Reincarnated into The Kardashian (ENG)

A failed otaku dies at 17 with COVID-19 and is reincarnated in 1999, but his family is little different from the others. Follow Klaus Jenner's journey into the world of fame. This is an English version for readers who cannot translate by the application. Check out the original version (Portuguese) in my profile. Ps: Version translated by google if you have any problems with this come suck my dick.

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Evil Baby

Klaus (POV)


'Boredom is what sums up being a full-time baby, plus it loses all the dignity I used to pretend to have. Not having control over your own ass is really embarrassing, at least I'm not the one cleaning up all that shit my little body produces.'

The female swearing interrupted Klaus' clear dream. He sighed, and reluctantly tried to lie on his side to see who was talking, it was Courtney arguing with Kim.

The sound insulation is almost non-existent, and a series of vulgar words burst into the ears downstairs, although I didn't understand much. However, like a gamer in his troll days, I learned a few swear words to curse at the gringos.

'It's been over ten days since I was born, it doesn't matter if it's appropriate or not, I can only bear it. I thought that being reborn as a baby would be the best thing, since I would have more time to do the things I want, however, I have forgotten how difficult it is to learn everything from scratch, even the simplest of movements is a great achievement, every day I train little by little to regain my motor coordination I think I have done a lot of process, around 1%'.

My daily missions are a relief for my stress, however, what worries me is the reduction of rewards for completing them compared to the management period, maybe it is a bonus for beginners. I don't know how long it will take me to learn the language, and spending my free attributes only makes me think of the difficulty of getting them through self cultivation.

If my previous life's intelligence cultivation is based on how much I studied, I'm really fucked. But I don't know if a baby can fully support my cognition as an adult, I considered myself an average student, but my INT in my attributes only showed the intelligence of an average adult which is around 20 points.

As for Kourthey and Kim's discussion, they are the few things that amuse me these days. They are studying somewhere and don't live in this house, the only ones I see daily are Khloe, Kendell and Kylie, apparently they came back just to see their little brother, beautiful, wonderful, that is... ME.

'I start to cry and they stop arguing, Kim comes to my rescue and picks me up in her arms, damn she is so hot. It's a shame I don't follow the Lennister house, but I have plenty of time to review my concepts.'

Kim (Pov)

'Damn Kourtney, you don't forget that shit that happened at the party and you don't stop filling my bag, and all that yelling woke up my little Klaus'

I don't know what mommy is thinking, it's like a factory, every year a new baby. Look at this little guy, I see he's trying to get my breasts... poor thing is starving.

- Alright, your big sister is here little Klaus

- SHI... SHI.... are you hungry?

I'll take him to the wet nurse, okay?

Damn how can someone be so cute? My little Klaus I won't let Kourtney be a bad influence on you, I promise.'

'Kourtney, call Anna, Klaus is hungry' I say with my voice a little resentful from the previous discourse.

"No, leave klaus to me and go find her" Kourtney says angrily.

Klaus looking at this situation invokes his secret weapon: CHORING.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Klaus screams as much as he can with all his might and proud of the result, giggling a little.

Anna (POV)

'Looking at the girls carrying a small baby, I couldn't help but think about how Klaus is the odd child, those eyes show an intelligence that doesn't match the little one's age. I'm sure he plans his pranks, having taken care of the Jenner children for so many years I'm sure he's the strangest one I take care of.

"Anna klaus is hungry" Kim says handing him little Klaus, I can see he was a little unhappy to get out of Kim's arms...that little boy.




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