1 Chapter 1: The Most Stupid Way To Die!

In an apartment near the Tokyo Tower in Japan, inside the second-floor bedroom, lived a guy named Izana Kurokawa, a 35-year-old war veteran who luckily survived WWIII and retired after that.

He was an orphan since his parents died in World War III, and they were also soldiers.

He is considered a handsome middle-aged man with short jet-black hair and a straight scar running down from his left eye, a symbol of the war he participated in and survived.

He was wearing loose, comfortable clothes as he finished the last episode. He sighed heavily as the episode ended with Ash and several Pokémon taking shelter from a storm under a tree.

"Sigh! I can't believe that Ash's journey finally finished. I used to watch him all the time when I was young. Ah, how time flies so quickly without any prior notice!" said Izana as he sighed and then stood up and walked toward the bathroom.

There, he washed his face and brushed his teeth until they were white, then entered the bathroom's core area, where the bathtub was.

As he wrapped himself in a simple, plain white towel, he entered the core area of the bathroom.

While walking carefully within the bathtub area to avoid slipping on the slippery floor, his worst fear happened. He managed to slip on a slippery soap that he didn't notice.

As he fell, he hit his head on the edge of the bathtub, causing him to lose consciousness and ultimately leading to his death.


Pokemon World, Kanto Region, Pallet Town.

Pallet Town is a quaint and peaceful starting point for Pokémon Trainers embarking on their journey. Surrounded by lush greenery and serene waters, it's home to Professor Oak's renowned Pokémon Laboratory, where aspiring trainers receive their first Pokémon. With its calm atmosphere and close-knit community, Pallet Town serves as the perfect beginning for any Trainer's adventure.

In the center of Pallet Town is a 2-story house near Professor Oak's lab, and within one of its second-floor rooms lies a baby sleeping peacefully inside a cradle.

The baby, with small purple hair and chubby cheeks, suddenly opened its eyes.


(1st Pov)

'Huh! Where am I? I thought I went unconscious after hitting the edge of the bathtub? Why is this trope so familiar?' I thought as panic surged through me, but I quickly calmed down. Being a soldier in my previous life, I was taught not to panic in any situation, as it wouldn't help.

'Gasp! Let's calm down! I should first put all the pieces together to get an answer to what happened to me.' I thought as I started to examine my body. I was shocked to see a baby's body instead of what I was used to.

I then started to put all the pieces together. 'First, I hit the edge of the bathtub, which must have broken my head's bone, causing me to die. After that, I must have reincarnated. But where did I reincarnate? Did I reincarnate on Earth but in a different country?'

And as I was getting lost in my thoughts, the sudden sound of the door opening brought me back to reality. A beautiful woman who looked like she was in her early twenties came in with a bright smile, radiating motherly warmth as she looked at me.

She had purple hair like Izana's, with purple eyes, and stood at a height of 5'9". She had a voluptuous body that would attract any kind of man.

She was wearing casual dress consisting of an oversized white shirt and black tight pants that accentuated her big ass.

"My cute baby Izumi-chan! Did you miss mother?" she said as she wrapped her arms around my stomach and held me.

"Uahhhhah" I tried to speak out, but only a baby cry came out.

"Huh, are you hungry, Iza-chan? Oh, it seems to be your milky time!" she said as she opened her upper clothes and then her bra, bringing her big boobs toward my small mouth as I reluctantly drank from it.


After 5 minutes of breastfeeding me, she left the room to prepare for today's dinner.

'Now that she's gone! I should try to find out which world or country I'm currently in. Hmm, I should first turn on the TV and see if it shows something that will be helpful for me.' I thought as I turned on the 60-inch LED TV hanging on the wall.

When I turned on the TV, it started to show a battle between Pokémon in a tournament.

'Huh! Since when did episodes of Pokémon start to reappear on TV? I thought it stopped airing years ago!' I thought with confusion evident on my baby face.


I watched the Pokémon battle for more than an hour now, and there still isn't a trace of the protagonist in the show.

Seeing this, I had a wild thought, 'Could it be! I reincarnated in the Pokémon world?'

But I quickly dispelled that thought since Pokémon are supposed to be fictional, and it's not something that could happen.

But then, my reincarnation was also something that was thought to only exist in fiction, yet here I am, still alive after dying, in a new body.

And as I was about to call it a day and start my research on where I am tomorrow, suddenly, I heard the sound of a bird landing on the window of my room, and I did my best to look at the window, only to be shocked.

A small, bird-like thing with large, black oval-shaped eyes, a short hooked beak, small wings with darker brown tips, and feet with three talons.

A freaking Pidgey!!!


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