10 Chapter 10: Viridian City! Securing A Date For Tonight!

As I walked through Route 1, I encountered many familiar Pokémon like Rattata and Pidgey, but I didn't stop to catch them as I had no use for Normal or Flying types. My Charizard alone was a Flying/Fire type, so I continued walking through Route 1.

"Man, should I just travel on the back of my Charizard? That would be a lot easier than walking through the Kanto region... but I'm on a journey right now, not in some game where I have to become the champion as soon as possible. I should just enjoy the journey," I muttered to myself as I continued through the grassy area of Route 1.

As I looked at the sky, the bright and clear sky began to cloud over as clouds emerged and blocked the sunlight.

"Man, even though Ash and I started our journey 8 years late, it seems the plot still follows him. He should have already started his journey and reached Route 1 by now," I said, recalling the events of the first episode.

"I should just set up a tent as I know the rain will start anytime now," I said, bending my knees and opening my bag to retrieve a tent. I started to set it up under a large tree.

"I'm really thankful that the technology here is so advanced compared to my previous world. They've already made spatial bags; otherwise, I would have had trouble and gotten heavily wet in the upcoming heavy rainfall," I muttered as I completed setting up my tent. The rainfall also started as rain poured from the sky, and I entered the tent, shutting the entrance from the inside.

BOOM! CRASH! (Sound effect of thunder crashing down while raining heavily.)

The sound of thundering accompanied the heavy rain pouring down from the sky. As the rain continued relentlessly, I grew bored waiting for it to stop and eventually fell asleep inside the tent.

After two hours, the rainfall finally ceased, and I was woken up by the sound of Pidgey and Spearow chirping. I emerged from the tent to see a huge rainbow in the sky.

"Will Ho-oh pass by here like in the series?" I wondered as I waited, and sure enough, a large bird in golden color flew by, emitting its distinctive cry.


As Ho-oh started to fade in the sky, a rainbow-colored feather slowly fell to the ground. I rushed to catch it before it touched the ground, examining it closely in my hands.

"So, this is the feather of Ho-oh, the feather that represents the beginning of a journey, huh?" I remarked, raising an eyebrow as I inspected the feather.

"Well, it seems I have luck like Ash to get a feather of Ho-oh!" I exclaimed as I placed it in my backpack and continued my journey to Viridian City.

From there on, I didn't stop for sightseeing and continued my journey peacefully. Finally, after eight hours of traveling (with short breaks here and there), I arrived in Viridian City at 5 PM.

Viridian City was a bustling town filled with a vibrant atmosphere and colorful, huge buildings. Surrounded by lush greenery, it was a welcoming sight.

As I was about to enter the city, I halted in my tracks upon hearing a whistle and a lady's voice.

WHISTLE SOUND! (Sound effect!)

"STOP right there, show me your identification card," a policewoman with long sky-blue hair, wearing a police uniform, demanded as she approached me.

"Uh, does a Pokédex count as an identification card for trainers?" I inquired, unsure of the entry requirements for Viridian City.

"Yes, it can be counted as a form of identification card for trainers," she confirmed, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I retrieved my Pokédex, a square device that could be folded like a book, and it spoke in its emotionless tone.

"I am Dexter! A Pokédex programmed by Professor Oak. This Pokédex is for Pokémon Trainer Izana Kurokawa. He is from Pallet Town, and my job is to provide him with information regarding Pokémon. If stolen or lost, I cannot be replaced," the Pokédex announced.

"Since you've shown your identification card, you can go!" the policewoman said with a light blush, and I seized the opportunity to ask her out.

"Okay! And, are you free tonight? Because I am tonight!" I proposed, taking her hand and kissing it like a gentleman.

"Yeah! I'm free tonight. We could meet up if you want," she accepted, and we exchanged numbers and added each other on Vchat.

After bidding her farewell, I proceeded towards the heart of Viridian City, where the Pokémon Center awaited. After a short walk, I arrived at the spacious building with modern designs, adorned with the iconic Pokémon Center logo.

Entering the Pokémon Center, I was greeted by a receptionist with pink hair, wearing a nurse's uniform. After registering for the upcoming Indigo League, I booked a room for myself and headed to Room No. 46, where I slept, waiting for the night to come as i drifted into the dream world.

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