3 Chapter 3: Wild Charmander?

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(1 Year later)

Yo, it's your boy Izana here.

It's been 1 year since I talked with Ash about our future and during this one year, I didn't do anything noteworthy so, let's skip that.

But I did meet Professor Oak. He was just like what was showing in the anime, a nice old man.

Professor Oak was a man that was in his fifties (Just made that up) with white short hair, always seen wearing a long white coat with a friendly smile etched on his face.

Well, I quite liked his character, and I got to know him better when I went to Gary's house.

His full name was Samuel Oak, the previous champion of the Kanto region before he resigned, and Lance became the new champion of both the Kanto and Johto Region.


Anyway, let's end that boring talk and let's focus on our current situation.

Right now, I'm behind a tree, looking at a Charmander being beaten by a Machop.

And how did I get into this situation? For that, we need to go back in time to the morning.


(In the morning, 6 AM)

I was doing my morning routine that consisted of freshening up and doing a morning jog and a few light exercises and then re-building my muscle memory of all of the fighting techniques that I learned during my time as a soldier of the Japan army from my previous life.

I did that for 2 or 3 hours and without knowing, it was already time for breakfast as my mother called me from downstairs while I was doing my push-ups.

"Iza-Chan, Breakfast is ready! Get down quickly." My mother shouted from downstairs as I stood up and took a deep breath.

Then I wiped off the sweat that was gathered during my long exercises that I did for the past 3 hours.

And after that, I headed downstairs, to the kitchen where I saw my mother putting the food on the table.

I sat on a chair before the table as my mother sat in front of me.

And then we both started to eat. During our time to eat, we both never talk as it was an unspoken rule to not speak when eating.


After 15 minutes, we both finished eating our breakfast as we both put down the chopsticks at the same time.

In the Pokémon world, people also seemed to be using chopsticks to eat. Most likely it might be because it was created in Japan, my hometown of my previous life.

"Thank you for the food," I said as I put down the chopsticks as my mother did the same.

Then, I quickly put the dishes into the dishwasher and then headed upstairs and dressed up in black shorts with short white shorts and sneakers while wearing a white t-shirt underneath a black hoodie with a necklace with the same of a cross.

Then as I headed downstairs again, I heard my mother saying.

"Where are you going? Iza-chan!" She inquired in confusion.

"Uh, I'm just going to the forest behind Pallet Town!" I said as I quickly ran away, leaving my mother who was about to stop me but I ran away quite fast so, she didn't get the chance to stop me.

And as I headed to the forest behind Pallet Town, I passed through many houses in Pallet Town and met a lot of elders there who greeted me warmly as I used to talk with them a lot and is respected by the elders for my "Kind nature."

And as I reached the forest, I saw some Rattata and some Oddish but I swiftly ignored them (ran away from there quietly). And as I was exploring the forest, I heard a small voice of a Pokémon.

"Charrrr," it said in a meekly voice.

When I heard that, I looked around and found a bruised Charmander looking at a Machop with anger while the Machop had a mocking smile on his face.

Seeing this, I quickly hid behind a tree and looked at them. I didn't see any Pokémon other than them so, I quietly, without any fear, observed them.

"Mach machop!" It said smugly as it looked toward the gritting Charmander on the ground, looking toward Machop with anger, bitterness, and mostly helplessness in his eyes.

Seeing this, I thought, 'Should I help? I don't see any other Pokémon there other than these two, and I doubt I can't win against a low-level Machop. My experiences and my fighting techniques of my previous life aren't just for show, you know, even if I only have the body of a 5-year-old kid.' I thought as I made my decision to help the Charmander.


(Back to the present)

I got out of the tree and made my presence known to the two Pokémon who looked at me with confusion.

"Mate! Need some help?" Winking at Charmander who looked at me in confusion, I walked near him.

"You know! Even though I may look like this! I'm actually quite strong!" I said with one eye closed as I looked at the hesitant Charmander.

"Charrr," it nodded its head, deciding to trust me for once as I looked at Machop who looked at me with a smug smile.

"Well then, it seems I need to give a good beating to this naughty Machop then!" I said as Machop made the first move and came forward as he punched toward my direction.

His punches were quite clumsy like he didn't have any experience fighting, so I had an easy time dodging it as I brought my fist toward him and showed him that I was about to punch with my left hand.

Seeing this, I smirked as I thought, 'Gotcha.' Then, I quickly switched my punch as instead of punching with my left hand, I punched him with my right hand.

'Successful sucker punch!' I thought as I smirked as he endured my punch and then also hit me with his right punch.


After about 20 minutes of a kid-like fight, I successfully managed to beat the Machop.

I won because he didn't use any of his moves and just fought me with only raw power and that's why I won.

Then I looked toward Charmander who looked at me in awe as I struck a cool pose and said, "See! I won, didn't I?"

I said as I saw Charmander who nodded at me and as he was about to stand up completely, he winced in pain as he was bruised in injury as I came forward and gave him a piggy ride as I made my way toward Professor Oak as there is no Pokémon Centre in Pallet Town.


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