11 Chapter 11: Date With Jenny [1]

I slept in the rented room in the viridian city for some time before waking up at 6PM.

And as I woke up, I headed to the interconnected bathroom where I freshened up as I just woke up and after that, I dressed up in a black trouser with sneakers and a black hoodie in my upper part.

And after dressing up, I look at my phone's Vchat interface where I saw a message from officer jenny.

[Vchat][Officer Jenny][Officer jenny: So, Where we should meet up?]

In response to that message, I wrote my own message as I sent her the location.

[Izana: The park near the pokemon Centre. That's where we should meet up.]

And after sending that message, I heard another Ding as a message from her came as soon as I sent her message.

[Officer jenny: Okay then let's meet there 10 minute later there at the park.]

Seeing this, I smiled as I thought, 'Oh, She's even more eager than me huh! Guess I should show her my skills when it comes to hooking up with girls.'

I thought with a smile as I wore my sneakers shoes and then headed downstairs as I went near a wending machine as I took out a coffee from there.

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And as I drank the coffee, I walked slowly to the park that was just a 5 minute walk away from the Pokémon Centre.


After five minute, I finally arrived at the meeting location as I saw Officer jenny sitting on a bench with a handbag on her hands.

She was wearing a dark blue blouse with slim black pants with a pair of black ankle boots.

She was also wearing a leather jacket as it became kinda cold when the sun started to go down with night coming in.

As soon as I saw her, I walked toward her with a smile on my face as I greeted her, "Hey jenny! Good to see you again and you look really charming In that dress"

I said with a smile on my face as I saw her blush a little hearing my compliment as I came forward and sat next to her.

"Likewise and you also look very handsome in that dress!" She also complimented me after analysing my dress.

"Then, let's start our little nighttime date! Shall we?" I said with a wink as I saw her nodding her head with a small blush on her face as we started the date by strolling through the park, enjoying nature in the night.

"Today, the nature seems to be even more beautiful than ever, it must be because I have a partner to enjoy with." I cheekily complimented her as I saw her blushing.

You must be wondering why does she look like a girl in her teens having her first date right? Not to be narcissistic but it must be because I'm well dressed and quite handsome.

You know, which girl wouldn't like it when a handsome guy complimented her? And she also seemed to be inexperienced in this field and that's the reason.

"Ugh! It seems I'm really hungry! How about we have a candle light dinner?" I said as u heard my stomach rumble a little as I haven't eaten anything today beside the coffee that I drank a while ago.

"Okay! Which restaurant should we go to then?" She said with a thoughtful look.

"You can choose! It's my first time here so I don't a lot about things here." I said as it was true because I haven't come to Viridian City for more than 3 or 4 years because the last time I came here was with my mom and that was to shopping, not to eat.

"Hm! Then how about going to the famous restaurant "Starry bistro"? That restaurant has gained popularity a few months ago saying that their food is the best in Viridian City." She suggested as i happily accepted as I was really hungry and had no time to be picky.

The starry bistro restaurant was a 4-story building with all of them being owned by the owner of the restaurant.

When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by a beautiful female waitress as I booked a seat for us in the second floor where most of the couple come to have candle light dinner and then we headed to the second floor where our seat was near the windows.

And as we sat on it, a waiter came forward to take our order as I told him to bring a delicious meal and then our dinner date officially started as the lights were turned off and the couples in the second floor started to lighten up the large room with candles as we did the same.

After that, we engage in a conversation where we got to know about our past's as she told me about her life experiences and shared fun story as we got closer during that time that we forgot the time.

After some time, the waiter that took our order came with a dedicate dish as we started to slowly eat while we continued our conversation.

"So, how was life in the Pokémon police department?" I said as I shifted my gaze from the food to jenny while listening to her.

"It was kinda boring as all I had to do was patrol at night for any thievery and in day time, stay In the police station with fellow Jennys...." She said as she started to talk about her life in police department as I heed her no attention, I just pretend that I listened to all of her story's, problem and we got closer during that time because women like it when you pay full attention when they talk.

And as we ate the dish, we both payed the bill by dividing it 50-50. I did said to her that I'll pay but as she insisted on it, i gave in and let her pay.

After we got out of the restaurant, we both headed to a nearby motel to experience intimacy moments with each other.

While going there, jenny seemed to be nervous as it must be her first time but I was completely fine as I had sleep with a lot of women in my previous life.

And after 15 minute of walking, we finally arrived at a motel as we booked a room there and got inside the room as we both headed to the bathroom.

Thankfully, there were 2 bathroom so, we took a shower separately while I was excited to lose my virginity for the second time.


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