

After getting ready, I took the bag that I had my things packed in, I left my house after saying farewell to my mother, who was insisting on escorting me, but I somehow convinced her to let me go alone.


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