12 Chapter 12: Date With Jenny [2] [R-18]

(3rd POV)


After 15 minutes of showering, Izana was the first to get out of the bathroom as he came out of the bathroom, wearing only a white towel that covered his little brother.

Not seeing jenny, he simply walked toward the king sized bed and then sat on it, patiently waiting for jenny to come out.

He didn't need to wait for long as jenny came out of the shower only wearing a towel that covered her most private part like her chest and her little sister.

Both of them didn't said anything as Izana took the lead and walked near her and then hold her chin as he made her look him in the eyes.

"Can I?" He said as she meekly nodded as his handsome face was too close.

Since jenny agreed, izana didn't hold himself back like a beta male and then took the lead by bringing his lips closer toward her lips as he started to kiss her.

For a few second, it was pure kiss but it didn't last long as izana invaded her mouth with his tongue as they both started a battle of tounge.

Jenny wasn't that experienced regarding these type of things as she was mostly busy with her job as a police officer so, izana could easily dominate her during the kiss.

They keep kissing each other for a few minute before they both broke the kiss as Bridge of saliva formed between their mouth.

As jenny and izana both keep looking at their face, jenny felt something poke her stomach as she saw his 8 inch dick that was filled lines of nerves, showing how horny he was.

"Holy fuck!" She muttered seeing izana's big dick and wondered if it could even fit in her pussy.

Then izana took off the towel that was covering him, he displayed his Greek god's like body with 6 pac on it as jenny look at it with a lustful expression.

Then izana grabbed jenny towel and lightly took it off, revealing her busty body.

She had a E cup breast and coupled with her big ass, it look so Seductive that could entice any man if they weren't straight.

"Uh, will you start now? My dick is starting to itch in pain now!" Izana said as his ripped dick filled with nerves started to wiggle a little.

"Oh, sorry for that! I was just so shocked by your dick's size" Jenny said as she quickly kneeled. She then grab his dick as she licked the tip of his dick as pre-cum was coming out of I.

Then she opened her mouth as she took his dick inside her mouth and then started to move her head forward and backward. She couldn't take all of his dick inside as his dick was really big and she could only take 2/3rd of his dick.

Izana moan softly as it was his first blow job since coming to this world and giving it was a beauty only added to his pleasure.


She move her head backward and forward with great control as to not touch his dick with her teeth as it might harm him. Then, she started to use her tounge to wrap his dick insides while still moving her head back on Forth.


She keep doing it for 5 minute straight but she took it out from time to time to breathe air as it would be really hard for a normal human to not breather for so long.

As izana started to reach climax, he started to pat her head a little before grabbing it softly as to not hurt her as he shove his dick inside her mouth with great strength as his whole dick was inside her mouth for the first time and then cummed inside her mouth.

"Ahh! I'm Cumming! Drink it all!" He screamed In delightment in releasing his cum.

When she heard izana's words, she compiled as she took all of the semen that dropped from izana's dick, she gulped as she swallowed all of the cum and squirted a load of juices that dripped out of her pussy.

"Hoh, it seems you're ready for the main course!" Izana said before carrying her in a princess style.

She was quite weak in her legs so, Izana carried her in princess style as he walked toward the King sized bed and threw her lightly to the bed.

He then positioned her into M style and then rubbed his dick on her wet pussy.

He continued to do as jenny itched from not having it inside her pussy.

"Do you want it inside?" Izana said with a smirk on his face as jenny meekly nodded.

"Say it out loud! I can't hear you." He said with a evil smirk as jenny shouted without any hesitation.

"Yes, I want that huge dick inside of me!" She said with a red face as she became embarrassed of herself.

"Haha! Since you say so, then here I come." Izana said as he shoved his 8 inch dick inside her pussy but it stopped with only half of his dick inside as he felt some kind of a blocking. It was her hymen so, izana then shoved the other half of his dick with a little force as he shove his dick inside her womb, breaking her hymen.

"Ahh~" The moment izana broke her hymen, she screamed in pain.

Seeing this, izana then take his lips forward toeard her lips and started to kiss her and invaded her tounge as she let him dominate her completely.

They both kissed each other for some time before they broke the kiss as jenny said, "You can start now! I don't feel much pain now."

Getting her approval, he slowly started to his hips as jenny moan in pleasure.


(Izana's Pov)

As I started to move faster, jenny started to moan loudly. Then, I grabbed both of her E cup breast with both of my hands and started to mold it before I started to suck on her nipples.

"Ahhh~ ahhh~ ahh~ oh, god! It feels so good." She moan even louder as I move even faster with my mouth sucking on her nipple and even biting it lightly.

~Pah~~Pah~ ~Pah~~Pah~~Pah~~Pah~


Sounds of flesh colliding started to come from it as Izana fuck her like an anime in heat.

He continued to fuck her before he felt he was reaching his limit as he said, "I'm about to cum!"

Saying this, he cummed deep inside her wombs as he released a huge amount of semen deep inside her womb as she also have an organism and released a load of juices.

He continued to fuck her like an animal in heat for a few more hours with some breathing time of course before they both slept, cuddling with each other.


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