5 Confrontation.

" Once again!" Yui finished using one shape and was about to use another one but a wind chopping sound caught her attention and she saw two kunais heading towards her head, "Clank! Clank!" She dodged them both with her sword and quickly pulled the mask out of her backpack and put it over her face.

" Who's there?" She said as she slowed down her sword and kept her guard up, Yui slowly watched the surroundings for a while waiting for her unknown enemy to attack, "Kekeke!" Yui's attention turned to a bush to her right where a laugh came.

"What a fierce little girl, looks like I got a good prey today kekeke!" A man dressed in black and wearing a bandanna from her renegade village came out of the bushes and walked towards her while swinging a kunai in his hand.

"Who are you and why did you attack me?" Yui tried to buy time with small talk while observing the opponent's bearing and possible abilities, Sakumo also noticed this but decided to play along.

"Well look Ojo-san, I'm a ninja who was kicked out of his village for playing with little girls like you kekeke!" Sakumo's performance was practically perfect, one would even think he was really a pervert who likes little girls.

This also goes for Yui who broke out in a sweat and gripped his sword tighter, "Shit, why hasn't the author created the universal FBI yet!" She said mentally and thought about what to do next.

"You're scared, are you?" Sakumo repeated while trying to make Yui unstable and see her mental capacity, however all he saw was her taking a deep breath and letting out that smoke that comes out before she uses her Jutsus.

"Thunder Breath first form: Hekireki Issen!" Suddenly Sakumo's instincts sent emergency warnings and he raised his guard, with a trail of lightning at his back, "Lightning release too!" Sakuma yelled and raised his sword to block the attack.


Sakuma took two steps back in surprise after receiving the attack but didn't let it show and counter-attacked Yui who was airborne because of the recoil of the blow, "Water Breath Eighth Form: Takitsubo!" Yui's Crakra changed its nature one more time and it accumulated in the sword on her head and she attacked Sakuma.

BAM! Crack!

"What a force this is! No that's not strength, because her sword is so heavy!" Sakuma exclaimed as the ground at his feet broke and he was forced to step back so as not to lose his balance, Yui also flew back a little while breathing heavily but soon regained his composure.

The two were in this staring stalemate for a while before Sakuma rushed towards her again and attacked her, they soon exchanged blows and whenever Yui was forced into a bad position she used a form to push Sakuma back and take the advantage.


Yui ducked around Sakuma's sword and stood below him," Flower Breath Fifth Form: ADA NO SHAKUYAKU!" Yui executed 9 quick strikes in all directions from Sakuma who blocked them all using only his advanced Kenjutsu.

The combat continued fierce, water and pink streaks filled the field of vision, although it looks balanced from the outside Yui knew that wasn't the case, from the beginning until now her opponent didn't even use a Jutsu and Yui could tell from her swordsmanship that he he was holding back.

"Another who is also underestimating me huh?" She muttered internally but she wasn't sad about that fact, it would at least give her a chance of victory.


Clank! Ting! Clank!

Yui blocked Sakuma's sword but she miscalculated the strength and ended up having her posture broken which Sakuma took advantage of and kicked Yui in the stomach making her spit saliva.

Yui bounced twice on the ground before adjusting his balance in the air and thrusting his sword into the ground to hold his movement, "Okay Ojo-san let's stop playing now, I'll go all out!" Sakuma said and prepared to take it all off. Yui's trumps that only saw a blade slowly approaching her face.

Sakuma of course wouldn't kill her but he wanted to see if she had any trump cards so his sword carried a certain killing intent, "I'm going to die?" Yui said inwardly and felt her life pass before her eyes, "No, I I'm going to live!" she gritted her teeth and forced herself to turn her consciousness back to her body.

"Nani?!!" Sakuma exclaimed when she saw the change in Yui's eyes and a 1 Tomoe sharingan appeared, "You're an Uchiha!" He yelled in surprise but that didn't stop Yui's next move.

"Water breath tenth form: Seisei ruten!" Using what little Crakra and strength was left in Yui she executed the tenth form, she could barely use that form now thanks to her newly awakened sharingan plus the adrenaline of needing to survive.

With a roar Sakuma saw water converge on his sword and form a dragon, "I will defeat him here and now!!!" Yui yelled and swung his sword, all Sakuma's senses screamed danger and he jumped back immediately.

With a ripping sound from her vest that could even withstand explosive bombs and Crakra-covered blades tore and a small cut opened in her chest, Yui seeing her first attack having failed didn't stop and chased after him.

Sakuma at that point didn't hesitate anymore and stopped holding himself, he couldn't hurt the girl and had to get out of this situation alive so he used all the jutsus and defensive equipment in his arsenal.

Yui frowned as she saw a wall of earth appear in front of her and she swung the sword breaking it in half however soon after a large amount of smoke bombs exploded taking her vision away but Yui could still see Sakuma's shadow and moved forward towards you.

When she broke through the fog she saw a look of disbelief at the pervert that attacked her and smiled in triumph as she swung her sword and cut him in half, "I did it!" Yui mentally exclaimed and lost control of the dragon that fell apart immediately, you sharingan also deactivated and she almost lost consciousness immediately.


"A shadow clone!" Yui yelled when the Sakuma she cut exploded in smoke, she wanted to get on guard again to face the pervert but her body was no longer able to take it and she fell to the ground.

"It's over, sorry mom!" Yui said mentally with some tears falling from her face slowly as she struggled to keep conscious until the end, "Hey don't cry I won't do anything bad!" Yui's eyes widened as she she saw Sakuma appear in her field of vision unmasked.

"But I must say little girl I'm really surprised, you at 4 years old have not only awakened your sharingan but also have a unique combat style and mastered a beautiful swordplay!" Sakuma started talking to Yui but the last one wasn't listening anymore and passed out.

She depleted her Crakra, physical and mental energy these last few moments and all she could do now was sleep!

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