9 Assistant.

Nakano entered the room where Miharu had just come out of the changing room with a smile on her face, as she could also hear Hotaru's laughing voice.

"Eh, Miharu, what are you laughing about, and about your brother?"

When Miharu began to explain why they were laughing so loudly and wiped away a tear that had come out as a result of their excessive laughter, Nakano was about to ask when she could no longer contain her laughter.

"Pure, he truly is a weird guy, plus the thin veil is definitely tempting, but it is covering everything, although this made him more conscious of us as girls, that is."

Despite not telling the majority of her sisters about Youtarou, Miharu murmured as she stared out the side window and considered what her mother had told them about the character.

But, thinking about what they could have done in his place, she hardly felt anything against him because she wanted them to spoil him in the future.

"Sister! Sister!! Sister Miharu!!!"

Miharu was shocked as she turned to look at Hotaru, who had been looking at him with a pouty face.

"Ahh, what happened, Hotaru? Yeah, you look really good in this dress."

"So, where has my idiot brother gone? I want him to see it first too." Hotaru turned and asked when Youtarou entered the room with a juice can in his hand.

As soon as he heard them calling his name, he went inside to find Hotaru, who had changed into a sailor uniform, complete with a dark blue hat, a white top with dark blue colored patterns, and a skirt.

"Big brother, you came; then what do you think? Does this suit me?" Her dress was displayed to Youtarou after she turned.

She was incredibly adorable in that dress, and Youtarou noticed how her skirt whirled around and her top flowed in the air, revealing a hint of her white waist and adding to her charm.

"You looked really well in this dress, Hotaru-Chan, as expected of today's top model."

Prior to turning to leave, Hotaru flashed Youtarou a piercing smile as she turned to face him. She then smiled deeply as she left.

"This girl! It is not hard to see why she is so famous."

He murmured as he followed Miharu, who was looking back at him and asking to take a few items with her so she could make sure he wouldn't get lost and that he would also need to be cared for by at least one of them because he was sick and needed their help.

"Now we will enter the top idol management room, so if you need anyone to sign, go ahead and ask them; I will cover for you."

Yu was staring around in awe as they passed through a small garden in the building interception when Miharu turned to him and spoke to him.

"No, it's alright. Given that I had never heard of idol singing and things like that, never mind. Plus, there is only one song I like, but I don't think the singer was an idol."

Because Youtarou was thinking back to his previous hosts at the time, and he could tell that even having enough food at the time was already a great luxury to him, he found himself forcing a smile when he heard Yu Miharu.

"Yu!" Miharu wanted to say something when Youtarou shook his head and his usual smile appeared on his face.

"But right now, I am really happy so allow me to help you guys, in return for everything you guys are giving to me."

Miharu nodded in agreement because she didn't want to elicit more questions that might trigger his worst flashbacks.

In the end, all they can do at this moment is give him memories that will make everything from his past irrelevant. "Okay! Get me some cola." As they entered the building, she took his bag and asked him to get some Cola from the machine next to them.

When Hotaru returned to shooting, Youtarou eventually returned and began to look for Miharu, who was speaking with the editor.

He decided to keep an eye on what they were talking about in case he were to actually work as their manager, because it might be useful in the future.

"Good, you are right about it."

Youtarou had an idea while watching Miharu and the other person converse in silence because they appeared to be very familiar with one another for some reason, and the manager also struck up a friendly conversation.

"Is he Miharu-Nee's choice?" Given that he had no prior experience with something like love, he regarded them suspiciously before shaking his head.

On the other hand, Hotaru's acting began with a photo shoot before she was asked to perform in the same advertisement.

"Here he comes..." There was a commotion at the entrance when a boy entered who appeared to be a high school student.

However, there were more staff members around him than Hotaru had, making him seem to be quite well known among the other workers.

"Yujiro is really handsome, but where is his partner, Aizawa?" While Youtarou was also staring at the new guy, the new guy was receiving quite a bit of attention.

"Yuji, welcome, come and take the seat; we are also done here almost." The fact that the manager spoke to him with such consideration put the man far outside of the group.

However, the opposing side also wore that recognizable smile, and Youtarou could not help but sigh whenever he interacted with any member of the staff.

He thought, "Didn't he get tired of acting like that?" Yuji turned to look at Youtarou when he muttered, but Youtarou didn't have an admiring or envious expression on his face; instead, he was staring at him strangely.

To the point, he thought he saw sympathy in the other guy's expression before it went back to being blank as he made a polite nod in his direction.


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