Reincarnated Into A Dead Woman's Body In Another World Book

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Reincarnated Into A Dead Woman's Body In Another World


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"CRASH!" the last sound he heard; the last image being the smile of his friends. Jotou Howllett, a twenty-one year old nobody who finds little to no purpose in his life, wants to be a freelancer to make it big whilst trying to avoid education. He spends his last day of freedom with his friends before he's forced by his parents to attend college. That last day became his true last day as a white light flashed and he opened his eyes in a coffin, suffocating. He, now she, found herself to be in the body of a woman who had recently passed away. Jotou comes to realize that she's no longer in her world and now is in some sort of fantasy world. The rampant problems in this world soon find themselves surrounding Jotou, from the magics to the monsters to the wars between kingdoms and cities. Jotou sets out to uncover how she got here, why is she here, is she stuck here? Alongside the companions she finds in her way. _ Here's the map of the world!: https://imgur.com/a/krMRCCX Follow along on her journey through this new world, an isekai anime style story written the way I would love to read myself. It's set in an industrial revolution-esque era with magics and inconsistent technologies as a result. From slice of life moments to dark moments; comedy, fantasy, darkness, romance, mystery and reincarnation all rolled up into one adventure and I do hope anyone reading this has fun and enjoys the journey that's crafted! I intend to go by arcs and chapters much like a light novel. If you would like to give me any feedback about my writing or just want to appreciate my work, you can always leave a comment, a review or a power stone. Any support is appreciated. My Links: Email: eletro104@gmail.com (Also my Paypal) Reddit: u/Eletro_101 Twitter: @eletro101