Reincarnated into Eragon

Reincarnation into Eragon with a dragon egg but nobody knows who or where. What would you do? Would it work out the way you want it to or would you fail?

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Dragon & Lessons?? (UPDATED)

After the pain finally receded, I opened my eyes to look at the egg, noticing the color. It was black with red streaks. And it wasn't smooth like in the movie. It was more like the eggs from Game of Thrones.

The next thing I know, the egg starts shaking and a crack appears. I hold my breath as the crack spread across its shell.

The cracks gradually covered the entire egg before it looked like a bunch of scales were just placed into the shape of an egg and fell to the ground. And in its place was a small, black dragon. It looked to be almost twice the size of Saphira when she was born in the movie.

(Imagine the eggs from GoT, they look like they're made of scales. The cracks firm around the scales making the egg fall apart into a pile of scales on the ground. These will come in handy later as this is an AU)

"Hello little one. I guess we'll be partners otherwise you would not have hatched for me. Now, let's complete the link." I said as I stretched out my left had to wait. I have read to many magic books to risk trying to force a link. The most powerful link is formed in a give and take relationship. I stop stretching my hand at the distance for the dragon to stretch its head to finish this ritual.

After looking at me for a few seconds the dragon stretched its neck to plack its head into my palm.

There was a blinding light before I passed out.


I slowly opened my eyes to see a small dragon head staring right back at me. I don't know how but I knew it was a young male dragon.

"Hello. I suppose I should give you a name now huh?" I asked.

I only received a nod in response.

'Maybe I'll try some dragon names from my past life' I thought. "Smaug?"

Shakes his head.

"Bahamut?" I asked.

After a few seconds of thought I received another shake.


Another shake.


Another few seconds before another negative response.

"Hmm...Norbert?" I asked, hoping for a negative.

Instant shake of his head.


Another shake.


Yet again, another shake.

"Difficult customer huh?" I said with a smile. "How about...Nefarian?"

It takes almost five seconds before I receive another negative.

"Okay, I think I've got it. How about Neltharion?" I asked.

After almost thirty seconds I received a hesitant shake.

"I'm getting close, I can tell. How about..." I spend almost a full minute deep in thought before I say "Ēborisk?" I asked.

After ten seconds I received a single nod.

(Eborsisk from the movie will is the inspiration, but I do audio when I read on here and it just sounded wrong when I thought about it so I changed the begining to a ē and removed the first s. I think it sounds better myself)

"Ēborisk it is. It's an honor to meet and start this long journey with you. My name is..." I hesitate as I glean my memories for the first time. "Evanyar...Evanyar No Name. I'm sure I have a last name but I don't remember it since I've been in this village since I can remember and nobody would ever tell me about my name or even my parents." I said.

Feeling my pain, because I was hoping for a family here and realizing that wasn't happening, Ēborisk climbed into my lap to comfort me.

"Thank you...my friend." I said, feeling a comforting warmth realizing I wasn't truly alone. "Now, let's go get some food. I'm sure you're hungry as well."

All I received in response was Ēborisk's stomach growling before he ran for the door. I laughed before I stood up to follow him.


After waking up the next morning, we walked to the clan meeting hall which was one of the only buildings made in a tree.

After walking inside I headed for the basement with Ēborisk on my heels. As soon as we reached the door at the foot of the stairs I felt like someone was looking at me and felt something 'touch' my mind.

'Hello?' I asked uncertainly.

'So you are the last surviving member of the clan. I'm sorry to hear that. Very well. You are granted entrance into the treasury and archives. I will also be in charge of yours and your young Dragons training.' the voice responded.

The door opened before I could ask any more questions. I was welcomed to the sight of a library filled with scrolls. Realizing I still had a presence in my head I asked 'This is all mine?'

'Yes. Yours and any children you may have...' the voice started.

"I dont want to think about children yet." I said.

'That is understandable, you are still young.' I felt a ruffling through my mind. 'Ah. I see. No one told you who you are. Now things are making more sense. My job of training you has just become much more difficult.' the voice said with a hint of irritation.

'What do you mean? Who am I?' I asked with more impatience than I cared to admit.

'Those questions will be answered in time. But first you need to learn everything I need to teach you. You will learn proper etiquette and social skills. You have been raised as a commoner and I would kill the village elder if he were still alive. Raising you as if you were a commoner. BAH! Your father would have him whipped through the streets if he were still alive.' the voice said, clearly upset.

"My father?" I said out loud to myself. 'Who...' I started to ask.

'Your father was the clan head, but more in time little one, in time. I promise you I will tell you everything. But first, lessons.' the voice said as he grew more energetic.

My only reaction was to try and run back out the door with Ēborisk right next to me. Apparently the voice was spoken into his head as well.

Before we could reach it however, the door slammed shut and we were lifted off the ground. This was how our lessons began.


Three months later

"Finally finished with lessons." I said while stretching.

'Yes. I'm ready for us to take our first flight, let's go!' Ēborisk said with impatience.

'Before that, there is one final piece of information I need to give you.' my teacher Markai said.

"Is it about my parents or who I am?" I asked.

'Not yet little one. This is an even bigger secret than who you are. First, go to the back corner of the library.' my teacher said.

After reaching my destination I noticed a door open in the wall. Even with my elven eyes I couldn't see it when it was closed. Walking inside I noticed several cabinets on the walls with a pedestal in the middle. Looking at the pedestal I saw a large amber-colored glass globe resting on it.

'This glass sphere is all that remains of me. My heart of hearts or my Eldunari. We dragons all have one and can expel them to save our conscience if we die in battle. Do not expel yours, Ēborisk. You are too young and it will stop growing, reducing its capabilities if you ever fall.' Teacher said.

"Thank you for trusting us with such an important part of yourself Teacher." I said with a polite bow.

'Do not mention it. The real reason I brought you here was to reveal to you what is in the cabinets. Check them out.' Teacher said with a hint of eagerness.

Doing as he said I walked to the first cabinet and opened the doors. What I saw made my mind go blank. I walked from cabinet to cabinet, revealing one with row after row of Eldunari, none of which were half the size of Teacher.

Walking back to the entrance of the room I began counting.

"Eleven total Eldunari. Fifteen total dragon eggs. This is truly a secret worth hiding." I said to myself. I had been taught about the war and why it happened. Everyone thought the last three eggs were in the hands of the betrayer. That seems to no longer be the case.

'It appears we won't be alone for long, partner.' I said mentally to Ēborisk. He was now too large to get in and out of the basement so I had to come down here alone everyday for training.

'Look in the corner. We have used our magic to forge your Rider's blades. In our lessons you showed high proficiency in duel wielding so 'happy birthday little one'.' teacher said with ten other voices in my head.

Walking over to the cabinet by the door, I opened it to find two sister swords and a matching Rider's suit.

'Now. Put on your clothing and go for your first flight. Ēborisk is growing impatient.' Teacher said as I started taking off my clothes.